Can OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM- GITMO Save America? Was the Game Rigged? Does Molestation, Rape, and Pedophilia Feed the Deep State Monster as a Bribery/Incentives Currency Formula?


By Alan Fountain. 

Alan Fountain is a Survivor of a Pedophile Ring who turned activist/advocate after sharing his Cautionary Tale beginning in 2013 after forming a coalition with a mission to reform civil Statute of Limitations Laws in GA.  Alan was groomed and molested by a serial predator former Juvenile Judge, Nursery School Owner, Youth athletic coach, and Explorer -Scoutmaster from Thomaston, GA.  The Grooming trauma began in 1972 while in the 5th grade, from ages 9 to 16.    This Link is A Summary Background Of My Story Inclusive of Videos of The Pedophiles Crime Scenes Where He took His Victims as Well as the Journey and Personal Trajectory Seeking Justice That is Still in the Works.

Driven by a Spiritual calling and what felt like a prophetic life purpose and mission Alan joined forces with a favorite National Advocacy group that presented themselves as adversaries working against the massive statistic of CDC reported 60,000,000 USA adult survivors of youth pedophile crimes and molestation. While on this 3-year journey networking with an established national Advocacy group, Alan campaigned to seek restitution and justice for the crimes in his community that included youth murders. He testified before the GA general assembly over five times. This mission at the time seemed like a no-brainer that he had hoped would garner full politician support for such an honorable cause. The effort turned out to be anything less than politically supportive as Alan learned along the 4-year journey.  THE GAME WAS RIGGED!


Photo: This is the 2015 House Session of the GA Legislature Senate Judiciary Committee hearing prior to the vote on the highly controversial Hidden Predator Act of GA where I learned the Game is Rigged. The Foxes are Guarding the Henhouse to protect the Foxes not the vulnerable survivors as advocated.  The bait and switch law did pass after the gas-lighting of victims to make them think they would get justice while feeding on the pain of Victims. The Judiciary Team had become worse than the Predator just a different Ilk.  In my opinion, it was a team of crisis actors working for the opposition,  It was really bad sinister “Kabuki Cabal Theatre.” The Foxes ( Hidden Predator Act Legislative Team) were the Cabal protective agents, the brood was doomed.   This is a Complete Article Covering The Final Night Of The Vote Leading to the Passing of the Discriminatory Fake ‘VIP” Hidden Predator Act of GA.

It turned out to be dangerous, as it is merely scripted political theatre more reminiscent of a season of the Popular Netflix series House of Cards but real Danger! What Alan later uncovered about the sinister characters he had unwittingly joined forces that would lead him down a rabbit hole in what became a corrupt process where he surmised the United Teams agenda was actually in his opinion a bait a switch attempt to advocate for protecting the Pedophiles. He had unwittingly aligned with the Foxes who were guarding the Henhouse. Alan came to this ultimate conclusion after barely escaping three attempted and staged assassination plots likely for having gotten too close to the truth.  He had come face to face with Satan. God had been grooming him to be prepared for Spiritual Warfare from childhood as he had unwittingly taken on the Deep State/Shadow Government Pedophile Khazarian Mafia that had ruled our Global world government for centuries.    

Most Controversial Document in Internet History: The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia



He would later learn that he and a large group of Patriots had miraculously united in the ethereal realm to align with President Trump as his citizen warrior army to combat and covertly expose and help remove this evil from the earth! We all aligned with a Trump sanctioned covert operation by Military intelligence operatives in the Department of Energy with Q level security clearance, going by the moniker of Qanon. We all joined ranks forming social media networks, coalitions and began decoding these messages, breadcrumbs, as genuine Patriots, and all went to bat to help save America.  You ask who is Qanon?  Qanon is a MILITARY Team led by Generals in all branches of our Armed Forces gathering intelligence data from agents with Q level security clearances, with a support team of boots on the ground foot soldiers made up of Patriots, Advocates, Activists, Lightworkers, and Alternative Social Media Journalists and Broadcasters.  The Patriot Digital Army of Citizen Journalists. The social media matrix has backfired.

This deep-state pedophile cabal became a threat to our democracy and the Sovereign Republic of America. It is responsible for establishing a prior political system based on Blackmail, Bribes, and or Pay for Play Incentives, mostly by using pedophilia, or some form of satanic ritual participation to hold over the heads of those seeking political office or to be a part of the oligarch business power complex. In order to control politics by the Trillionaire financier Banking Families, Rothschild’s, Soros, and the Saudi Royals, who run the elite world commerce and power hierarchy, these methods were covertly navigated to maintain total control.

33340925_10214915917325536_7667651246345420800_o (1)

The corrupt systems of the past have worked due to many covert shill divisions, although one extremely sinister civil service branch that is known as the SES or Senior Executive Services, which are 8,500 highly paid foot soldiers empowered and worked covertly for the Khazarian pedophile mafia masked under civil servant type positions around the USA. My new volunteer background elevated to working as an advocate and investigative journalist researching public policy and the failed legislation in GA responsible for creating a fake law called The Hidden Predator Act of GA.  What I learned is that in order for this system to thrive it requires many helpers, basically by weaponizing the Foxes to guard the hen-house leading the brood into a “matrix of control” where handlers and fixers park victims surrounded by a network of Non profits funded by the pedophiles to make its victims submit to control by sinister methods never reported or admitted to in media narratives. Very few figure it out as the gas-lighting rituals have worked in the past, but no longer. The “Sheeple” are awakening to what will be known in history as, THE GREAT AWAKENING.  In Qanon slang or lingo, they are RED-PILLED or AWAKE!


I have completed a draft of a book with a working title (TRUTH, GRACE & TIME)  It tells the story of having gone from a hand-picked targeted victim, to survivor, advocate, activist, and whistleblower investigative journalist after surviving three attempted assassination scares both real and mocked by deep state lobbyist containment armies known for protecting the political pedophile machine.

My publisher is awaiting release until My Civil attorneys approve Copy awaiting the conclusion to what will go down in history as the greatest covert military operation in human civilization as President Donald J. Trump emancipates Americans and the world from human Luciferian enslavement, and its evils, as he acts as Commander-in-Chief to the 2018 Military Operation, OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM -GITMO,  the Killing of the Deep State/Shadow Government.

This is a Teaser Article to Validate “Operation Enduring Freedom- GITMO” to Inspire Continued Research Following My Coverage of The War On Evil Launched by The 12/21/2017 Presidential Executive Order.

I explain how he does this in my February 16, 2018, article describing the Spiritual Warfare that is covertly going on behind the scenes. Please read this article in the below link and share to help Redpill (awaken the Sheeple) our yet awakened American Citizens. The following link is to the article that explains this paradigm and mission in full detail written during the Military Special Forces Operation.  Article on SPIRITUAL WARFARE and DIRTY POLITICS, and How USA MILITARY Plans to Save America!


This Article On “What Does a D.C. Political Swamp Draining Look Like?” has the overview of operation with links to 5 Companion Articles related to my personal Investigation and First Hand Accounts Being a Surviving Targeted Victim of The Deep State Crime Cabal.


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READ THIS EXECUTIVE ORDER FROM 12/21/2017 – This EO was the Mandate that Seized the Assets and In Conjunction with Military Powers to Confront The Deep State Black Hats Global Human Trafficking & Pedophilia Network.


What Does a DC Political Swamp Draining Look Like?


WHAT DOES A D.C. POLITICAL SWAMP DRAINING LOOK LIKEby Alan Fountain       (Geopolitical Analyst of Political and Pedophile Crimes &  Lightworker 11:11) Alan Fountain BIO on About Me    Email:


(Update 4/26/2019: Take note the data in this article reflects projections for the original date of the article.  The number of Indictments and Resignations have more than Doubled since August 2018. )

Below is an Updated list of the Forced Executive Resignations of the Corporate Elite along with the current list of 54,000 sealed indictments against persons alleged to be connected to serious Human Rights Abuses being held at the Federal Department of Justice.  The current lists expand from the 3000 Executives listed in my below article to the current 3,700. My February 16, 2018 Article on “Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics” details the outline of this 18 month Covert Military Operation in full detail with the supporting hyperlinks to most referenced sources.


Rogers is a distinguished graduate of the National War College and a graduate of highest distinction from the Naval War College. He is also a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI fellow; Harvard Senior Executive in National Security alum; and holds a Master of Science in National Security Strategy. 

The Director of NSA Admiral Mike Rodgers notified officials of a compliance report on October 24, 2016, that the FISA reach did not meet legal standards and then officially documented his finding in writing on October 26, 2016. This patriotic effort is what has led to investigating corruption during the Obama administration with FISA abuses wrongly implicating Russian Collusion that will be known as SPY GATE.


Many of These Executives are Presumed linked to Changes Implemented to minimize many of the secret Evil Plans that allowed Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking or Turning Their heads to this pandemic, but the primary allegations are for to remove those participating in the CORPORATE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX PLAN that supports the Luciferian rule’s transition into the One World Government that Former V.P. & CIA Director George Herbert Bush Spoke of in his past speeches.

We AMERICANS have all been Gaslighted by Establishment Politicians in both parties along with Corporate CEO leaders, all enablers were promised wealth and power in the new One World Order for helping with the plan. There are currently over 50,000+ sealed federal indictments waiting to arrest many bad actors who have helped in this operation. We have had massive corruption by the Bush Family, Clinton Family, and Obama Family Puppet Cartels.


NOTICE THAT THE GENERALS ARE LINED UP with 9 On the left and 11 on the right to symbolize their disdain and contempt for the bad actors from America and The Other Secret Factions who executed the Twin Towers False Flag events. 9/11 
[ 9 Generals on the left, In-Center Chief of Staff Kelley, Pres. TRUMP V.P. Pence, on the right 11 Generals. ]

Most Citizens across the nation are oblivious to the Military Operation aside from those in the know of the masterfully crafted PSYOP operation created by Military Intelligence officers that released this info to a “YUGE” group of ANONs originating from officers with Q level security clearances. The Fake Media once controlled by the criminal CIA director John Brennan who along with the 6 corporations that own all Media participated in the CIA Mocking Bird Media Campaign that is being decimated in the very near future.


This Operation is being executed by all Branches of our Armed Forces against these Bad Actors to take down their PEDOPHILE HIERARCHY OF ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA by the 3 PUPPET Political families Bush, Clinton’s, and Obama. They were under the Rule and order of the 3 different Trillionaire Oligarch rulers. The owners of our Federal Reserve Rothschild’s, The disruption disinformation expert George Soros, and the Sex Trafficking House of Saud Royals. You can read about the entire covert operation in the below article on Spiritual Warfare plus the smaller niche articles on brief topics.


*** AF ***

ARTICLE LINKS WITH MEME VIDEOS OF MILITARY DEEP STATE OPERATIONS INCLUSIVE OF AN INTRODUCTION TO QANON: Over 50,000 readers in 110 countries and was complimented on my intelligence by a USA State Department Agent in Information Resources Division. So if they passively off the record endorse it, that’s good enough for me.

Below Article #1. and the shorter article here Explains The Scope of  Operation Enduring Freedom-GITMO” with a full overview. It was written February 16, 2018, after the round-up of Evil Criminals by our Military Special Forces.

1. Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? What has Really Been Going On Behind the Scenes & How Much Will You Actually Be Told in MSM?…/…/16/working-title-on-globalists/



2. Qanon and the Killing of the Deep State Pedophile Khazarian Mafia.



3. How Can Q-anon Save America? Is the Game Rigged? Does Molestation, Rape, and Pedophilia Feed the Deep State Monster as a Bribery/Incentives Currency?…/how-can-q-anon-save-america-gam…/

35849110_10215121941316007_1909564145091477504_n (1)


4. Over 8,000 CEO’s Have Now Stepped Down During the Trump Administration for what Reason? Could it be Connected to His Campaign Promise to Drain the Swamp?


GO HERE FOR THE MAP OF LATEST 8,200  RECENTLY UPDATED FROM THE 3000  NOTABLE CORPORATE LEADERS WHO STEPPED DOWN: Be sure to look at all the references at top of the map. In the PLAYERS section, it has persons separated by Patriots or Traitor Pawns. There is a Complete list of Indictments by Jurisdiction:



5/18/2019 – Updated List of Actual Cases from the Indictments List:


ALmost ONE MILLION CASES in the liberals “Imaginary” SWAMP DRAINING. Something is Happening Not Reported in The FAKE NEWS.

Remember each indictment can have up to 9+ PERSONS.

We have 470 Prosecutors under Huber from Utah and Military Tribunals all taking place simultaneously. Search Federal criminal cases.

The entire database of close to a million Federal criminal cases publicly searchable by name, for free, without ads.






In the PLAYERS section, it has persons separated by Patriots or Traitor Pawns. There is a Complete list of Indictments by Jurisdiction:


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