The Great Awakening & Spiritual Ascension of Humanity Being Activated By The 11:11 Synchronicity Markers to Awake & Elevate Earth to a 5D Consciousness Reality.

April 14, 2020 – Facebook BLOG Post – By Alan Fountain

Synchronicity Markers linked throughout the Current Spiritual Ascension known as the Great Awakening that Humanity is now experiencing that is masked behind the Current Chaos & Confusion known as a Covid-19 Global Quarantine Movie & Simulation. One has to take pause and ask themselves what else could possibly be taking place in a Reality where the Most Powerful Public World Leader on Earth constantly informs the World that the Media is Fake.

Therefore armed with this declaration what else could be taking place masked behind this slight of Hand that the uninformed are Questioning that this Apocalypse of Doom or is it Truly The Great Awakening of Humanity now lifting the Veil on the Sinister Agendas of the Dark Ones while Freeing Humanity to Embrace our Entitled Freedoms finally from this Luciferian Enslaved Illumi-donkey Prison Planet. Could this be the End to this Once Archon Ruled System. This Article on Recognizing the Spiritual Synchronicity Markers that Validate We are Quickly Ascending to an Earth Realm where higher Consciousness Principles and Practices in conjunction with the Greatest Ever Military Operation to Free Humanity is in Full Effect. THE SILENT WAR is Not So Silent Anymore!


After Reading This Article and You are Not Convinced Great Things are Coming Then Time will Have to Be your Proving Ground: The Great Awakening and the Esoteric Use of the Gematria/Numerology Codes 11:11 & 11 During a DC SWAMP Draining. Q Math?…/the-great-awakening-and-the…/


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