Alan Fountain a GA Molestation Prevention Advocate Asks – Can Georgia Go From Top 5 Worst At Risk States with Legislation That Contributes to The Generational Cycle Of Sexual Abuse To Minors To the #1 Friendliest In One House Session?


We are a GA Citizens based Coalition supporting the community and pointing out the landmines that happen in the process of passing laws. We will coach the citizens on how to ensure this bill does not get watered down to become a fake politician (Bait and Switch) bill that actually is designed to protect special Interest. As written NOW this is a Great Bill For Georgians that could change History for Molestation Prevention and allow for the Healing closure for the many thousands of suffering GA adults inspiring a clause known as “Window” Legislation that ferrets out unknown Predators due to time barred victims who got denied justice after turning 23.

They now can have a 2 year “Window” of opportunity again NOW that they have matured as victims and feel safe in that they can identify their predator in a civil case (Forensic Psychology documents that victims are not fit and still traumatized when their SOL Laws Expire at 23) that still warns the community of the danger this adult might pose to the community and allows anyone at any age for 2 yrs to go back over GA history to get Closure, by temporarily abolishing Statute of Limitations for 2 year period.

In 2003 California Passed ” Window” legislation and out of 1000 cases filed it identified “300” active predators who statistically molest from 130 to 260 victims over their predator cycle. This saved an estimated 39,000 to 78,000 incidents of individual first accounts of life destroying violations. National DATA documents that (1 in 4) Girls and (1 in 6) Boys are victims of perpetrator or predator assaults before age 18. Alan Fountain a Victim Survivor of a GA Serial predator who because of archaic GA Statute of Limitations  laws a serial predator was able to offend non-stop as a GA Coach, former Juvenile Judge and Explorer Scout Leader for over 35 years and because of old laws not securing protections his story is being protected by officials at the pressure of special interest insurance companies.

Please Follow our NGO Citizen Coalition and in the link below our letter Writing Campaign to see this bill pass into GA Law in hopes that this “cautionary tale” can be the beginning of the end of similar GA stories. Unless Citizens Push it will not likely pass. I will explain the politics on this site as the House Session Evolves and will publicly document what legislators are hero’s and vote on the success and which are – pro special interest if the bill fails due to intimidated legislators. There is no Grey area on this one. (Retraction of the Word Pro Predator referring to legislators was a typo that was intended to read predator-enabling legislation. I never would mindfully refer to any legislator as “pro-predator” even when passing legislation that enables generational abuse cycles by supporting special interest above victim resolutions and justice.)

Link To Legislation and Draft of New Bill:

by Alan Fountain

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