Was Ellen Degeneres and Many Other Hollywood Celebrities Covertly Put on House Arrest to Detox from Adrenochrome & Confess Crimes to Humanity in 2020?


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Hey This Anon Post below makes Sense as it is in Code with how these Covert Military Stringers are rolling out in Code ii over 3 years. The Trump COVFEFE Tweets it Seems were Calculated Tweets as he first made this COVFEFE Tweets right after launch of Q in Oct 2017. ( The Fake Deep State Media were making Fun of Him in between their Assassination Attempts)

Link to a reminder article around the Covfefe Tweet controversy.



Could the COV part of COVFEFE be code for “COV”id-19 and the FEFE in that Post Stand for (Iron & Ferretin) as explained in first pink anon stringer below.

This would validate how back in 2017 Trump Knew 3 years in Advance how this Strategy would play out when the Sinister Celebrities Addicted to Adrenochrome would be Trapped & Willing to Flip on themselves and their celebrity Friends. Q also posted For Digital Soldiers to plan for Suicide Week.

Ellen Degeneres looks Miserable and Desperate as Hell in her Tweets and social media posts as many decoders post her symbolisms are attempts to get mercy. She is obviously in withdrawal or some form of Distress.


Before Dismissing Qanon as a Source of some of the circulation of this critical thinking research it’s important to read this article on Qanon and discern for yourself. Military General Explains Q intelligence.



BLOG on the Previous 3 Years of Documenting Events in Real Time with the Past Military Events supporting the MILITARY SWAMP DRAINING.


This Photo by many decoders brought attention to the military guard whose reflection appears in the window. The Digital Soldiers and Myself have many celebrity decodes of their strange Twitter posts in March 2020 during their house arrests.

This was during the house arrest of celebrities that was masked behind the covid 19 Psyop that military used to reverse game the intentions of CABAL to harm citizens & Christian conservatives. Hollywood is an arm of the Satanic CABAL of Deep STATE AGENDA.

Just use common sense to discern something is up when these wealthy celebrities like Oprah are best friends or cult associates with persons like Harvey Weinstein? The Apple does not fall far from the Tree!

The protected Truth to the Public who will only discover this expanded research behind the Benevolent Christ Consciousness Mission of the Light Warriors behind the TRUMP PRESIDENCY & WHITE HAT ALLIANCE who are shinning light on an evil hidden Luciferian system across the globe that enables and covers up our 8 million kids trafficked internationally around the world that is also behind the bio weapon Cov19. This will be handled diplomatically for the protection of democratic governments but this declassified military intelligence has been released for discerning souls to help transmute and expose these hidden esoteric truths masked behind the secret power systems that run earth. Pray & meditate on unitity for Humanity and that justice be given and mercy be shown if warranted to those entrapped into a system against their natural born will. This is a Covert Military Operation being Conducted by the forces and powers of God and his anointed Army of Light Warriors and Digital Soldiers against the war on information enslaving humanity.

This Movie is the Hidden Occult Hollywood path that told the world what they were doing using a secret elixir to stay young. They just neviner told the world how it involved torturing children before a sacrifice to Satan to get the elixir from their blood.
The Vril Ceremony know as the Eye of RA. ( why do those celebrities have a bruise in their left eye after induction into this cult)

Frazzledrip Crimes to Humanity covered by the 12/21/2017 Executive Order to Seize the Assets of all persons and institutions in collusion with Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, Adrenochrome Harvesting, Pedophile Ring Trafficking for Blackmail of Political Operatives.


Symbolism and Ornate Costuming all Paying Homage to this Secret Hollywood Elite Club.

Frazzledrip Sweatshirt with their occult logo meant only for their members to understand. The military made her wear it during her tweets after her house arrests before she was offered death or confession to turn in others. She chose to snitch on rest of Hollywood and continue acting out her life until public learns of her up coming military tribunal.


Disclaimer: This Information is for Entertainment purposes! Ok now that was my legal disclaimer prior to stating this is DECODING from Military Stringers provided to Digital Soldier Citizen ARMY who is now the media.


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This Video Appeared on another researchers Platform and don’t quite know what to think of as sure it was Satire? If not can’t imagine advertising to be arrested as adrenochrome dealer! –


The End

Additional updates on COVFEFE decodes:

The Multiple Meanings of COVFEFE

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25 thoughts on “Was Ellen Degeneres and Many Other Hollywood Celebrities Covertly Put on House Arrest to Detox from Adrenochrome & Confess Crimes to Humanity in 2020?

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      • Hey Alan. In the photo where it appears to be a military guy in the window reflection – it looks more like her reflection. It’s a sideways view of her right side. The hood of her sweatshirt matches up and so does her head shape and hairline…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey Megan many see a rifle outline although with shadows we can see what is supportive of our views … in spite of the unknown we do know she was taken into custody by other decodes and also public optics with her show closing down…. She took a clemency agreement for public optics to mitigate civil unrest


  3. How come No One mentioned her wife Portia leaving her during quarantine with the kid they adopted?
    I guarantee that they were not on the same page when this all was brought to light.


    • Lots of spouse’s have separated since this all started coming to light. People trying to “save themselves” and pretend like they weren’t apart of it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
      Weird Bill Clinton’s on his death bed now also…


  4. Mr Fountain sir.
    Its been quite some time since I’ve been able to read your updates. I was removed from Facebook and all devices have been consistently hacked. Thanks for all you do bro. Im so sorry your family can’t detach from the evil. Love the latest news.


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  7. I will never understand why it is taking so long. It’s agonizing living with your spouse who’s wide asleep and you can’t wake them up. I don’t relish a divorce at age 72, but….


    • i fully understand. Hold on until 3 months after 2024 election if you can. I trump does not make it mainstream news by then then we are all in a mess. but hopefully once on mainstream media it will bring people together of they can manage their egos


      • There will be no 2024 election. Trump is the current President and Commander in Chief and he will announce in 2023 how he kept his promise to drain the swamp. Military tribunals will become public in 2023.

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      • I use back up markers that are set timelines to indicate when powers can chsnge and they will change when he returns, many pivots and biblical realignments dictate timing but yes he is president but only God knows exact timing we just know its coming but i like your timeline best Christine!


      • I love your posts and what you’re doing for humanity. You’re one of the many people I follow on Telegram. I don’t understand backup markers and timelines. I guess I should study the Q boards more. What creates a timeline? I’m so confused.


      • A timeline can be in the esoteric meaning we are having multiple timelines of same people making different choices that are being manipulated by events to have a desired out come. This is complex yet has to do with looking glass technology. We have physical events and esoteric events occuring to align timelines to God favor.


    • I hear ya! My husband is deep asleep too and most of the people I’m my family. It’s quite challenging to talk about anything. Bob Iger came up yesterday in conversation with his mom and I blurt out “he’s a pedophile” My MIL was like where’s your proof. My husband started furiously texting me about how embarrassing that was 🙄 well, that’s the truth, they are all pedos on some scale.


      • Yes this is where we get into frustration as we will never know who in our own families really do know because they are secretly aware and groomed into secrecy. Many men were molested as children and shame cements them from the topic. They have been indoctrinated to avoid topic as it prevents career advancements. Not saying in your situation but speaking in statistics. Let go of urgency timeline as you are on the right side of history. This is a civilization change and major things will happen either between now and 2025.


  8. Funny thing is, I was molested as a child by a family member and he doesn’t know. So I think he just doesn’t think it’s possible that such evil exists 🥺 especially on such a massive scale. I know in my heart it is true, after I “woke up” in 2020 and found out about the pedophila problem and SRA, I asked God if it was true. That might I had a dream of the school I used to work at and the only food the children could get in the cafeteria was pizza. Some of them were upset and didn’t want it etc. it was a very vivid dream and God has given me dreams before. I am absolutely sure it was God confirming this for me.
    Thank you for all your research and all you do. God bless you ! (PS, my son’s name is also Allan 🥰😉)


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