Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? What has Really Been Going On Behind the Scenes & How Much Will You Actually Be Told in MSM?


WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN USA? ARE TREASON TRIBUNALS AT GITMO COMING VERY SOON? by Alan Fountain (Geopolitical Analyst of Pedophile & Trafficking Swamp Crimes ) Alan Fountain BIO on About Me    Email:  gf4justice@yahoo.com

(Updated June 21, 2018)

Since this article was written the Deep State Censored half of the Links below in the Fall of 2020 but plenty proofs still available to see the empirical evidence. (4/8/2021) 


If people have not caught onto the mysteries going on around the USA that Pentagon and geopolitical insiders report as the greatest covert military operation in human civilization as the Swamp is rapidly being Drained,  with Atlanta Hartsfield airport going dark during a blackout over the 2017 Christmas Holidays that was a Military Special Forces covert operation. (I have a video of what MSM is hiding with a Saudi Prince “falling” really Jumping to his death over an Atlanta airport balcony.), NY  State, J.F.K. Airport flooding rumored to be another distraction during other special forces high-profile asset arrest, HA & North Korea “false” missile alarm warnings   less than one week apart that was reported as military threats that were secretly averted just in time, vast GITMO air traffic with their Transponders turned off, DNC brutally attacking a sitting commander-in-chief for saying S***hole, Trey Gowdy stepping down from his ordinary committee, the covert accidental death of Lord Jacob Rothschilds in an air crash rumored to be a Kamikaze hit,   (This claim appeared in 2 geopolitical newsletters after it was said to have happened, either it is being repressed by media or inaccurate report as can’t corroborate Factually, Just Yet, but intuitively support its claim.), 63 Sam’s club fast closings that are above deep state sinister FEMA camps, the Fortune CEOs stepping down from office, Over 200 and most notably Google Alphabet CEO, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and 200 more.


The article below gives details, research, and references to this 4-minute prelude video to What is Going on in the U.S.A. with a Covert Military Operation to Return America to the Sovereign Republic from an Attempted Coup by a One World Government as a Luciferian System of Power where Pedophilia is used as a Bribery/ Incentives hierarchy of Power.   A 4-minute Must See Prelude Video Of Current Covert Military Operation.


Update: (The above number of CEOs stepping down from office to avoid charges of crimes against humanity and having their companies assets seized in a negotiated agreement has reached well over 1000. Update 3/28/2018. This current transition is due to these Firms CEOs having participated in the oligarch plan to betray our Republic in exchange for protection and privileges in the New One World Government) I will post an updated link once I locate file and list. ( June 2018 update – 3000 CEOs forced to step down from positions.)   -af- 


Could the above events be connected to an executive order Trump signed in December to arrest and seize the assets of all linked to Crimes Against Humanity? Could these be covert events happening and executed by our military special forces? Trump listed our Status as actively in a state of emergency;  he did this due to the deadly Fentanyl opioid epidemic in the USA, this allowed him to activate our military to fight threats both foreign and domestic resulting from the global pedophilia and sex trafficking pandemic. Could this be why the border wall is so crucial to saving American lives?  UPDATE ARTICLE MARCH 2018 AFFIRMING THE EXPANSION FOR THE 15 HIGH PROFILE ASSETS TO BE IMPRISONED ONCE “OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM – GITMO”  PLAYS OUT ITS SCRIPT TO CREATE A SOFTER LANDING TO USA CITIZENS ABOUT THE SWAMP CREATURES THEY LOVE.   

38301031_10215431884784400_4095054036003192832_n (1)

This Operation is being executed by all Branches of our Armed Forces against these Bad Actors to take down their PEDOPHILE BRIBERY SYSTEM & HIERARCHY WITH THEIR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA by the 3 PUPPET Political families Bush, Clinton’s, and Obama. They were under the Rule and order of the 3 different Trillionaire Oligarch rulers. The owners of our Federal Reserve Rothschild’s, The disruption disinformation expert George Soros, and the Sex Trafficking House of Saud, Royals.


Just under 1000 troops from Arizona  Military Police Unit Deploy to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in December 2017 to be prepared for a one-year-long deployment.   

Have you noticed the coincidental podiatry boots of so many politicians speculated to be covering-up house arrest ankle monitors, Julian Assange was said to be negotiating a release from a London embassy and had hoped to be on his way back to the USA rumored to testify in Tribunals for Serious Human rights Abuses and Corruption and possibly Treason or Sedition charges against politicians and oligarchs for evil deeds. I, fortunately, have been tipped off and included in this insiders club and guided to the decoder links from POTUS tweets, yes they are general yet covert tweets to persons entrusted to share with the Public what is coming while validating an Energy Department Army Intelligence operative, Qanon, can be trusted as a source linked to the Whitehouse. 36026145_10215121943316057_7968092562412011520_n

I can only assume being led to this advance awareness group is due to being a target of the Pedophile mafia containment operations that “silence” advocates, It is organized and administered by weaponized lobbyist handlers.  I barely escaped their death grip on 4/9/2015 by a staged drug overdose during an operation that leads to the stealing of my emails as they were downloaded to the front desk server of my high-tech building through my broadband building internet system. This was not the first time I had been hacked by Fixer Lobbyist. (Inserted update 10/9/2018 describing the torturous events to me on 4/9/2015 in a summary about GA indictments)     this link became corrupted after 3 years in article after hacking….. Replacement below:


This post in the hyperlink details the Deep-state bad deeds that were done to me, similar to what POTUS alleged prior to his election, also, possibly violating a FISA warrant to tap my phones by inventing a scenario to justify their abuse of powers. They were likely hoping to obtain some information to qualify for bribes or leverage, most likely for retaliation for exposing GA predator enablers who were turning their heads to a molestation epidemic in my small hometown for decades by pedophile Judges and lawyers. The above link leads to the post of an 18-year-old peer victim by the name of Clayton Baggett that was murdered in 1983.

11063806_823917071030980_6698662645101964964_n (1)

Clayton Baggett was brutally murdered in 1983 by Judge Edgar Fry to Cover up Pedophile Secrets.  I Dedicated all my work and efforts to the memory of Clayton who got robbed of Life and taken from a family who loved him beyond measure and that still grieves and longs for Justice to this day.   RIP  ❤

Clayton was stabbed to death brutally by Judge Edgar Fry who was hoping to protect the many secrets of this community. Clayton rejected his sexual advances and the judge feared being exposed due to the attention it would bring to this pedophile safe haven community with over 4 times the national average of registered sex offenders that were not arrested there. Read the comments in the hyperlinked post above on the heartless murder of Clayton Baggett to learn about the tortures inflicted upon Alan Fountain as retaliation for giving victims a voice. Be sure to read the comment below the dedication to Clayton Baggett about the torture by Atlanta Cops and multiple factions presumed organized by an identified GA lobbyist who coincidentally is the registered lobbyist to 5 organizations who acted out crimes of torture on 4/09/2015 at Mayfair Towers Midtown Atlanta to Alan Fountain in a failed attempt to stage a drug overdose or sinister event against his will. 


By June of 2017, as reflected by the above meme there were over 6000 arrests for sex trafficking and pedophilia by Trump administration.  By December it was well over 10,000 as well as 10,000 unopened indictments ready and waiting, at the DOJ to serve for both crimes against humanity and related crimes by high-profile assets and their enablers.  (Update as of May 1, 2018, there were 28,000 active indictments waiting to be executed against those from past administration’s and their enablers in USA and Globally who helped commit Luciferian rituals and Crimes to Humanity through Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking. Trump ” there will be no deals” )   (Update June 17, 2018 – Over 35,000 indictments for Crimes Against Humanity and enabling crimes.)   Link to Report on Over 30,000 Indictments!


This is an updated graph of the Fantastic Job of the Current Administration fighting the Pandemic of Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking. ( 9/1/2018 )

This is a great additional site that has all the Graphs of Indictments and Resignations by 412anon.    SGT Reports is another one of my favorite Broadcasters reporting on OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM -GITMO.  This YOUTUBE Video Interview with 3 Analyst interpreting the Indictments and Resignations is another of my favorite.


“The horrible night of Torture by Atlanta, GA Cops and a Grady Ambulance Crew who acted out the above events listed in the BAD DEEDS hyperlink. Click on the photo of Clayton Baggett’s photo that describes the events of 4/9/2015 that happened to me less than 4 months after reporting Pedophile crimes and Corruption directly at the offices of the Atlanta FBI & to the GA Northern region of the DOJ in 2014 that was headed by Sally Yates.

Oddly these are similar agencies alleged by Trump to possibly have gone rogue in his scenario. Also, I was harassed and psychologically tortured by  CIA style “No Touch Torture Techniques”  which are covert methods that don’t leave scars and will prevent the target from having physical evidence allowing for claims to likely be discredited and the targets claims dismissed due to a public admission of having sought clinical therapy in the past.  ( current Link to Dr. Robert Duncan Report: https://nanopdf.com/download/docx-dr-robert-duncan_pdf. )

They had hoped I could be diagnosed with a paranoid personality disorder after covert torture to discredit my reputation for recounting my experiences. They incentivized my physician to record this unsubstantiated diagnosis in my medical records before his being promoted to an affluent position with an agency in a Prominent Oligarch/Cabal community in the California Desert. These covert type methods are being exposed routinely by reputable journalist and analyst outside of the elite monopoly owned and controlled MSM. “


FBI Director James Comey and Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates under the Obama Administration.  As I mentioned in the above scenarios after I engaged the DOJ and the alleged agencies participating in the likely FISA warrant abuses with both POTUS, likely myself and countless other innocent Americans who exploited privacy rights for meritless reasons to gain unfair leverage over their honorable opponents.  Sally Yates was head of the Georgia Northern Region of DOJ whom I contacted in 2014 in conjunction with an in-person visits and calls to the Atlanta FBI  3 months prior to my torturous series of events, likely for retaliation for exposing pedophile crimes and questioning the ethics or legality of  policy decisions by the host team of the Hidden Predator Act of GA. ( A legislation bill that was, in my opinion, a fraudulent bill to laundry money for the deep state to fund future national legislation and create a rouse that Citizens were going to be given civil justice rights for past molestations.)  Sally Yates began her legal career at the famed King and Spalding Law Firm that coincidentally is also the firm representing the highly controversial GA Hidden Predator Act VIP civil cases.  This set off red flags for ethics originating from what in my opinion feels like a Deep State friendly and skewed law outside of common sense solutions enabling pedophilia versus a strict public policy that is victim and survivor-friendly. Where there is assassination scares sketchy practices, and what I witnessed was crisis actor political theatre, In my opinion, someone or everyone was up to no good. We are learning heinous abuses of powers took place to contain and allow both pedophilia and sex trafficking to thrive enabled by all administrations after Reagan in 1989.   Now we have President Donald J. Trump, with the military strategy of Admiral Rodgers and a Team of Generals, Q level Clearance intelligence agents, Lightworkers, Boots on the ground soldiers, and Activists have all aligned to wage a War against the Deep State Evil Luciferian One World Government Agenda that was in play to destroy our American Sovereignty.  (Updated 10/14/2018: Research on Salley Yates)



BREAKING NEWS: Over 100 USA Intelligence officers inclusive of Democrat & Obama Administration hired Operatives positioned to come forward in coming days to Support the 2 Agents in this Explosive Video on this Show hosted by Ann Vandersteel on The Silent Majority YOURVOICE Show.


Many experts report that the NO TOUCH TORTURE PRACTICES noted in the above hyperlink description also make claims this is done to targets in hopes the subject just takes their own life after extreme measures of covert stressors and abuses of power to solve the problem.  The Scientology series on A&E hosted by Leah Remini identified these similar gaslighting rituals were known as FAIR GAME PRACTICES COPIED FROM SCIENTOLOGY RETALIATION. They isolate and divide your family,  loved ones, and stalk targets for intimidation. They also use the Bribes and incentive currency formula offering family members affluent positions, highly paid Government Contract Jobs as incentives to isolate the targeted family member as a path to get them in line by shunning the family member causing them great emotional pain.  A practice of scapegoating the persons with integrity and higher character while handsomely rewarding the persons who enable pedophilia and cover crimes to maintain status quo. These shenanigans went on for almost 3 years while working to pursue justice that just happened to expose the pedophile rings in GA and it’s plausible links to a larger network of principles and enablers. This abuse only halted after President Trump took office and it subsided in June of 2018, I can only surmise as a result of the Trump administration’s commitment to overhauling the judiciary and the betrayals to society from past administrations doing pay for play tactics. I noticed a marked change in the covert crimes and behaviors of shill operatives placed in my life as handlers who were profiting off of intimidating me into silence. My investigator linked my handlers to both persons being bribed and or handsomely incentivized. 


(Now is where we begin the path to learning lessons that will best help to understand what elements of these truths will be permitted to be revealed in the  MSM in the Spring months and all of 2018) The above meme is an important statistic from a Military Intelligence sources who have aligned with citizen advocates that they discern to likely fall under the 5% category of Patriot advocates who have been trying to wake up the 90% of citizens that are asleep to what shadow events are going on in our Government now and over the past half-century.  The Whistleblower/ Advocate 5% in the above meme has been under siege by the 1% Global elite Cabal and their 4% of the population Puppet Enablers/Handlers.  Some Really Horrible realities are going to come out in 2018 as a result of past politicians and their banking families financier sponsors. The bottom line truths will be traumatic for many. The world is not as simplistic as we were told. We have advanced technology that has been held by a Shadow Government most all of history, but this article relates primarily to the advanced technology learned during the Eisenhower administration around 1957. Ever since this period, this technology and the method in which they discovered it was originally decided to be deemed classified. Due to classified status, our GOV leaders sadly created a Deep State/Shadow Gov to hoard these advances for their own 1% private club of oligarchs made up of Politicians, Industrialists, Bankers, World Leaders, Scientists, and many other crime Cabal factions.

The 1%  then recruited 4% team of Citizens over these years to be placed in leadership roles in every field of society.  They are all mostly living affluent lives with secret society perks for helping keep the lie. This 1% Elite and the 4% Puppets create the narratives for society and also own Media, Entertainment, Publishing, Academia, Medicine, Psychology, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, well every field. They created many secret societies and a united Umbrella Society known as The Bilderberg Group,  that has been meeting Annually to set the agenda for this elite society to decide how they want the world to run and look in the future.

Below is the Bilderberg Expandable Map So One Can Read the Names and Connections. The hyperlink below the Map actually will expand larger than the photo below.  To see a list of its prominent USA and Global attendees just look at this link with the names and their profiles.   Bilderberg Society List of Prominent Names such as Diane Feinstein, Eric Schmidt & Lyndsey Graham.


THE BILDERBERG GROUP IS VERY POWERFUL AS INDICATED BY THE BEST MAP EVER SEEN IN THIS LINK.    If you don’t play the game the leaders edge you out of the club and interrupt your ability to make a living.  Coincidentally, the first ever USA meetings also began in 1957 in St. Simons, Georgia as noted in the Wikipedia profile of the Bilderberg group.


Could the timing of obtaining this NEW technology in 1957 and also starting this society just be a coincidence?  Georgia seems to be a prominent landscape for these oligarchs and their covert missions in that GA houses some prominent institutions like the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, the Oligarch CIA influenced propaganda machine news outlet CNN,  and a very famous landmark called The Georgia Guidestones that actually has the depopulation agenda etched in stone for all to see.  This formula has worked because the banking and controlling families who hold the wealth, Rothchilds, Soros and Saudi Royals are using a bribes and incentives currency formula, forming a Cabal to recruit and encourage their 4% Puppet enablers to do their bidding in exchange for privilege lives. Could this expanded report on Steemit News explain the rumor why Lord Jacob Rothschild Died  in a targeted helicopter crash fleeing his European estate over the Christmas holidays, or why the majority of the Saudi Royal Family of the house of Saud was ordered Jailed in the Ritz Carlton by the heir apparent Crown Prince who aligned with President Trump to enact justice for past crimes to humanity? Did these royals fork over a One Hundred Billion dollars and sign agreements to align with Trump future policies before being allowed to leave house arrests.  If these bribes and incentives practices of the past did not work then people often die untimely “natural” deaths according to deep state influenced coroner reports.  Well, Many Ascended Spiritual Masters, Prophets, Lightworkers, and Patriot Pentagon insiders say the “sham is up” since Trump took office! 


Well, you can imagine when the Deep State has this total power over society, their greed got addictive and seductive. This group due to living lies gravitated to powers and practices associated with Luciferin rituals and altered our authentic Christian foundations from when America began, from what is authentic Christ consciousness. We are going to learn how we were betrayed by many religious institutions who are really offering inauthentic messages.  This faction became known as a Govt Deep State Cabal. Factions around the globe agreed it was in the best interest to world oligarchs ability to control the masses if they limit truths and they have attempted to keep this Charade going for the life-span that almost all humans alive today know to be familiar, so therefore many have a no different frame of reference. It is important that advocates without security clearances spread these truths to save humanity as they are not beholden to the overt sanctions of those workers being employed as Government contractors. If they reveal these truths it has dire legal and contractual consequences.

28168834_10214277346281659_4954194825352617130_n (1)

The 1% and 4% that are abusing their powers and escalated their evil deeds to such heinous levels that if it all comes out as promised, it will rock all to the core. Just imagine the many advances they have to use against honorable citizens to attempt to manipulate their minds.


We are energy and frequency beings that by certain levels of consciousness determines the risk factors of your ability to be brainwashed.  The lower your vibration on the below scale determines your greatest vulnerability for being brainwashed and or mind-controlled by the Oligarch deep-state owned media through an active CIA Inspired Deep State Operation Mockingbird  


The lower the human frequency beginning at range 20 or Shame, to 100 range or Fear, is where the media & elite 1% attempts to keep society so they can influence you with commercial advertising and fear-based news to control the masses plus increase their wealth by moving the products advertised.  Once you raise your frequency rising up the scale to around 350 and higher you become immune to mass control. 

Authentic Christ energy, a frequency at the higher range of the scale is competing with Satanic energy vibrations exhibited by the deep-state who attempt to create a constant state of fear in the media to keep citizens pliable for total control.  Don’t confuse this Christ Consciousness energy that is higher vibration with religion. Religion is most often part of the systems of control by the ruling factions of the past centuries,  Genuine Christ conscious energy frequency is about Love, Acceptance, Kindness, and Inclusion. Shame, Guilt, and Fear are man-made satanic vibrations and dogma that lowers your frequency and aligns humans closer to the vulnerability of Luciferian vibrations.  Light and evil energy battling. Spiritual Warfare is what divides humanity as one promotes Evil Suffering and the other manifest Love and Enlightenment.


What is going on right now at this historic time is Spiritual Warfare. The Cabal got really sloppy and has engaged in Sex trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Promoting and Enabling Pedophilia especially in politics, Illegal Involuntary Organ Harvesting,  A Depopulation Agenda known as Agenda 21,  is masked under a disguise as a Sustainability Plan to fool the public, Blood rituals with kids known as Spirit Cooking and the Extraction of Adrenochrome, plus human behavior manipulation through technology and other things abhorrent to a mainstream society.   ADDITIONAL DEPOPULATION REPORT & STRATEGY:

This deep state pedophile cabal became a threat to our democracy and the Sovereign Republic of America. It is responsible for establishing a past political system based on Blackmail, Bribes, and or Pay for Play Incentives, mostly by using pedophilia, or some form of satanic ritual participation to hold over the heads of those seeking political office or to be a part of the oligarch business power complex.  Qanon speaks on the DEEP STATE BANKING FAMILIES PUPPET MASTER INFLUENCE OVER USA & WORLD.  In order to ensure control over politics by the financier Banking Families, Rothchilds, Soros, and the Saudi Royals, who run the elite world commerce and power hierarchy these methods were covertly navigated to maintain total control.  33340925_10214915917325536_7667651246345420800_o (1)

These are two links to Independent articles on the Now Sinister Senior Executive Services, SES. The sinister systems of the past have worked due to many covert shill divisions, although one extremely sinister civil service branch that is known as the SES, Senior Executive Services, which are 8,500 highly paid foot soldiers empowered and working covertly for the Deep State Pedophile Cabal masked under civil servant type positions around the USA and some around Globe. My new volunteer background elevated to working as an advocate and investigative journalist researching public policy and the failed legislation in GA responsible for creating a fake law called The Hidden Predator Act of GA.

Update 7/15/2018 Example added related to the FBI corruption with PETER STRZOK to understand the abuses of the SES. 37158423_10215294871079143_4747084239663529984_n

All that is going on in our world now coming out in the MSM news is on delay as our military and govt can predict and if needed manipulate everything 4 to 6 months ahead.I suggest that if we get to hear about all the crazy things and it breaks in the news about the Treason Arrests and Crimes Against Humanity of many you love in Politics, know you are safe, as we are 6 months behind. This war between Light Energy and Evil Energy has taken place behind the scenes and Light Christ Energy won the war and has almost completely removed the pedophile cabal operatives from covert power branches. Now it all has to strategically be played out in society in a way that prevents as much civil unrest as possible. Follow everything from #Qanon, Alan Fountain of GA Families for Justice,  CAI IRVING – Mayflower Group, You are Free TV; Youtube,  Liz Crokin, SGT Reports, and the Hagmann reports, or The Goldwater, Lionel Nation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQrvxe13BII, among many others. My twitter account has links to all I trust through shared or retweeted tweets among my original tweets.   www.twitter.com/tapgeorgia   These sources plus these trusted sources I like on twitter are, Twitter for @Jordan_Sather_ @prayingmedic @LisaMei62 @SGTreport @X22report @LionelMedia @2runtherace @ipot1776 @StormIsUponUs  will lead you to other informed sources.  My Article on the Swamp Draining of DC has a link to all my researched Articles on the researched Military Operation. What Does a D.C. Political Swamp Draining Look Like?

Some People hate President Trump especially the 1% Satanic Globalist and their 4% minions. I voted for the Dem party in 2016 but due to my advanced expertise in the field of sex trafficking and pedophilia abuses, I immediately knew that what I was reading and being told by private investigators was logical and the missing evidence while researching pedophilia and its history.  In order for the USA to have the Pandemic statistics of 60 million adult survivors of Pedophilia now alive in the USA, I knew my expanded investigation was now solid. (In hindsight IM disappointed for having voted for HRC but it was done due to the political enablers in my community that covered up my molestation were Republican plus tribal politics grooming, I did not realize that the Deep State Pedophile Kazarian Mafia Influenced and financed both parties under the umbrella of establishment politics.) I’m fully “red-pilled and woke” to global politics and the dividing line between the One World Government Satanic Agenda of HRC/Obama/Bush and the God-inspired and anointed Policies of a Trump Sovereign Republic directed administration. We are strategically divided on purpose to keep us weak.  We need to unite as humans and understand the dividing Party line is Luciferian Frequency or Christ Consciousness inspired Frequency rulers. Simply “White Hats” either you are working in service of others through Light or you are working for self through the darkness of Evil.


Our Religious institutions are going to be gutted to return to Christ energy and away from Cabal influences in the coming years. Now really the Churches that enable raping kids are not aligned with authentic Christ energy but leaning more towards deceptive Evil lower vibration Luciferian Energy. Develop a relationship with podcasts and alternative media to secure truths. The teleprompter readers are on the take and influenced by the deep state. Hey, I’m the messenger so hate the game not the player. Sending Prayers out to and for us all to awaken.


Please know we are all safe and the world is being eradicated from this cabal influence and there are heavy prices to pay for all the enablers. I have been told that their excuse for saying, I was just doing my job, will not cut it when the punishments for enabling crimes against humanity are levied.  The enablers will pay along with the principles. The 90% are getting their minds and resources returned.


This administration signed an Executive Order in December to Seize all assets of anyone connected to Crimes against Humanity through sex trafficking ties or pedophilia. Many wealthy banking families and their enabler/puppets assets have been frozen and or seized. War Tribunals will begin very soon at GITMO, Cuba in 2018.

Keep an open mind as our world is really beautiful although it was Evil influences that have been ruling our Society. I was engaged and exchanged messages with a White House Executive staff member in the current administration right after his term ended, likely so I would trust these insider briefings, as they must know of my hardships and that I identify as one of the 5% category working to wake up the 90%. I was also a targeted victim of the pedophile elite cabal for exposing a pedophile ring in GA and have been dodging their death threats and shenanigans for 3 years. I was grateful to be included in the advance roll out of details of what is coming and linked to insiders through social media.

Prepare for insanity or what feels insane, but what it truly is, is that we are going from insanity to a sane honest society learning our real truths so it will feel crazy to most. Love and peace to all. This is just an overview but much more to say as events unfold this month.  If you want to get first-hand insights to consider following and researching these 3 Formats with Maps of Operation 1. Map To Full Operation With Many Categories and Qanon Clues   2. Popular Corroborating Qanon Site   3. Qanon Links to all Breadcrumb Drops and Videos of Decoding Analyst.  in social media and or on Twitter posts. Just search on twitter and you can be led to a fascinating political game playing out in real-time for those loyal to the honest agenda of POTUS fighting to destroy the pedophile crime cabal. This will help the public realize the MSM is not reporting relevant events but only propaganda. This is one of many photo clues coming from The Whitehouse affirming Intelligence Operative Q is aligned with Trump. Start raising your human frequency and consciousness so that you can naturally tune into this new frequency that will guide humanity in the wake of the evildoers of the past being brought to justice by man’s law and the spiritual laws of Gods Universe.

Best Map and Research Platform with all categories ranging from Traitor Pawns and patriot profiles explaining the behind the scenes elements of the covert war against the Treason, Sedition and youth pedophile sex crimes revealed by Admiral Rodgers. Enjoy: It’s one of the best adult research tools for investigating what is left out of the media. 



The photo on Airforce One is one of the many photo opportunities leaked to insiders affirming the messages from Qanon with his social media posts are sanctioned by the Trump administration.  Qanon is an Intelligence operative with Q level security clearance from the energy department. Important supporting Video about the early introduction of  Qanon as intelligence operatives briefing our citizen advocate team:  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1733037406727742&id=90800961256386o

– af –

“Those who pray and are of faith, please say a prayer for my well-being and that I and other advocates who risk their lives to expose this evil stays safe and ultimately gets to see justice served to handlers, enablers & assassins for the torturous crimes to silence serial satanic pedophile ring survivors.”   Alan Fountain  

Summary Video: A MUST WATCH 13-minute VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD AND USA: The VIDEO below Shows and Tells you in this 13-minute masterpiece by Joseph Maspoes  @JosephMaspoes twitter.


We Are The Plan 10/17/2018

Updated Video Published on October 17, 2018, on the Status of the Military Operation Since Trump took Office.


 TO READ THE BACKSTORY OF  ARTICLE AUTHOR ALAN FOUNTAIN Please read his “Cautionary Tale” summary of his serial pedophile ring survivor story having lived this real-life experience through the suffering, seeking recovery and advocating for the Victory of the disenfranchised.    Link:  https://www.gofundme.com/AlanFountain


Alan Fountain; Advocate, Geopolitical Researcher, Whistleblower, Change Agent, Pedophile Crime Analyst, Investigative Researcher, Writer, Soldier for the Citizen Digital Army of Light and a Patriot.

(Above Photo taken at the GA State Capital in the Office of Legislator Margarett Kaiser during March 2015 while waiting to give my 5th and final Legislative testimony in the Senate Chambers after 2 years of 16 hour days working on inspiring a legitimate Civil Law for Survivors of youth sex abuse that turned out to be a Fraudulent Fake Law for a Globalist Elite agenda.)

(PSA- Public Service Announcement for Male Survivors of Molestation and Sex Abuse sponsored by www.1in6.org )  Alans’ profile:  Over 100 male survivors profiles ranging from Military Officers, FBI Agents, Activists, Artists, Forensic Psychologists, Fathers and from Every walk of society.       

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Should you be inspired to support my journey I will honor and respect your donation to elevate awareness about the risks to our most precious resource, our children.  Alan Fountain




Supporting Documentation by Former Intelligence Agent:

Former CIA officer gives a Compelling seminar in 2018 on the history of CIA and it’s Controversial Role in American Politics.

Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government


Part 2: Kevin Shipp CIA video Exposing Shadow/ Deep State Government.

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  1. God, please bless and keep President Trump safe along with his family and entire staff. Also please help to open the eyes of the American people and give them the spirit of discernment so they can recognize truth when presented.

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  2. I am so mystified that you are accepting Trump so thoroughly and positively. Is his behavior and action just a mirage or a joke? His attitude towards women is horrible and offensive, not to mention his racism….
    I struggle to find one thing to respect.
    Who is the real person in the White house making these big decisions regarding arrests.
    I am trying to be open….

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    • Hello Bernadette: Thank you for the reply. I can assure you that your feelings seem justified by the politically incorrect statements spoken by Trump early in the campaign, I am confident in assuming he did all this as a calculated strategy. You had no idea of the things I wrote in this article as he shifted the media narrative away from all the warfare he is doing to clean up evil. He knows he will be adored and respected in due time. I am sorry you hear disrespect but most all things Trump say can be interpreted in many ways. The fake CNN media is the one that reinforces a negative twist along with the oligarch-owned media. People need to look at the big picture in life and many seen to focus on tribal politics or singular issue like Im a woman, I’m gay, I’m Black, I’m Hispanic. Trump is Human and politically incorrect but he is not evil like our past leaders that you will learn in time. We all were going to be killed in a plot called agenda21, google it, and the past administrations were helping do it. The wealthy banking families like Rothschilds, Soros, and others practice satanism. People need to research from a Geopolitical platform. You will eventually get over any hurt about his political incorrectness when you learn you were 4 years away from HRC leading you to a FEMA camp to die. She is one of the evilest humans on earth. I voted for her in the election because I was voting on a single issue. Because IM Gay and was my duty. I began to research heavily and learned the truth about the crimes of past administrations regarding the 60 million adults in the USA molested as kids and learned of the satanic links to politicians. I was attempted to be murdered on 3 occasions and my life destroyed so I reverse researched all the leads and connected persons and it led back to Obama/Clinton/Bush administration operatives. Start researching things independently and open your heart and mind. Trump is kicking ass to save America. He is the only self-financed President and not beholden to Federal Reserve owners which are the Rothschilds. He seized their assets and changed our banking systems due to Crimes against Humanity. They have been murdering kids in satanic rituals for elite spiritual practices to steal life force and extract adrenochrome from youth as an elite recreational drug. Trust me this is a DARK CLOUD of humanity and Trump is cleaning house and doing it all while we are sleeping and covertly. HE SAVED MY LIFE INSTANTLY BY WINNING ELECTION. I was on the FBI list to let die if not executed by them. I hope you research other than what CNN feeds you and research all the events in my article. Thank you for reaching out to ask. Alan


    • I suggest you go to youtube and pull up Trump’s very first campaign rally. As he has said, media, social media, most celebrities, and that 4% puppet people? THEY EDITED THE VIDEO……..Trump never said a racist comment, he did, however, say that we needed to vet people better coming into our country from Mexico as statistically if you look at how many murders are done by undocumented illegals….I mean look at that guy who keeps coming over here and his 7th or 8th successful crossing he shot and killed a young lady who was out on the pier with her father. Her father, helpless and in shock, watched while his only daughter lay dying in his arms…..and what did that city in California do? They protected the murderer who didn’t even have any business being here! Why did they protect the murderer? Because the powers that be have been instructed to do exactly what they did. How does that murderer keep getting over here? Because that joke of a border couldn’t keep out a frickin’ fly, I know this because I LIVE in NM. There are some parts of the “wall” where there’s nothing but chicken wiring strung up. Those undocumented illegals are being approved to VOTE now why would anyone think that was a good thing to do? The dems are doing everything they can to swing the vote their way. Everything they have accused Trump of? THEY ARE DOING. But don’t take my word for it, do what I did. I had listened, in full, to his first rally, the debates which were a total joke. Media LOVED him then, they were getting ratings out the roof! Anyways, compare the rally comments to what you heard edited and played on CNN, MSNBC, NBC…….pick one…….their editing changed the overall tone and meaning of his comments. THAT is when I realized what the real deal was. And for them to do that? The Dems? That meant that they were scared shitless that Trump would win. Hillary is overheard saying “if he wins we all hang”……….and from the information being gleaned from Q? And now this guy? I can’t wait to see who’s gonna be tried for treason via the military tribunals…….here’s MY list: HRC, Bill, George Soros, Obama aka Barry Setaro (Field McConnell went to HS with this guy, if you don’t know who Field is, wow….his information will wake up the dead! His organization is called Abel Danger, check him out on youtube)…Holder, Lynch, McCain if his cancer don’t get him first……and a slew of others. Q says Gitmo is getting full so they are hooking up another prison, and with 10,000 indictments to go? Maybe 3 is needed…


      • According to wikipedia Lord Jacob is not dead. There is not date of death on his biography. Fake news. I am sure if I bother to look into more claims on here I will more fakery.


      • I will plan to changed to unconfirmed in public domain due to contrasting public media. Of course you know the Cabal controls media. I read it on a private geopolitical report after it happened. I was not a witness but trust what I read. WikiPedia is owned by fake media. Thank you for reply as it is reasonable response. Alan


    • I do not see any of what you are talking about, unless you are referring to the several from Hollywood that made disgusting remarks and threats.. otherwise over the years nothing like that ! Racism, you really need to read more..


    • Because his accomplishments outweigh things many years ago alleged. What he has done for the American people has been enlightening. Bringing sanity and common sense back. Hopefully will put civics back into schools, as soon don’t teach it anymore. He speaks to the people and listens to the ones who voted him in. Educate yourself on the leaders you have always admired. They are truly sickening, not Trump.

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    • If you’re trying to be open you better do some more research number one Trump is not racist and everybody who knows him knows that and if you were doing any research you would find out how he’s been tortured as our president and then everything been stolen out from under us


  3. Hello Margaret. There has not been any censored. Just setting up this page and need to change the setting. I have not censored anybody and once I find how to turn off approval setting I will. Although the Deep State part of the Government has been censoring us all our lives which is the point of waking up others. I would ask Congress why they go along with treating us like we cant handle information. It is to keep us in enslavement. I won’t repeat that. I will turn off that feature. Thank you for bring to my attention. Never saw your post on here. Curious what it said.


  4. Hello. Just want to Thank Everyone for the private emails and social media posts saying this is the best article they have read that encompasses the narratives of Qanon and the Authentic Mission of our Current Administration lead by President Donald J. Trump. Sincerely, Alan Fountain, Executive Director of GA Families for Justice http://www.about.me/alanfountain


  5. I am interested in the below. Please email me. I have been awake for some time, but always looking for more info.

    Follow this Blog below and I will email you the video of what MSM is hiding),

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    • Hello Wiredwog. Thank you for following: I will email you the vdeo to the Suicide accidental death of Saudi Royal who died during the Blackout of Hartfield Airport over the 2017 Christmas holidays. This is sad events to the families connected to these individuals and my prayers go out to them,Out of respect I did not post in public but feel people deserve to know truths. Gf4Justice


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  8. Hi Alan, I follow many sites of which you have mentioned, and more, but I have only just found your article and it’s best explanation I have read in just one article so far.
    I’m a 68 yr old Australian grandmother and have been red pilled for just the last 8 months of following Q/Qanon, though I have been very aware of many things over the years.
    Unfortunately my attempts to red pill friends and family (with the exception of three) have not been successful and they avoid any further political conversations. So now I wait until the first shockwave to hit them and I will send them your article which I have saved. Thank you.

    I am interested in receiving the information on the Saudi Prince accidental death suicide.


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    • Thank you so Much. I will get the link as I had out of respect held it back but if the royal family has not some how had it removed I will send it as I struggled with ethically offering this even though this person was alleged to have committed mass murders. Please email me at gf4justice@yahoo.com so that I have your email. Curious do you think it is crossing the line to share? I will discern and may remove that from article as I don’t won’t sensationalize any death in hindsight. I will await your email and will locate the link as it was 7+ months ago right after it happened. The special forces had cut the power at Atlanta International Airport and I think he was about to be arrested when he jumped to his death and landed on the marble after leaving an elevator. Regards, Alan


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  14. Thank you so much for this enlightening article and disturbing videos. I am a gay male who cant remember when I was actually red pilled but I do remember starting to awaken. I voted for BO (sounds like these are the perfect initials for such a vile man) his 1st term. During his first 4 years I realized what a mistake I had made. I saw step by step what he was doing, especially in regards to racial relations. I am gay, and a female impersonator (now retired). When I saw who was running in 2016 I was sick at my stomach that HRC was running. I didnt like Trump because of him allegedly hating the gay community (I still have not decided where he stands on that) but I was not going to vote for so a vile and evil woman. I know I made the right choice. A lot of people who think that I voted for Trump are angry. Ive lost some friends and some have distanced themselves from me, Ive lots some clients, but I almost feel like Ive turned my back on my community. My husband and I have some heated conversations because he will not believe ANYTHING positive or anything that goes against what MSM tells him to. I do believe I made the right choice deep down, however, heart strings for a community that is treated unfairly is not easy to think about what I have done. When I first saw the MSM only reporting certain sides of shootings and of the cop killings was when I was officially red pilled. Now I see it even more clearly with how the media distorts most truths ie: Trump, the Covington Catholic kids in DC I live very close to this school and have done some of the students hair), I see picture switching my different websites and profile changes after things happen to make these leftists look like they are Trump supporters. Hollywoods involvement I see regularly. I can not simply watch a movie without thinking about the truths I know that are thrown in our faces as fictions and science fiction and just how dark some of it is. The Bourne movies (MK Ultra) there was another movie and I forget the name where I believe Anthony Hopkins or someone like him played an escapee of MKU facility and moved into a single mothers with a son attic apartment where he and the young kid developed a friendship. Its an older movie but very eye opening. Then you have the great film The Conspiracy Theory. In regards to Adrenochrome you have, and shockingly I could not believe it: MONSTERS INC. and there are so many movies about spying they way they do and what their plans are for the majority of us. When I watched these 2 videos it brought tears to my eyes to see how our nation has fallen into this evil and vile shadow government. Thank you for this good read and the 2 videos. I was confused about the Death at the Harford airfield, and who he was and why he was taken out and the blackout in GA. The video would be interesting to see but not sure what all if it was. Also I became even more wide awake a seeing Brandon Straka #WalkAway campaign. Godspeed sir a may the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on our nation and our souls.


    • Thank you so very much for your keen insights and very enlightened wisdom. Trust your Gut. You are Awake! Im a Gay male also so you can discern my once popularly full Dance card is not as full now. Fortunately History will swing the pendulum back our way and we will be the appreciated visionaries and not the pink elephant in the room no later than summer 2020! Alan


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