You Are Watching A Movie Simulation Entitled: TRUMP TZU WARFARE & THE LIBERATION OF HUMANITY, from a Satanic Pedo Ring & Child Trafficking Death Cult.



I am now in my 25th Day of Facebook Censoring where I can not respond to any messages or posts on my page where I had a network of over 75K direct contacts and access to share my research. As you will see in this video below at the end of this article narrated by Charlie Freak using the videoaugraphy of Bonfire Guy’s Youtube Channel,…., It will become obvious after watching the video why I and others who report on the trafficking issues are heavily censored and under attack by the Globalist machine until Trump rescued us. I was being tortured repeatedly until the Special Ops Army of Norther Virginia Came to my rescue. Shortly after this soldier from Q team contacted me is when the illuminatti enforcers stopped stalking me. It seems Trump took down their 5 Eyes satellite systems and their demonic Cern colliders went dark from power. Trump literally saved me from horrific torture by the cabal for my attempts to bring awareness to the suffering of victims and survivors of the pedophilia pandemic by government and corporate satanists helping to launch the New World Order.

The below Facebook post shared to my Timeline by facebook friend Nickie which seems to be one of the glitches in the Facebook censoring algorithms is that I am able to post in my collections file, receive timeline shares to my page but no contact with my 75K plus followers on this one format. The Corrupt Social Media Platform Deep State owners of Google, You Tube, Facebook & Twitter all know they are about to be exposed by truth so they had to cut off the oxygen to the new media. Their strategy worked temporarily as it prevented me from my minimal steady flow of modest contributions to support my research and BLOG platform. This was a complete dry month of no survival donations which is their goal. If they cant get you to commit suicide by psychological torture then they starve you out and they pay your friends and family to abandon you. It is a well oiled machine.

On my BLOG I tell the story that Is now coming out on alternative media sites what I wrote over 2 years ago in my research decoding the Pedophile Rings Underbelly connected to politics after I firsthand witnessed corruption in the GA Legislature as they and the Atlanta Media Gaslighted the public pretending to pass laws to help pedophile ring survivors that actually protected the pedophiles and their Global Power machine that TRUMP just dismantled. This is why they hate TRUMP and all the Democrat Supporters are unaware they are supporting Corruption.

My BLOG & article Spiritual Warfare or Just Dirty Politics,, covers the November 2017 arrests of the Saudi Arabian Princes who were behind the Saudi Deep State Cabal. See we have Good Guys and Bad Guys across our world governments or what in geopolitics is known as The White Hats -Vs- Black Hats. White Hats are in service to Humanity and Black Hats are in service to self. The Black Hats are the Deep State Cabal Factions across the world that is raping and pillaging to hoard resources from the masses by creating suffering which is linked to their energy harvesting Agenda. Trump & The White Hat Alliance with support of Q team interrupted their attempt to make the entire Globe a Black Hat Run System as the White Hat loyal or Christian nations were going to be exterminated in the rise of the United Nations run NEW WORLD ORDER that President Herbert Walker Bush announced in the early 90’s in his speech to congress.

This is my article that mirrors the featured video below:

Validation of Global Submission to the TRUMP White Hat Alliance Liberating Earth from Dark Factions Once United to Destroy America.


This is a must watch Video below to realize TRUMP is head of the Entire Earth Financial System and you are watching a movie simulation to educate those persons who are innocently loyal to Black Hat celebrity and politicians around the world who has manipulated their minds by MK ultra brainwashing techniques of the CIA.


Nickie Monusko-Sklarczyk

  ” I continue to send prayers of gratitude, love & protection to all the wonderful Souls who continue to shed light into darkness, exposing the matrix world we live in. I continue to have love & gratitude for three amazing Truth Seekers, Charlie Freek, Colleen Marie, & Alan Fountain. They continue to explain the world around us in their literature & videos. These written & oral words provide knowledge & confirmation of one’s own inner-knowings & inner-standings about our world & the fight for Humanity between 2 groups which are: Service to Others vs Service to Self. These courageous Souls have provided literature & videos about my own inner-knowings, from visions, lucid dreams that I have had since a child. The most re-occurring theme of these visions & dreams for me, have been about Rescuing Children in tunnels, caves & caverns, as it is one of my main Soul Contracts. I was called upon because my skills & talents as a speech-Language Therapist, were needed as an intuitive & empathetic Soul. I am able to easily connect & to calm children while establishing communication systems for them to enhance their expressive & receptive language skills. As more Souls began to express such events really occurring years ago when I began to research, I knew in time all Sovereign Beings would be told about the Evil in this World & Beyond that needed rectified. I continue to thank all contributors to continue to Honor their Soul Contract so that Peace, Harmony & Balance Reign throughout Our World & Beyond. ●As always, take what resonates with you at the moment while having an open mindset, for one day your position may change. No one will resonate with every aspect of what us Light Warriors are explaining or showing. Living in a Service to Others Mindset vs Service to Self is the beginning of establishing your Sovereignty for WE are the ones bringing positive changes for Humanity & Galactics alike. I thank you all.”


YOUTUBE.COMGame Over for the Cabal: The Takedown of the Cabal From A to ZThis is, IMO, the BEST presentation done thus far of my “famous” Youtube Video entitled, The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z (now watched by almost 3 milli…



Today’s Features in the Post War Simulations to Educate the Public are:


4 thoughts on “You Are Watching A Movie Simulation Entitled: TRUMP TZU WARFARE & THE LIBERATION OF HUMANITY, from a Satanic Pedo Ring & Child Trafficking Death Cult.

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  3. Glad that Freedom and Freewill are being exercised against our oppressors and giving those whom were oppressed a voice within alternative media which seems to be awaking the complicity of Sleepers to identify their eventual demise if they don’t wake-up.


  4. You have gathered together the scattered threads of information, that have been swirling in the wind, and placed them in such an order so they can be woven together. The blanket of humanity is complete. We now use it as we peek from underneath , seeing with clear understanding, how close we were to loosing each tread to the winds of evil.


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