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*Copy of Emotional Citizen Petition with comments of public’s powerful testimony asking legislators to Act in Above Blue Box to Support Alan Fountain and GA Youth. (Click)  READ MY BLOG above.

Exec. Dir. Georgia Families for Justice – (GFJ) & Truth + Action = POWER (TAP) – PR / Molestation Prevention Consultant Advocate / (NGO) Civic & Social Organization June 2013 – Present – Atlanta, Georgia

*April 2014 initiated a Grassroots Coalition for the Citizens and Families of GA to unite in Preparation for the 2015 House Bill (GA Hidden Predator ACT) which passed by Landslide Victory after grueling Coalition citizen education and letter writing Campaign although gutted due to grave lobbyist opposition.

*January 2014 to January 2016:  Organized and Developed a Citizen Coalition (NGO) for the residents of GA to unite and to be educated on prevention and justice aspects in relation to the pandemic of youth molestation.

*I used my personal cautionary tale to inspire community support with promoting and lobbying for a new GA Law aimed at assisting with the victim justice process through amending civil Statute of Limitations Laws as an Adjunct to Host Committee Protocols.

*Instrumental in Supporting the Passing of “Hidden Predator Act of Georgia” 2015.  GA is now for a 2 year period in top Place in Nation with Recognition of Law Reforms leading to the nation’s very first Clinic to Train Attorney’s at the University of GA to represent disenfranchised youth sex abuse victims.

The Wilbanks CEASE Clinic (Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation Clinic)  Made possible due to a generous grant from University of GA Law School Alumnus Mr. Marlan Wilbanks.

This is LINK to Official Ga LAW (HPA)  http://legiscan.com/GA/text/HB17/2015

*Review of 2 reports by Masters Class Students at GA State University on Public Policy as it relates to Hidden Predator Act and it’s first attempt in 2014 – by Sarah Serluco and in 2015 by Miriam Kirby. Both Reports Feature Alan Fountain as a Community Stakeholder and Advocate.  (Copy and Paste Links to Browser)





*Community and Social Media Outreach promoting Molestation Prevention Awareness Education using my “Cautionary Tale” surviving a Serial Predator Athletic Coach from age 9-16.

*Past Contributor and broadcast panelist to (SCAN) Stop Child Abuse Now on the Bill Murray (TalkBlogRadio) a live 90-minute podcast (Special Guest Alan Fountain 90 minute Live Segment)

*Blog on My Social Media Pages about my struggles inspiring open dialogue to impact a better future for at-risk families. Without Strong Prevention Legislation to Compel Dialogue History will Repeat Itself.