2nd to 7th January Update Current News – re-posted by Alan Fountain of GF4Justice concurs on this Research here by the Enlightened Simon Parkes

2021 CURRENT NEWS AS of: 2nd January Update Current News by Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness Trump signed activation of FEMA camps as of 1/1/21, 220K sealed indictments,No truth to rumors that Mike Pence has resigned (from UK media) Be careful listening to MSM; rumors and bizarre reporting National Guard are already in California 6th of January in Washington DC, GO […]

http://www.gf4justice.com – if you go to my blog you can verify the 4 years of historical events and witness the sealed indictments list growing larger and larger each year. I am grateful to be aligned with the other Quantum Consciousness Citizen Journalist who are reporting compatible narratives on the SWAMP DRAINING Military Operation. I am writing an article soon on the emergence of the Quantum Journalism Paradigm taking place across the globe on how information is being disseminated so rapidly and by human consciousness as the Frequency and Vibration of Earth is rising. Follow my Blog as I will soon share the story of how Q Team or The Army of Northern Virginia recruited and inspired my documenting the 4 year covert Trump Administration decimation of a global Child Trafficking Network. Learn how it was masked behind a now thwarted China CV19 Depopulation Agenda designed to steal the Land Mass of America away from its citizens.

By Alan Fountain #FountainOfTruthMedia

2nd January Update Current News


This is the all of a Sudden Executive Order Signed By Trump to Release Funds for the FEMA Camps to house all the persons listed on the 220k sealed Indictments list. Folks don’t be fooled by what took place in DC on Jan 6th as Trump is running a STING Operation. These traitors have to be documented in eyes of public with following through with this voter fraud Coup by moving forward with Electoral Certification. It is my discernment that Biden will be arrested during his mock inauguration verifying his having committed Treason and Sedition where he will be handcuffed and shackled before a world audience. These FEMA camps will house the traitors pending their Military Tribunals for public view via closed circuit TV. This is my discernment after 4 years of DECODING military stringers. Stay safe and stay optimistic Patriots. Who signs an Executive order to Open FEMA camps if they truly lost just weeks before a treasonous inauguration if not fraudulent?

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