OBAMA Launched The National “Fake News” Gaslighting Cabal In 2012 By Reinstating The Outlawed Smith-Mundt Act Hidden In The NDAA. (Video Pod Cast Overview)

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February 4, 2021 Weekly Interview with Nicholas Veniamin to Discuss Great Awakening Topics related to Geopolitics and the Ongoing Trump SWAMP Draining!

Link to Video and the Featured Article supporting the Video Podcast are both below. Be sure to tap on each hyperlink to be directed to supporting evidence such as the Bilderberg Group Map that is in the Article on Fake News.

Video Link to You Tube Interview: (You Tube Censored Video so BitChute Was Added)

(VIDEO RETRACTION ERROR – I stated the first Bilderberg meeting was in Jekyl Island GA in 1957 but was actually in the Netherlands in 1954. What I meant to report was the First USA Meeting was 1957 in Jekyll Island, GA. This is where the Book and Audio Series Creature from Jekyll Island originated discussing How America was Taken Over by Gaslighting the Public that the Federal Reserve was an American institution when in fact it is a Private Bank owned by the Rothschild Family Central Bankers. )





This Article is included in the Above Article Link. This Article includes the Bilderberg Group Map discussed in Video.



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2 thoughts on “OBAMA Launched The National “Fake News” Gaslighting Cabal In 2012 By Reinstating The Outlawed Smith-Mundt Act Hidden In The NDAA. (Video Pod Cast Overview)

  1. Thank you Alan for all of your work, research and time to make us everyday Americans aware of this Cabal. Your work is so much appreciated!!!!

    I just woke up to this only a month ago, and WOW what an eye opener!!!!

    Thank you once again!!! And keep up the GREAT PATRIOT WORK!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for this awesome comment and reply as what you just said about waking up was the goal from the beginning. If you can recall and articulate it….. what was your (A HA!) Moment?


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