The Great Awakening and the Esoteric Use of the Gematria/Numerology Codes 11:11 & 11 During a DC SWAMP Draining. Q Math?

By Alan Fountain  – Lightworker 11:11, Geopolitical Researcher, & Molestation Prevention Activist/Advocate.
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In The Below Article, I will Share My Discernment and Interpretation with Decoding Energy, Vibration and Frequency as an Adjunct to Language & Universal Communication. I will share how Synchronicities and Coincidences can often be Higher Consciousness Communication.  The Article Concludes by Posing a Theory to Ponder – Did Queen Elizabeth Surrender to President Donald J. Trump in July 2018?


Many have often said Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.  In the below article I reveal a series of Coincidences that I have uncovered and linked to the use of Simple Gematria/ Numerology, Sacred Geometry and Math as it relates to Frequency & Vibration as a method of Universal Communication.  As I disclose in my February 16, 2018 article entitled “Spiritual Warfare or Just Dirty Politics?” where I introduce folks to the Covert Military Operation where the Current Administration executes TRUMP TZU warfare behind the scenes decimating the Deep State SWAMP that attempted a Coup against America and the Trump Presidency.   By reading this 25-page article one can learn of the many elements of corruption that were taking place over the past 50+ years that including the Cover-up of Sex Trafficking & a Pedophilia Pandemic where Blackmail & Political Bribery was the Glue that sustained a Luciferian & Deep State Run Political System.

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The Law of Vibration might not be as well known as the Law of Attraction. However, the Law of Vibration serves as the foundation for the Law of Attraction.

To understand this it´s important to know that everything is energy. Science, through Quantum Physics, is showing us that everything in our universe is energy. Article:  THE LAW OF VIBRATION

Below, I will explore how Esoteric principles once hidden from the public are now coming into the mainstream consciousness revealing its hidden powers once secretly dominated by those in Secret Societies, Freemasons, Bilderbergs, and the Deep State Black Hats.  We were led to believe that these observations and their use were occult although not so. Fundamental Religions will soon become known as a system of division, not one of unifying diverse souls or praising the creator of the Universe.  Religion will be known for its deception as a paradigm to have power over and a system of control. Why do so many sexual predators and pedophiles hide behind the pageantry of religion if it were truly from a benevolent God?   I have come to discern the powers in numbers are universal and a finite system of order in God’s Vast Universe?  The Great Awakening that is now taking place is the shift to a new Age or Time to Be Known As the New Golden Age.  This is a time when an elevation to higher consciousness awareness and the elevation of positive higher frequencies begin blanketing the Earth making it difficult for the Archon negative entities to thrive in this new paradigm. These dark Luciferian entities need negative energy to feed, (LOOSH ENERGY) – –  and thrive is why they create Fear, Anger, and Suffering among the masses.


This Frequency/ Vibration elevation is Prophesized for a Time Such as This is Ordained by God to Lift Humanity out of the Period of Enslavement and Suffering by raising the Love frequency on Earth.  This Frequency has recently been measured by devices placed around the Globe that I document in the below section on this example as one of the Coincidences.  On November 11. 2018, (a Gematria Code date of 11:11:11) scientists recorded the influx of higher frequencies over an 11,000 miles path across the earth. The Numerology for this Date. 11/11/2018 = (11) month (11) Day and Year 2018 0r 2+0+1+8 =(11) Links to documentation below of Seismic Activity.  As an additional Scientific Device used to measure this resonance I would refer you to this popular site visited by Patriots in the Citizen Digital Army:  Schumann Resonance Today. We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibrating higher and higher, just like us!    




Could we be getting help from the same sources that create these lovely Crop Circles? While researching Esoteric & Geopolitical Blogs I came across various theories that concur with my own discernment in that our Off Earth Ancestors who are linked to our collective consciousness through a Galactic Alliance with our Secret Space Force became very interested in assisting Humanity at this time with the ascension process.  It was vital to raise the planetary frequency and choke and starve out the evil Archons and Negative entities that prey on Humans suffering to acquire LOOSH.  It was time to Clean Up Chicago so to Speak as a metaphor although Chicago was Earth.  The Intelligence coming from Q team stemming from the Dept of Energy & DOD intelligence affirmed assistance was offered to the White Hat alliance in the War against the Cabal. Reliable intelligence noted the advancement with earth moving towards a One World Order Agenda that included a depopulation Agenda noted in the GA Guidestones. In this plan had HRC won we were at risk of a Nuclear War during the proposed Obama/HRC 16- year plan?  Galactic Civilizations could not risk this option of what impact a disturbance would have on other benevolent ET species and are assisting to help manifest Earth to a 5D civilization and rescue Earth From its Luciferian Overlords. Yes, Spiritual Warfare is Real as this is Biblical. 



Many persons who study Metaphysics and Quantum Consciousness already understand God, Christ Consciousness & Physics are inclusive paradigms working in symmetry to manifest intentions based on positive energy associated with Love & Oneness.  The inferences by fundamental religion to stigmatize and demonize this knowledge as occult was an attempt to hoard these powers for the occult practices of Baal Worship associated with Babylonian Money Magic from the Kazharians who created the Global Central Banking Financial Systems as an Enslavement Matrix. We know who controls the money controls the people or sheeple.

Simple Gematria / Numerology Base

Gematria – Cryptic Numerology of the Cabala & Bible. (I prefer Simple Gematria linked to English Alphabet)
The esoteric material presented on these pages involves the revelation of information which has been hidden. Throughout history, individuals and organizations have chosen to guard their secrets by various cryptic means and gematria is not only one of these, but arguably has the most distinguished provenance of any. Although gematria starts with the book of Genesis, was ubiquitous in the culture of the ancient Greeks and forms a blueprint for the foundation of Christianity, the main focus of this website concerns more recent history and the culture of the English speaking world. In particular, the gematria of English provides the key to unlocking many of the secret doctrines of the Freemasons and the true identity of the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare. Link to the rest of the description of  Simple Gematria which is based on the 26 letter alphabet where letters carry a vibration & frequency equation. 
What is Gematria?



1. The Awakening Code & Awareness exposed by the 144,000 Lightworkers & Old Souls who United Across the Globe after having Come Together by what seems Higher Consciousness Design & Destiny.

Ok, this is where many folks began their awareness journey by noticing the random appearances of 11:11 on clocks, sales receipts, and other dynamics.  This phenomenon began for many in the mid-’90s and others at various times since then. This period is where the fog lifts from the consciousness of those human hybrids with the DNA “make-up to wake-up” from the amnesia spells of the Negative Archons and entities who use to have control over the Earth Matrix. I began seeing it so frequently in 1996 that I sought help from Spiritual Intuits and Therapists to discern the meaning of its unrelenting occurrences.  It led me down a path learning the secrets of Numerology which is the unique frequency/energy equation of your Birthday by reducing this date down to a final number.  My Birthday is 10/1/1962.  This Science highlighted by the great mathematician Pythagoras many centuries ago equates to one’s Life Path Vibration. Similar to Astrology but more finite as it has a specific core value frequency.  Ok, now to the math. (10)month+(1)day+ (1+9+6+2)year = 29 now reduce by adding (2+9) which equals (11).  This also can be a 2 Life Path should a Master Number 11/2, 22/4, 33/6   not Vibrate at their greatest potential and rise to the occasion of pure potentiality.  The Chart is 1-9, and 3 Master Energy Numbers 11, 22,  & 33.

There are 3 master numbers in Numerology, 11, 22, 33.  When a series of numbers reduce to either of these 3 combinations they stay a 2 digit number. These Master numbered folks basically have extremely challenging Life experiences, most likely chosen before incarnating to earth likely seeking Earth School extra credits or to earn higher marks during this Journey to Earth for a specific life purpose.  Many sources from my research indicate these souls have all come to Earth and are awakening at different paces to raise the Earth to a 5D experience as a higher Consciousness Civilization.  The Great Awakening transition to the New Golden Age. When you locate these Souls on a chart of Hierarchy of personal powers and Universal Rank you see their status is many tiers above Kings & Queens or the Freemasons and Illuminati Secret Society Folks.

“Be mindful of who you attack in the physical world as you have no idea who they are or their Rank in the Spirit World.”

The Sinister Secret Societies & their groupies who Stole Earth for their own fear these folks and monitor them throughout their lives to keep them off-center and from discovering their abilities. They often divert these folks by temptations in that they use informants from the DEA to follow these folks and tempt them with illegal substances hoping to get them hooked on any of the many drugs that can lower the vibration and frequency of these individuals. They seduce them into the lower vibration world.  This is why our globalist flood America with drugs as it both weakens the enemy and provided money for their Black Budget projects.

There are persons who were stigmatized with having used recreational drugs brought into these circles not by there own inclination but as a distraction from their own organic life path. The dark ones know these secrets of numerology and have kept this information out of the common narratives of society so they can hoard its powers for their own Sinister Gangs.  The Khazarians worked very hard to control information and to stigmatize and demonize knowledge that could level or threaten their dominance.



Numerology in Personal / Individual Journies related to one’s Birthday.  (The Individuals Unique Power System determined by the arrival date into this Earth Experience.)

Breakdown of the Master Number 11 as a Personal Vibration Frequency.

Sample: Coincidentally just happens to be my personal Numerology Birthdate Number. Note: Humans are all very powerful beings so never allow this information to limit your aspirations but use it for learning natural gifts to discern likeliness of your souls’ contract with purpose during this incarnation. The 3 pillars of Mind, Body & Soul merge for its synergy of power.


Adding Mystery to this Unique Life Path of the (11) Frequency was revealed by a New Show on Netflix Called “The Umbrella Academy” where a group of Mothers all gave birth to Super Humans on Coincidentally my same Birthday, but a different year, but still reduced to equal an (11) Lifepath.  These Characters were also born on  (October 1rst.) 10/1/1989 = 38 = (3+8) = (11).  My Birthday (October 1tst) or 10/1/1962 after adding = 29.    (2+9) = (11).  Ok, this was Freaky.  Why did they choose this Birthday for this Comic Book Group of Superheroes? Many now understand Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry actually Mirror reality in Movies although many references are Authentic Galactic History it has not yet been declassified and made part of our reality.  I called a prominent Literary Agent in Hollywood to research why he thought the Characters have this specific birthday written into the Script?  He validated it was likely due to what the Freemasons know about the Unique Powers that are given to those with this frequency/vibration Life Path (11).  Hollywood & Freemasons Illuminati have an alleged long history of collaboration with the hidden occult worshiping Baal & Moloch.

The Freemasons and Secret Societies hoard these esoteric metaphysical secrets related to Universal Powers linked to frequency & vibration for their elite members-only clubs hoping to use these secrets to have power over the masses in their occult practices.  The numbers carry power whether for God or Baal. (Good or Bad)  Therefore the Luciferians attempted to commandeer this knowledge for Baal when it can both be harnessed for Good or Evil.  (Humbly, I wanted to better understand why this Coincidence of sharing this Birthday Vibration was selected for these fictional Super Hero Characters.)   I began to better understand the Mystery as to Why So Many 3 Letter Agencies Became so Intrusive into my Life after I revealed my Experiences noticing 11:11 in clocks that led me to learn I was an (11) Life Path. I did an interview for a documentary where a Forensic Psychologist interviewed me for a project that coincided with his work collaboration with the Pentagon. He was contracted as a Consultant to help curtail sexual assault trauma cases due to the extremely high % of Sexual Assault events in the military.  After this 2-hour interview was reviewed by various Pentagon and other Military Brass, I began to understand why so many secret factions and Government agencies took an interest in my advocacy work.

In my previous articles, I disclose the many esoteric unconventional experiences I encountered exposing elite pedophile rings in GA.  Now 5 years later and more wisdom I have come to understand why the Men in Black, FBI, The Dept of State, NSA and Other 3 letter Agencies all infiltrated my life.  I thought it was all related to my work exposing pedophiles as we now know the Black Hats & Cabal does not like anyone to succeed at that path of exposing Loosh producing sexual Predators, but since then I have discerned I likely became a project of study due to my unknown ability to Manifest Spiritual Warfare more easily than most due to my ability to see beyond the veil due to this Life Path (11) vibration gift.  I detail and expand on this experience in the book I wrote to be published in 2020 where I share the unbelievable obstacles and hurdles I was able to overcome after exposing a fraudulent fake paradigm where the [Foxes have been guarding the Hen Houses] to have an unfair advantage that protects the sexual predators, not the vulnerable kids.  We, humans, are more powerful than we realize and the Deep State Cabal does not want us to discover it and have kept us dumbed down from knowing our powers by controlling society through limiting our education.  Could this unique gift under this vibration life path (11)  matching these fictional Super Heroes have been Gods Grace and what made me a threat to the Luciferian Deep State Cabal with my ability to escape almost every trap attempted to destroy my life. The God & Christ Energy frequency/vibration is obviously more powerful & knowing than these lower vibration Pedo Enablers who protect sexual perpetrators.  This is definitely a time of Spiritual Warfare where God has flipped the script and made the once Hunted victims to Now become the Hunters.

59423092_10217361235456961_1303336129805680640_o (1)

On October, 1 in 1989, (A Life Path (11) Birthday Vibration)  43 infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Seven are adopted by billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who creates the Umbrella Academy and prepares his “children” to save the world. In their teenage years, though, the family fractures and the team disbands. Fast forward to the present time, when the six surviving members of the clan reunite upon the news of Hargreeves’ passing.  LINK TO ARTICLE EXPLAINING THE MASTER NUMBER LIFE PATH (11) VIBRATION SIBLINGS SUPERPOWERS


The Gematria Number is calculated by using your birth name and using the Calculator in the above link or here, I use my own Name as an example, (Calculator & Definition of the Destiny Expression Frequency Equation)to determine the Life Purpose Vibration of your name using the number equation linked to each alphabetical letter.  Letters carry a Vibration/Energy.  A-Z or 1-26.    I oddly have both an (11) master number in my Birthday and my Name.  ALAN FOUNTAIN = 128 which when added (1+2+8) = (11)  This is not about Ego or trying to boast but truly the personal journey of discovery to know who you are and fulfill your Life Purpose Contract.  We all have our own unique radio station and frequency bandwidth just like our fingerprints in the physical world, our Gematria/Numerology Soul Energy Vibration is Unique to our Souls Essence.

This unusual Double Master Number Frequency Vibration 11:11 is likely why I recognized this Universal Language with Vibration & Frequency so strongly that I was able to quickly link world events that also carry this same Spiritually Intuitive Vibration.  When I read the news I’m not just comprehending words in the literal sense but I read the auric energy fields as a means to decipher higher consciousness Universal Truths.  As great Physicist, even Nicola Tesla proclaim the universe speaks energy and frequency.  The Universe is a mathematical equation more Trustworthy than The NY Times or Washington Post.  We all have our unique gifts coded in our DNA as an energy equation. The key is knowing how to cipher one’s own path & purpose as this energy formula can assist with self-discovery.  To thine own self be true.

Below, I share the uncanny major world events documented that also occurred on a Gematria Numerology (11:11) Date or By Harnessing this number sequence into Globally Important Executive Order Numbers or prominent World events. It has become quite obvious to me that the primary frequency linked to the Covert Operation to Free Earth from Cabal Deep State Enslavement is linked to the (11) Frequency. I will show its use going back 100 years to the End of World War 1 or Armistice Day ending this massive Loosh producing War and Marked to End on the Reboot date- November 11, 1918, @ 11am.  (11:11:11) It contains 3 11s which I discern to mean an event ordained by collective factions linked to (Heaven, Earth & Human).  This is the most powerful spiritual number in the frequency vibration equation.  It oddly seems to be linked to the Matrix when doing a Reset or Reboot with Major World Events.  Many persons who are part of the #WWG1WGA & Q movement where the military launched the largest ever declassified intel drop of military intelligence via a platform on 8chan & 4chan as a strategy to bypass the  Cabals Deep State influenced propaganda news.  The Now Trusted Patriot-News  QMAP INTEL DROPS   that replaced the Deep State – AP & Reuters who are tilted and biased to support the Deep State Politicians, Archons & Cabal.



To Review The Largest Ever Military Declassification Of Intelligence leaked to the Public for the Digital Soldiers Citizen Journalists in an effort to Unite God Loving Patriots to Protect the American Sovereignty from The HRC planned Coup to Launch the Luciferian NWO. 




After decades of Satanic cabal leadership that was spotted by president John F. Kennedy who vowed to expose the powers hell-bent on the destruction of America that he learned about during his presidency. Although we all discovered just how powerful the Satanic cabal had already become on that fateful day in Dallas, TX that stopped the world and sent shock waves across the globe when he was murdered for his threats against the powerful Khazarian Cabal. Watch this video on SGT Reports that begins at the 2-minute stamp to see and hear the story told by Joseph Masepos of the Qanon Plan to Save the World.


Joe Masepos or better known as Joe M. has been a consistent provider of content from which I can follow as many references to Universal Equations related to Sacred Geometry, Gematria, and other Mathematical elements inspired my understanding and Trust in his Discernment Skills plus I feel he has an insiders Ear to the Military and Secret Space Force overall Agenda & Mission.  Joe M on Twitter can be followed: @StormIsUponUs 


Coincidentally many Patriots, Light Workers, and Star Seeds began posting this 11:11 number on their profiles organically as it appears to be off earth Super Natural Intelligence coded in our DNA as a wake-up alarm clock that was programmed into our Subconscious via DNA for the ability to rapidly discern the advanced coding of the Qanon & Military Gematria Breadcrumbs on 8chan and We all came together mysteriously as a collective consciousness to Support the White Hat Alliance lift humanity from thousands of years of darkness under an Evil Luciferian Agenda.  The Deep State Cabal had an active plan to Manifest Mass Destruction prior to an NWO agenda where HRC would initiate WWIII  prior to the Launch of the Global One World Government. This event would have created a massive supply of Loosh Energy to Feed the Archons and negative entities.  We Patriots have pulled off a Surprise Attack collaborating with the White Hat Alliance against the Black Hat Evil Doers.  DARK to LIGHT. This massive collection of White Hats and USA Patriots came together both in the Ethereal and Physical Realms to take back the earth for GODS plan.



Tick Tock, Tick Tock Patriots! Below are 3 Global Events Linked to the Spiritual Warfare that has Been Playing Out Behind the Scenes in our Political Matrix where the God Frequency Alliance (White Hats) has Been in Battle with The Luciferian Frequency (Black Hats) in the War to Win Dominion of Earth and the Souls of its People.


52460293_10216792807966629_4782882779190788096_n (1)

Well, God & White Hat Alliance Won! Donald Trump announced this win in code when he sent out a Press Release announcing that we would have a Victory Parade in DC on November 11, 2018.  Nov(11) day(11) Year (2+0+1+8) = 11.  (11:11:11)   Trump Commandeered this Date as the official Reboot or Reset date of this Victory. See the Military and Trump are over a year ahead of Public Consciousness and Knew the War was won. Everything has Symbolism with Gematria/Numerology.  We just have a bit of House Keeping to do to explain it to the Public as most are injured by a History of Mind Control and Brainwashing through FAKE MEDIA. The Public Narratives are Over One Year Behind what those with Elevated and Heightened Intuition can Discern. The Psychiatric definition is in the below photo.



A short note to the persons who will and have gotten Angry after my articles and Posts. I understand this Anger as many of those who respond this way is due to innocent past conditioning through brainwashing. Although there is the exception as others know on a Conscious and Subconscious level they have defended evil as enablers. Many folks have participated in the Luciferian System by choice and agreement in exchange for the Secret Society Perks of Privilege and Money. Many convinced themselves God was not real. They convinced themselves that Greed was Good. Many turned against their own families to enable sex trafficking and pedophilia simply because it was the price of admission to play ball in Elite Circles.  Many thought Lucifer & HRC had won the election & therefore they better play along with the system to protect those around them. When you get angry and lash out we know it is partly due to Cognitive Dissonance and the Lucifer frequency not wanting to let go. This is a rare time with a window of opportunity to let go of that huge EGO (Easing God Out) and move towards Grace. Pain is Coming for the wicked. I know this is real as I have witnessed families harm their own for Greed. We are moving into a period where Quantum Consciousness will determine your privileges and your connections and bad deeds for the cabal will not get you favor.   Your Heart, Actions and Your Intentions will be what determines your success. Make peace with your loved ones if you have been defending Satan and the Leftist political Agenda to form the NWO.   





This War on Earth Ended and it was decided to take Place and halt the suffering of so many on 11/11/1918 @ 11 AM specifically … not at midnight or noon but at 11am due to symbolism and Synchronicity with (11:11:11)  This Number sequence seems to be Universal Code validating when Heaven, Earth & Humanity unite over the battle for Dominion of earth. It appears that this esoteric Number 11 is used as an Energy Marker during a Reset or Reboot in Spiritual Warfare. It seems Heaven had negotiated and Won a Cease Fire to halt the Suffering. 


I had been writing this article in my head and began to notice a pattern with the repetitions in my life encountering events, persons and paradigms vibrating at this resonance and it always seemed to be related to Spiritual Warfare where Lucifer and God were battling for the dominion of Earth. Everything in my Life centered around validating hidden Truths and the deceptions created in the media about President Trump.  The hard verifiable evidence through Executive Orders and my esoteric sensitivity to read energy all verified Trump was honorable and was brilliantly executing Trump Tzu Warfare to Drain the SWAMP with laser focus. We patriots who are all tuned into the same frequency was able to discern truths and could see through the Fake Media.  God and Higher Consciousness Wisdom had led us to a system of validation through our varying abilities to connect. We knew in our hearts, minds, and senses what was true and what was deception.

This is where Qanon became validation in the physical for those not fully able to read energy.   As I said one of my many daily prayers regarding when to write this article affirmed it was now.  I had asked for a sign from God or Higher consciousness if it was time to write the article on my research with the (11:11) frequency and how it united Patriots in the early launch of Qanon. See there is a huge number of Spiritually gifted Patriots who all connected from the moment the first Q- military breadcrumb drop hit collective consciousness on October 28, 2017, on 4chan & 8chan.  Coincidence or Intentional this is an (11) day for the first drop.  October (10) Month, 28th Day, (1+0+2+8) =  (11)  Another validating marker.

Well, I went to the movie theatre later that day as it is how I clear my mind. I went to see ‘They Shall Never Grow Old.”  it was a brilliant documentary on the End of WWI that the director and writer had remastered the over 100-year old original film to a better quality than first captured. The spirit of these soldiers illuminated the screen. It validated to me why this event resonated so prominently in this Battle between the Archons & Angels. Suffering needed to halt from these fake wars where a division had been manufactured by the Luciferians to Create wealth for the Military-Industrial Complex and the manufacturing of Loosh energy for their  Archon negative entities they worship through the Khazarian Mafia Network.  The Time Had Come.  The White Hat Representative Donald J. Trump had set the Event in Motion when he signed the most powerful Executive Order since JFK attempted his EO #11110 that led to Luciferian Black Hat Cabal retaliation by Gunfire that killed him for his Political Aspirations to Save Humanity from what he had discovered as President.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Trump signed (Likely the Most Poignant EO in history ever to Impact Humanity) the most powerful EO on December 21, 2017, that gave authority to seize all the assets of Persons engaged in Serious Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions.  This combined with a War Decree activating Military authority to fight Wars both Domestic and Foreign initiated due to the Chinese enabled Fentynal Opioid Epidemic. Link to OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM – GITMO.   We had a Sex/Human Trafficking, a Pedophilia, and an Illegal Organ Harvesting Pandemic enabled with the assistance of Leaders from the Corporate Industrial Complex & Global Key Politicians, and this Executive Power would be the tool to Bring Justice against the Wicked and Drain the SWAMP.  JFK previously validated the owners of the Federal Reserve and Central World Bank, The Rothschilds had devised a plan to enslave all Americans & world through the Babylonian Money magic Scheme of creating money from nothing.  When the masses eventually learn what the true history of America is since 1812 it will be quite disturbing to most although necessary to wake the public from their slumber.



I went to see the 100th Anniversary documentary of the End of WW1 that was declared an Armistice on 11/11/1918 @ 11am. When does coincidence stop being a coincidence and becomes God remaining Anonymous through external validations? Notice the theatre auditorium is #11 the Occupancy is 47 which is 4+7 =11 and the 11s in the photo. This was a double dose of Synchronicity with the Auditorium and the Subject of Documentary. The Documentary was They Shall Never Grow Old… stunning real footage 100 years old remastered to perfection.  I got My validation from this uncanny encounter that It was time to write this article.  






The Many Patriots Following the #WWG1WGA Movement revealing all the many Deep State Bad Deeds that were initiated against a Sovereign America inspired by the owners of the Federal Reserve a private Corporation Owned by the Rothschilds Family.  The Kennedy Family during and after the JFK presidency were marked for Death due to their Vow to expose and take down the Luciferian Rothschilds Family who used their Central Banking Operation to own the USA in a Collaboration with Britain.  Most did not know that the Rothschilds Family Controlled Most of the Globe through their Acquisitions of most financial systems by taking advantage of countries during the War Times. They would have their agents create chaos around the globe and pit countries against one another with false information. They would then ultimately end up financing both sides of wars hoping to force Countries into Bankruptcy like they did the USA. This event gave them power over the USA allowing the Khazarians to use the American citizens as Collateral against the War Debts. JFK uncovered this Con and vowed to end it which ultimately led to his death. What the public does not yet realize collectively is we have all been lied to by Central Bankers who had dominion over Education and had their history extracted from the Books around the Globe. When the world is in debt to you and you are evil then most all can be hidden. JFK was on to them. There has been a covert war taking place behind the scenes by a White Hat alliance operation ever since the Kennedy era that is unfolding by military precision to reverse the evils resulting from these lies to the public.

I will save the full history and truths for later.  The point is that the Military Operation to reclaim America from Britain is still in play as the Rothschilds and the Queen of England Conspired to Enslave Americans under their Rule for 200 years now. The USA is a Corporation that is Under Admiralty Law or Maritime Law indicated by the gold fringe on our flag. This Con against the Americans has gone on too long and Donald J. Trump is completing the task of JFK in freeing Americans from Luciferian Rothschilds, The Vatican, and Britain Control. This is why there is a common theme with the (11:11:11) vibration amongst these nations. This is what leads up to the final post below when I noticed the Visit to see the Queen by Trump happened on a Powerful Date for a reboot or reset which prompted me to notice the Queen Actually Surrendered to America for its History of deceptions and crimes. The American Bar Association is under the jurisdiction of Britain.  Well without going into full detail on these lies I just want to be on record as documenting according to Universal Communication that America has been returned to the Sovereign Nation that we thought we were 200 years ago. This deception will come out when the public can process this information.  ( As a side coincidence or on purpose the execution of John Kennedy was on 11/22/1963. A favorite Cabal Black Hat date for a signature of their event.  (11) month (22) day reduced to a double 11+ 11=22 becomes an 11:11:11 day for a cabal event. It seems the White Hats and Black Hats commandeer this powerful energy date for events when they seek revenge or attack.)





Ok, Food For Thought for All Those That Don’t Already Know This! Although England has been Secured after Trump went to London on July 13, 2018, and in a Public Ceremony of the Inspecting of the Guards, Queen Elizabeth Surrendered to Trump who is Now the Worlds Public Representative for the White Hat Alliance. Also, Queen Elizabeth held a subtle White pair of Gloves as a symbolic White Handkerchief Symbol, her gloves, when photographed with POTUS & FLOTUS in Buckingham Palace before the “Inspection/Surrender” Ceremony.

In 2013 I was being Contacted by Menacing Looking Mercenary Persons on LinkedIn whos Professional Profile Claimed they were Protective Detail for the Crown.(Mercenaries?) This Same Massive Guy Showed up at my Deep-State Owned BLDG in Atlanta in 2015 a few nights before my Assault took place that was likely some esoteric ritual MK ultra type attempt at programming that failed. He was riding a motorcycle that looked like one from a James Bond  Film. I could not at the Time figure out Why the Crown Cared If I outed Pedophile Rings in Georgia, USA. But 5 Years Later and being stalked by Mercenaries, being Handled by a bunch of 3 letter Agencies it all began to make sense. Also, I could not Understand Why The Vatican Sent A Canon Lawyer Priest from within the Vatican to Observe Public Meetings I attended Attempting to Change Laws to Expose Predators in GA. In my research, he was there to see who in advocacy was a threat to exposing pedophiles. My life got more dangerous after this meeting at Emory University. (It All Now Makes Sense)

It only subsided after Trump was elected and had been in office for 17 months. Around June 2018 was the last Illuminati Black Tinted Auto Windows Stalker Cars who followed Me everywhere for intimidation. If I were indoors and my cell phone began acting funny or appeared to be hacked I could walk outside and see these cars who were manually operating my phone by tapping into the same WiFi system I was logged into. It appeared they needed to be close enough to detect a signal to steal my information.  I saw a pattern with Deep State Handlers being provided these Company Cars that had the illegal dark tinted windows that prevented identifying the driver.  They knew that if I came forward and publicly said I’m being followed by strange cars it would support their alternate Agenda which was to create a narrative that I was Paranoid and suffering from a “Paranoid Personality Disorder.”  By achieving this goal it covered the Deep State Handlers in that all I said would be discounted as evidence when I exposed the attempts of using MK Ultra Mind Control that failed. My mind was too strong. It pissed them off so they tortured me more and more hoping to break my mind so the MK Ultra Programming could take.  TEAM TRUMP is TEAM HUMAN RIGHTS!


This Shifting of Power Where The Queen Surrenders and moves from The Center Position and President Trump Takes the Power Position in the Center. (When You watch the live video (below) you can sense the Queen is wearing an Ear Piece for being told When to Move, Precision Timing)

This Happens Just like the Armistice Did After World War 1 Ended on 11/11/1918 @11:00am. (11:11:11)

This Meeting Took Place on 7/13/ 2018 @ 5:06PM which in Gematria Numerology is also a Series of 11:11:11 RESET
Here is the Calculation. 7+(1+ 3) = 11 Now the Year 2+0+1+8=11 Now the Time is exactly at 5:06PM 5+6= 11
COINCIDENCE YOU SAY! No Coincidences during Earth Wide Events. (11:11:11)


Live CNN Video of the Complete Symbolic “Changing of Power” reported as Trump joining her for the Inspection of the Guard: (5mins)    CNN Coverage Of The Surrender Ceremony reported as Changing of the Guard.




Patriots, I wanted to share what I have discerned through the Synchronicity Patterns and a Theme Where I have both learned and Discerned The Qanon Movement is real and there are tangible events taking place around the Globe to Free Humanity from the Pedophilia Blackmail & Bribery system that has been in place for Hundreds of Years. Humanity Owes The Trump Family a Great Deal of Gratitude for the sacrifices they have made to step up to the plate.  The world is in Transition and I want to encourage all to see the themes of success that I am able to see by utilizing other senses outside of MSM narratives. Join me in thinking positively and elevate your reality away from fear.  President Trump, Qanon, and The White Hat Alliance, The Secret Space Force and our Entire Military have Got this!  You Can see Q validates the secret connection to (11:11) as it was placed in the official Q collage of words and phrases in the Below Q Meme!


The End


5 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 11:11 – The Meaning of 1111 

Did you just see 11:11?  You were guided here to find out about the 1111 meaning.

Some believe that the actual meaning of 11:11 is a number sign that angelic beings are close by. They come with love and protection, and they want to bring you clarity and guidance. So when you see 11:11, trust that it’s an angel message for you to decode.



Companion article providing an Overview of The Trump & Military Operation to Drain The DC Swamp. The Operation includes the Forced resignations of over 7,800 compromised leaders from the Corporate Industrial Complex, The 105 Executive Orders, The Federal & Miltary Orchestrated Indictments- ( 96,262 SEALED | 9,549 UNSEALED | 209,342 NON-SEALED.)


Link To Article:

What Does a DC Political Swamp Draining Look Like?



*** AF ***


My Contact Links are here: Articles:

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Private Blog page about my pedophile crimes in Thomaston, GA:

PSA for (  My Personal Page on Website:

A Full Story of the Cautionary Tale featured in detail on a GoFundMe page used to inspire support for Medical & Legal Campaign as my journey is totally a self-funded mission:

Pay Pal Link For Contributions to Support Mission: ALAN FOUNTAIN ADVOCATE 



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40 thoughts on “The Great Awakening and the Esoteric Use of the Gematria/Numerology Codes 11:11 & 11 During a DC SWAMP Draining. Q Math?

      • I have stories boy oh boy about 11:11 in my life. My intuition sounds a lot like your whole articles^^ you just affirmed everything!!1 love 1 light Lightworkers Unite! Come by my private fb page 11:11 Friends started about 9 years ago. I just shred your article to my / our Family!


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Incredible and so wonderful to learn! Thank you for remaining safe and strong to receive the fruit of your dangerous commitment to safe the children/women and reporting all the success for us to know and share. Praise God for the deliverance of evil on the planet!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oops, I think I gave a wrong email address?
    Reposted: Wow! Wow! Wow! Incredible and so wonderful to learn! Thank you for remaining safe and strong to receive the fruit of your dangerous commitment to safe the children/women and reporting all the success for us to know and share. Praise God for the deliverance of evil on the planet!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. You have no idea how exactly right you are.

    Your new King was born on the 11’s. His Son as well.

    Chances of that happening by random….Over a Trillion, Billion to One.

    You are going to be jumping through the roof when you learn the news.

    How right you were!! Q is always around. At least in spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Alfred. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. How may I connect with you or follow your social media. Although I sense I have knowledge not commonly observed I still am learning how and why. Im pretty comfortable in learning that as an old soul Im told Im linked to source family. When presumed masters of metaphysics reveal these things to you it is overwhelming transitioning to a new paradigm and reality in your 50s. Truly blessed to hear from you. Blessings, Alan


    • Alright I know it’s all true but can somebody reach out and clue me in on what the heck I’m supposed to do with all this. Super grateful to be in the know for 8 years. Super frustrating to meander around wondering what I’m doing till whatever happens happens.


      • You continue to live your life as authentically as possible and when the universe inspires you to learn new truths either chose to embrace this journey or not. Everything is a choice. Either the mystery of the road less traveled or the predictable manufactured reality.


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  6. Alan God bless you we have chatted once before but I have followed and shared your work along the way I have so many things I would love to share with you if u will pray on it as will I . I already have my God feeling “gut feeling” I will be hearing from u from the energy I feel writing this God bless u keep up the good work I trust u will be able to get ahold of me WWG1WGA 11:11:11


  7. I was just searching the word Gematria and Q to see what came up. I am amazed. My head is spinning. I have been reading for over an hour, maybe longer. I will definitely be sending a donation your way. I wrote down all your info. Great work. God bless. Evelyn

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  8. Hi great read! I too have been seeing 11:11 for about 5 yrs. I even use it as my ID name on YouTube. I’ve had numerology done and I too have a birthday that = 11 (3-19-1978) and my full name = 11! I thought it was strange to find this out after seeing 11:11 for yrs. This number kept me searching and digging for answers. I do think I’m gifted on reading BS. I see a lot more clearer than most people. I’m glad To have come across your article. I also searched the Bible, Strongs and lastly, I started researching gematria. So interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome to the Truth dear Wanda. Trust that gift of discernment. Embrace your empathic abilities as the higher vibration frequency will keep the ego in check. We often don’t realize our abilities due to our humility. Own your gifts and use to manifest joy & prosperity for yourself and share with the disenfranchised and struggling. Thank you for sharing your history. God Bless! Alan


  9. Hello Alan.
    Came across your profile on fb not too long ago and I followed you, this is another great read and I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge also congratulate you on the great work you’re doing. I have been red-pilled so to speak 20 years now and been seeing 11:11 (other combinations as well. 1:11, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, etc.) for about 10 years and sort of had a clue that it had to do with my awakening but not a solid thought. I will make sure to support you. keep up

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Alan,
        The timing of this article is truly uncanny. It absolutely parallels what is happening today February 27, 2021. You have a beautiful ability to explain the very complex into easily understood concepts. The timing for this info could not be more perfect. I am sure there is a “ kid” named Juan out there who knows this info to be true. Thank you for helping to spread this information far and wide.


      • Hello Wendy have you heard Juan O speak on this topic because if so I sure would love to hear his perspective. Thank you for your generosity of spirit with the compliment. There are so many out there ridiculing me and those who think like me so I’m grateful for the kind words!! All my best. Alan


  10. Hi Alan,
    Great Information, have read through all of your info now, came “upon” your site by ” accident” whilst doing my research to confirm earlier information. I am grateful for this.
    I have been looking at numerology, Sacred Geometry and many other connected modalities since the mid 80s, numerology even before than , my youngest son was born on the 11/11/1977 at 11min after 11pm! My first contact with 11/11 , since then my exploration started and still continues. Finding all you have compiled helped me to confirm and connect my final dots( so to speak) From 77 on I continued to look for answers, no IT back the just books and “new age workshops that connected me to my interests and topics. I purchased David Icke’s first book , after this I could not get enough. When I retired from my work as a Front Line Child Protection worker, in The NT and remote Indigenous Communities in West Australia and the NT. I despaired this current time would not happen in my lifetime, whilst in India I had learnt this would be my last incarnation. (1991).long story short I am supper excited and Happy, also great sadness at the true horror, as I can say I was not surprised but the leval of the depravity is at times heavy.
    I applaud you and all you have been through, I in turn am greatfull for all my lifes lessons even though going through it the pain at times to much to bear.
    Much Blessings to you and the work you do .
    Ria 🙏🙏🙏💜💜🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you DO a for sharing your amazing connection. What a ride it is to be awake during this paradigm shift. We all need each other in this sea of darkness shared so abundantly by the Dark STATE and their enablers. My Facebook is down buy on other Platforms so subscribe here so maybe we can stay in touch. Alan


  11. Thank you my lightworker Brother . I was very Happy and enlightened to read your article . I came upon it by Divine direction . My life path number is 11 and my name is a 22 . My death and rebirth number is 33 . . We are all born with Spiritual gifts on this journey . I have died numerous times on this life path and came back to share esoteric Knowledge hidden from mankind . . My first death was due to a shooting . A stalker shot me 4 times with a 45 caliber handgun with Hollowpoint point bullets. The bullets entry points were both legs , arm .back and stomach . Upon Bone impact I ended up with 13 bullet holes in my 105 lb body frame . ( My avatar form ) , but you would never know I have been shot by looking at me . As I said we all come with higher power spiritual gifts . The numbers you see 11/11/11 are from the Divine . If you ever get the chance I have made You- tube videos describing my journey . My Channel is “
    Four Points of Life “. For Christ was depicted as hanging on the cross of Four points and I was shot with Four points ( hollow points ) . Christ Consciousness is inside every soul . Waiting to be Awakened . Have a Great Day my Friend and I hope we get a chance to talk one day for I am interested in all that you have to say … Meg .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Meg. Thank you for sharing your journey as these synchronicity markers are fascinating experiences that connect our physicality with our higher consciousness. Great days ahead just impatient as many. Ready to transmute this dark energy and get on the bliss and joy! Alan


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  15. Alan, I have to say this is a great article! I’ll be passing it on. You are such a Blessing to people that follow you, I sure hope you know that! It’s very hard trying to lovingly reach out to family and friends. They all thing I’m mad as a hatter! I will not back down. They must understand I was thinking back to the day when someone sent me a you tube video about Q. I was instantly taken bake by it all and right away GOD gave me discernment. I knew everything I had just heard was true. No doubt at all. I was thrown into a whirlwind and actually had to drive to the beach and walk on the sand to clear our my head. I started searching like mad and sharing what I knew was true. I am so thankful for that day! You have been my guide through it all. Thank you for your time and effort!
    Now then, I did my numbers and they are birthdate was 10 so a 1 right? Then my name was 157 or 4 right? Now how do I find out where my life path takes me? I see the list of all the same numbers of 157 but what does that mean in relation to myself? I will def be studying this next.
    Blessings always,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Cindy! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and allowing me to be a part of it! Google NUMEROLOGY life path # 1 and see what links pop up….or you tube lessons…. You will instinctively be guided to which teaching tools resonate. My email is if you have additional questions!!! God bless …Alan


  16. Hell is living in a country where,
    People are willing ignorant..
    It’s hard to believe so many turn a blind eye and ear..
    To the crys of the Children..
    Or to be told that’s all a CONSPIRACY,
    while Ghislane maxwell is on trial..
    It’s been hard to sleep ever since my discovery of the Q board..
    And it’s been one long journey..
    I’ve learned so much..
    In Jr high and High school ,
    I had learning disabilitys..
    I had difficulty retaining Information…
    Not to mention I was hyperactive and had the worst temper..
    That led to many problems in the school systems ..
    Now, ever since..
    I’ve been watching the message board..
    I’ve been able to remember things and repeat them almost flawlessly..
    I have been following the Great awaking since the fall of 2017..
    I have accepted the Digital soldiers oath..
    And have been proudly redpilling everybody who will listen..
    I plan to start making videos soon, but because of my
    Inability to shut my mouth..
    I have become a target on social media by big tech..
    My fake Mook account recently was shut down inadvertently by making the app non compliant .
    I have had phones hacked and destroyed ..
    Coincidentally right after I contacted Robert Beatles to have my county audited..
    I have had,
    Information purposely lost by big tech to keep Me quite..
    By locking me out of my Google account and email..
    All to no avail..
    I will never give up..
    Old school IrishAmerican !!
    Thank you for this read.
    I needed the refresher..
    I hope to use some of it for reference when..
    I write my Book ..
    Happy New Year frens.
    WWG1WGA 🇺🇸⚖


  17. Alan

    As your a very busy gentleman I won’t take up to much of your time. Humanity will forever be indebted to you.

    So thank you for all that you do.


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