Why I Became a Trump-lican after Unwittingly Voting Democrat in 2016! “It’s The Kids Stupid”

By Alan Fountain

Trump arrested 6000 traffickers & pedophiles by Early 2018. (A campaign and platform goal that has been ongoing)

This was Early in 2018 when I was calculating the preliminary economic impact savings to victims of pedophilia for lost wages and medical bills for therapy. (The economic impact to the social Service System per victim is far greater.)

( $220,000.00) is the Minimum economic impact to a victim after a molestation or after rescued from trafficking.

This Statistic is out of pocket direct loss to victims from trauma imprint … this is lowest calculation impact to their quality of life where funds are redirected to pay bare minimum for recovery needs.

This calculation was the lowest case scenario as many victims costs are much greater. Mine was calculated at over $2,500,000.00 plus in lost wages & $750,000 plus in medical bills to pay for my proactive clinical healing journey. ( I was molested an estimated 364 times by a serial pedophile Judge, Farm league baseball Coach, Scout Master from age 9 to 16) The Pandemic is Real!

It’s Estimated Trumps Operation Saved $66 Billion Minimum for would be Survivors if not for these 6000 arrests! Thousands more have been arrested since this calculation and part of an unending future policy under the Trump Administration. ( By September 2018 the count of arrested offenders was over 10,000 child rapists and steadily rising every month since.)

To Read the many staggering statistics related to child molestation crimes visit this link on Yellow Dyno has been a reference for my writings:


Articles on Predator Pandemic & Military operation to win the War.

Advocate Bio: http://www.about.me/alanfountain

Extended Bio: http://www.gf4justice.com/about

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Over 400k Children Go Missing from USA Annually Presumed for Trafficking Crimes!
Bio Links: http://www.gf4justice.com/about & Social Media: http://www.about.me/AlanFountain


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There has been as of 8/15/2020 over 3,138 arresting events of multiple persons per event and allegedly Many Thousands of RICO Act Indictments.

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