America’s REAL HISTORY of Debt Slavery, Bankruptcy and Admiralty Maritime Law – American Digital News

By Alan Fountain

Before Or After reading the Contents in the below Article Link it is most beneficial to watch this video entitled War Castle by a USA Military Army Intelligence officer who discloses the largest breach to national security in American History that led to reversing the American Revolution and returning America back to British Rule but installing Puppet Presidents to betray its citizens. Trump stole our country back in a Sun Tzu Silent Military Operation.


The Forced Surrender of Queen Elizabeth on July 13, 2018, at 5:06 PM. – an (11:11:11) Reset Frequency Marker.


Featured Main Article:



Prince Harry Was the First to be Exiled from the Monarchy likely due to the allegations and implications in the below photo.


Trump Is Now in the Center Power Position and Has Resumed Control of the 3 Empire City States which are DC -USA (Military), London (Financial), and Vatican City (Religion). The above video explains in full detail the reality of the 3 Empire City States as a Ruling Power ever since America was forced into Bankruptcy .

The Royal Crest Has Been Removed from the Gates of Buckingham Palace and the Windows lined with Tiffany Blue Shades. The Queen was temporarily provided dignity to go into exile under the cover of Covid- 19 pending her Military Tribunal fate that may have already transpired.

Below is the Decode and Explaination of the Satanic Symbolisms linked to the Royal Crest.

The Queen Listening Closely to her Ear Piece advising her when to slip over and allow Trump to Stand Under the Sovereigns Crest signifying her public surrender at exactly 5:06 PM. You can read my article on the Great Awakening which explains the significance to the particular date & time for her reset Surrender. Link to Great Awakening Article:



The Below Article Offers an Alternative Excuse as to Why the Queen Will Not Be Returning to Buckingham Palace. Critical Thinking Analysts & Digital Soldiers Know the Fake Media continues to spin the Cabal friendly Narratives.

History will reveal Cv19 was an interrupted bioweapon where Trump White Hats Pivoted and utilized the Deep State cv19 PSYOP to run a Military Counter Operation Simultaneously while the public was safely at home social distancing. The Lockdowns assisted the White Hats activate OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM GITMO to return power to those leaders with the interest & well being of humanity at large returning to a fair & balanced judicial system that had been rigged for a century.


Duplicate Link to Great Awakening Article that Concludes with Surrender of Queen Elizabeth I I and Validates the Esoteric Formulas utilized for communication through symbolism and historical tradition among the most powerful families of Earth. The Geopolitical Language among the Elite is different terminology than what is known by the General population or Debt & Tax Slaves.



Cover Photo:

Stay Tuned Until After The Election To Learn of The Public Announcement of the End of the Windsor Succession.


Alan Fountain

7 thoughts on “America’s REAL HISTORY of Debt Slavery, Bankruptcy and Admiralty Maritime Law – American Digital News

  1. Thank GOD, Trump, QAnon, and all of the people who research and share their knowledge. I will be so much happier knowing that my son and daughter and their loved ones will be able live in a world without the web of LIES!


  2. My heart is full and am in grateful tears to our most wonderful creator for allowing me to be here to help Qwake the world.
    Thank you all for all you’ve done and continue to do.
    Deepest of gratitude especially for those who’ve lost their very lives in so worthy a cause.
    God has heard our pleas and blessed us with a trump card. Amen🙏🏻


  3. Yes, we need insight, desernment.
    Let us give the credit to God.
    Not a man, that is where all People
    And Nations , have gone down.
    We understand God does His work
    Through the hands of men.
    All Glory and Honor be to HIM.


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