Could The Chicago Justice Dept Fiasco With the Jussie Smollett Case Be The “Perfect Storm” That Launches a Federal Investigation Into a Spider Web of Corruptions?

By Alan Fountain

In My Opinion, The Jussie Smollett Drama was solely navigated to get his Case and the investigation routed to the Federal System where Jurisdictions can now handle all the ties connected with corruption. It is not an isolated case but one with many tentacles.


With Kim Fox dropping the Prosecutorial charges in Chicago it provided an opportunity for the FEDS to move in where they can now navigate charges and arrests. What folks don’t realize is these celebrities & other folks getting arrested around the USA are most likely engaged in Racketeering although the Trump Administration tasked with Draining The Swamp has to be masterfully creative with balancing National Security while being mindful of Optics around the Globe of our reputation as a functional Republic.

The Truth is Trump inherited a Criminal Cartel Masked as the Democratic Republic that Many Past Presidents were actually strategically participating in the dismantling of America and it’s Constitution.

President Trump is dealing with the Greatest Crisis of our Civilization as he literally inherited the task of Gluing the world back together after years of Treasonous Planning by other Presidents to become under the rule of the United Nations for a One World Government while deconstructing Christianity in America. Folks don’t yet realize how close we came to the End of America by Treason, Sedition, and Smith Act Violations.



Have patience and send out positive intentions and pray for your Country. Things are about to get rolling now that Assange has been removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy. The Propaganda Fake Media, The true Enemy of the People has done its job distracting the public from what’s truly happening.



If Guilt By Association and “Their Use of Symbolisms” were the only tools required to launch an investigation then this tight social network might be concerned about the Optics should One Domino start to fall.  What if we Americans have been Gaslighted by both Liberal and establishment politicians who were secretly aligned with a Deep State Cabal with an Agenda to support the UN One World Government Coup to destroy a USA Sovereign Republic.  Photo Credit: The Liberty Eagle


Fasten your Seat Belt as the Trump Administration with the Advice and Counsel of the USA Military as we are currently in the State of National Emergency and have Activated our Military to Fight Wars Both “Domestic & Foreign”.


If you did not start researching Geopolitics or Following analyst 2 years ago you likely are lost.  Although, you can quickly get up to speed by reading my collection of articles with researched hyperlink references that explain the covert Military Operation going on behind the scenes and begin your own independent research.



Collection of Articles Written by Change Agent Advocate Alan Fountain about the Behind the Scenes War Against Treasonous Globalism & Perpetrators of Sex Crimes to Minors.






My FB Post From Friday 4/12/2019 on Julian Assange Release:

“Everything is Mapped Out with Military Precision. When POTUS punches buttons and hits nerves it is all strategic and leading to a conclusion.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to Reverse Engineer a Society that was told Lies for 200 years just so The Luciferian Owners of Central Banking could enslave humanity? It is hard for POTUS & The Military to Unravel a Lie that most slept through without creating a Civil War.

It is gonna get really Good Folks. The FISA declassifications, The Huber reports by the 470 Prosecutors out of Utah who will present their investigations & indictments soon, plus we might even learn how the media covered up a Pedophile Molestation, Kiddie Porn & Sex Trafficking Pandemic selling sex and also operating an illegal organ harvesting network. [$150 Billion Annually], Folks, it took the whole Corporate Industrial Complex of Enablers to pull off this Massive Black Budget Crime Syndicate. Pray for your Country & Your Leaders, even the ones who have gone astray.  Let GOD be the Judge, Our Military will Just arrange the Meeting.”





The inspired Corporate Resignations of CEO’s and Heads of Corporations that are Now well over 8,000 Executives was due to their alleged participation in the plan to betray the Sovereign Republic of America. Many believe their memberships in Secret Societies and Free Masonry must be considered as a probable connection with the Corporate Industrial Complex as a Weapon of the Deep State.  Link to Article on Some Forced & Some Negotiated Resignations for Participating in the Launch of the Luciferian NWO:







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Cover Photo: Jussie Smollett via Stock Photo from Military wwg1wga Citizen Digital Army Citizen Journalist Network.


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