The Devil Went Down to Georgia ….. to Help Child Molesters Avoid Justice?


By Alan Fountain – Daily Decodes on Facebook page.

“The devil went down to Georgia –He was lookin’ for a soul to steal — He was in a bind’ — Cause he was way behind –And he was willin’ to make a deal ——-” Charlie Daniels

(This article was written June 2019 but never published until June/2020 & very relevant to the current covert military operation taking place documentIng Deep State  corruption in the Pedo Bribery/Blackmail System. This is being expanded with updated data very soon.)

It’s been Almost a year since I met a lovely and feisty Radio Talk Show Host named Monica Matthews who has a weekly Sunday Morning talk radio show that is broadcast across Georgia and a web podcast in Atlanta, GA. I was living in Florida at an Oceanside retreat and Healing community while recovering from having been tortured by the Deep State Operations that protects the Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking $500 Billion Annual Cabal.  Surprisingly, I got a text from an Atlanta advocate in my Bristlecone Project brother network who heard it announced that the Hidden Predator Act Legislative Bill Sponsor would be appearing in a live Sunday Morning Drive time interview. Within one hour I had arranged to be a surprise rebuttal to his Gaslighting lies just after he was interviewed. I nor the host could have predicted what was about to transpire. It was God intervening.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he hung up the phone and heard my name announced across the radio as a last second guest. These Politician Gaslighters thought I had been sufficiently handled by their Deep State Lobbyist handlers and was down and incapacitated in a Psychiatric recovery center after covert Psychological torture. Well they nor I realized the forces they   were up against as to my resilience or God blessed resolve.

This RINO Legislator ultimately after this exposure became toxic uranium to other members in the GA legislature as they were complicit in the Gas lighting and he was no longer my problem as they now had to distance themselves from him which happened rather swiftly. If I had to guess he was now the victim of a Fixer  Containment Operation on a smaller scale than what I had experienced. In the updated version coming soon I will share how he became the hit job of a Sacha Barron Cohen Humiliation scetch on National television where the Deep State programmed him to Say the “N” word while running with his bare ass out running from mock terrorists, these are the hit jobs the Cabal does to  their toss aways to be punished with optics that make them undesirable political candidates. This is the link to my radio broadcast that helped lead to his untimely departure from politics.

(Tap on Download Link opens Broadcast to Listen)



In My Opinion, and observations – “Deep-State Fraud and conflicts of Interest” (Fake Advocates & Non-Profit Networks were covertly designed for the express purpose of Betraying & Gaslighting the Public Trust to allow Sexual Predators Free unobstructed Reign Globally.)

This is the Dysfunctional GA legislature that was Controlled & Puppets of the Cabal who orchestrated a phony Scripted Team of Crisis Actors as the cast members in the Kabuki Cabal Theatre that centered around legislation related to the Pedophilia Pandemic. This group of Predator Enablers do not negotiate with Advocates & Activists and have rational negotiations and dialogue they just Murder or MK Ultra those who get in the way.

(It’s not fair to Blame the Problem on One Particular political party even though RINO Republicans were leading this House Bill as Both Parties in Establishment Politics are Puppets of the Vatican & The Khazarian Mafia. This Controversial GA Legislator & Speaker of the House, David Ralston featured in the Below protest by Monica Matthews  just happens to be a Republican as both parties are Guilty and Compromised. In Fact, the DNC is so compromised for their role in the 2016 Presidential Elections staging a failed Cou de Tat against President Trump that no one can assign corruption blame to one Single Party. What I can say is that the TRUMPLICANS are a new breed of Public Servants with a truly Humanitarian and pro-American Mission. Trump being elected in 2016 literally saved my life as I was slowly being tortured to death and his policies and actions freed me from constant assaults by adversary forces. )

I use to talk respectfully and perform diplomatically as an Advocate/Activist and it made no difference in performance results as they, The GA Legislature are Half  Good ol Boys and Half Masonic- Demonic Illumi-donkey.  (Many Exceptions do apply but for now let’s let this undiplomatic opinion resonate,  although sadly the good ones have no power & are under duress. In all fairness, I could discern many appeared terrified especially after the Deep State murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer in 2010 for her relentless advocacy role attempting to protect the kids in the CPS Foster Care System.)


The HIDDEN PREDATOR ACT SENATE JUDICIARY HEARING ON REFORMING STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on Childhood Molestations. This Weak Law is Responsible for Aiding and Abetting Predators and also Helping the Predator Enabling Legislators to Acquire their Campaign Donations from the Lobbyist who Protects the Khazarian Mafia & The Vatican. April 2015

11053431_10205671060809901_996526631292315155_o (1)

My Half flippant & Half Serious comment above regarding demonic references comes to mind during this event during my 2015 Senate Judiciary Testimony for the Hearings for the Hidden Predator Act. I was the last to Testify this day and was seated in the first row left facing the Senate Committee. I was representing myself and my GA FAMILIES for JUSTICE organization as an authentic independent & uncompromised Advocacy/Activist Organization and spoke honestly off script unlike the Deep State Funded Advocate Agencies who were in on the Deep State Scripted Narratives. I was an Outsider and Very Much an Infiltrator. I did get my chance even after Lobbyist attempted on many occasions to erase my name from the list, I insisted on speaking and getting on record. The Committee Chairman Senator McKoon did show respect and gave sincere eye contact during my testimony while for the first time during this preceding the entire Senate Committee photographed here began a loud hissing throughout my testimony, not an ordinary Spirited English Parliamentary type protest but a full blown totally disrespectful loud demonic hissing sound. Less than a week later on April 9, 2015, was the staged Deep State presumed Lobbyist Organized staged Drug Overdose that I have written about in my Blog posts. I hold the GA Legislature and GA Governing Institution responsible for allowing a Lobbyist Mercenary Operation to Torture Me for participating in the Democratic process in GA where a team of 35 plus operatives attempted an MK ULTRA ritual on me after I fled my building just seconds before a staged Drug Overdose. This is the Link Where I Describe in a Summary of My Nights Events in a FB Post Where Myself and other Advocates Questioned Why GA was the only State not publishing DATA on the SEALED INDICTMENTS originating from the Covert Swamp Draining Military Operation.
(Inserted update 10/9/2018 describing the torturous events to me on 4/9/2015 in a summary about GA indictments)


The Trump Administrations Report Card on Human Trafficking Arrests as of 9/1/2018 (4,119 children rescued from an industry with only a 7-year life expectancy of victims.)

40751266_10215667580556647_4290204950362849280_n (1)

I do feel like things could likely be changing with Gov Brian Kemp now at the Helm as I feel he understands the mandates from TRUMP on the “No Deals on Child Rape Crimes and Sex Trafficking” during this SWAMP Draining Operation. You See Stacy Abrams was my very first contact and in-person meeting where she guided me or led me to meet other Legislators during my SOL legislation reforms advocacy. Just a Heads up as to why I voted for Gov (R) Brian Kemp and not (D) Stacey Abrams for GA Governor? When one gets tortured after a failed & faked Drug Overdose as a suiciding less than 3 months after meeting Stacey Abrams to support your journey with Democracy it speaks loud and clear. RUN! Trump signed the Executive Order “Blocking the Prosperity” of Offenders and their Operations by the 12/21/2017 Executive Order by to seize the assets of those persons engaged in Serious Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions.



My Newly Revived Hope for GA is due to Ivanka Trump networking with First Lady of GA Marty Kemp on Eradicating the GA Sex Trafficking Epidemic. Many Americans Don’t yet realize the behind the scenes efforts by the Trump Administration to tackle this Humanitarian Crisis. I have been researching and reporting outside of the FAKE MEDIA on the Trump mandates.


GA is rated the 5th Worst State in the USA for legislation Policy & protection Laws for sexual crime risks to minors. They are or were masters of gaslighting the public with their huge networks of Fake Media all conveniently based in Atlanta. The Deep State Secret Society Occult GA Guidestones was built here in Elberton, GA as well as the very First ever USA Bilderberg Meeting in the 50s during the Eisenhower administration. (Many proclaim GA has the powerful Ley lines to assist with Masonic Secret Society Occult Baal & Moloch Worship to gain Satan’s Power for their Agendas.)

I love GA and want to see it thrive but without making it the next Hollywood Pedophile Safe Haven for the Abortion Hungry Luciferians. This Controversy with David Ralston Speaker of the House using his law firm to protect pedophiles fits the narrative and gaslighting routines that I experienced in between the murder and torture rituals by well-paid Lobbyist and a team of handlers. (These Handlers spend years gaining your Trust and devotion as your friends and confidants and it is quite a betrayal when you learn you have paid for their vacation homes by allowing them to be your friends. The handlers could easily be Blackmailed or Bribed as they all do equally as well with their incentives packages. They come into your life using what the CIA calls a Bump, which means they make you think you initiated the friendships.)

Let’s all send prayers to GA to Continue cleaning out the Legislature for starters and pray for Speaker Ralston to resign or be removed. I was one of the loud mouths that exposed 2 sinister Legislators that have now been forced out of the GA legislature that I exposed covering up child crimes although pretending to be child-friendly. Children should not be Bargaining chips for political gain moving up the hierarchy. (It has not been that long, 2015 since DC Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert was sent to jail for Financial Crimes related to paying Hush money to a Victim.)

Below I covered the truthful events of Predator Politics & legislation on my Blog going Back to 2013 prior to the first stages of the Fake Hidden Predator Act legislation and thankfully now a failed defunct Law. After the bad press, it morphed into being known as the Child Victims Act but thankfully it too failed. In the second link below is the BIO link that has the live radio interview where I was a surprise guest in a joint interview that exposed the lies being told by the Bill Sponsor Jason Spencer. Fortunately for kids after this interview, it seems his career in the legislature ended whether due to me or not it was exposed. History and Background of my 5-year Advocacy Journey in GA including the Controversial Radio Interview where I outed the Now Disgraced GA Rep. Bill Sponsor since removed from the GA Legislature.

There is measurable evidence over the last 2 years documenting the indictments and extermination of these Archon inspired political Puppets who have either flipped and or repented to Military Grand Juries. They are now assisting with The Plan to Restore America back to the Sovereign Democratic Republic ending its Hidden History as a Corporation under British & Vatican control due to the War Debt Bankruptcy By Rothschilds Central Banks in 1812. If interested in my recent Article Documenting this Bankruptcy and How it Led to the Successful Diplomacy between Britain & The USA after TRUMP negotiated a Surrender by the Crown and gracefully restored an Alliance and Sparing Public Disgrace to the Royal Family. The Trump Family Representing the USA during the June 2019 Visit to Britain embraced the Royal family in order to repair Diplomatic tensions after the failed Coup by Britain & the DNC. AMERICA’S REAL HISTORY OF DEBT SLAVERY, BANKRUPTCY AND ADMIRALTY MARITIME LAW

Trump team negotiated a Surrender by the Crown in July 2018. (This is why Trump is the Honored Guest to the Royal family as they are Grateful he is allowing them to save face and remain on symbolically after their failed Coup orchestrated through a DNC and British Privy Council Collusion.)


Link to Podcast Article by Monica Matthews on Speaker David Ralston and the GA Foxes Guarding the Hen Houses. Monica Matthews is the Radio Show Host that interviewed me when I was the surprise Guest during a live Sunday morning Broadcast where I outed the Fraud behind the Hidden Predator Act. My interview hopefully helped to inspire the Removal of The Hidden Predator Act Bill Sponsor former Camden County Representative Jason Spencer.

The Fox Guarding The Hen House- Ralston Must Go, GA Gen Assembly Willfully Failing Victims- Special Call To Action- WSB Radio


Excerpt from Podcast WSB Monica Matthews Article Intro on the Podcast About the GA Legislature & Speaker David Ralston:

I sat with tears streaming from my face. Very public tears of shame, fear and underlying anger that followed me my entire life. Emotionless faces of men and women who were there to determine the fate of those just like me. Those whose voices were silenced in the darkest recesses of their souls. Those whose voices were muffled and silenced in the hands of those entrusted to care for them, to protect them. The men and women charged with protecting innocence who chose to follow a demonic need. The need to take what was not theirs to take.

Child molestation is a life long obstacle. I say this not as a perpetual victim seeking retribution, Christ is actively healing those places man attempted to destroy in my own soul. Scientifically, it is empirically without objection that recovering ground is not so easy.

Mental and emotional changes occur in the being of a child who has been sacrificed at the altar of lust. The testimonies of the parents and victims who shared the microphone space with me last year in support of HB605 would all say the same thing, their souls were robbed and some murdered.” Continued in the above Link – Monica Matthews 





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