Oprah, Harry & Meghan Gaslight the World as Scapegoats to Distract World From a Satanist Pedophile MONARCHY Fall From Grace!

This is Greatest Hoax Bull shit Story I have ever witnessed. Very Telling Time in History as The Meek Comes Closer to an opportunity to Inherit the Earth.

Meghan Markle is making every accusation in the world that would make a liberal brainwashed cancel culture turn on the British Monarchy as a distraction for the truth that the Monarchy collapsed under an Espionage and Crimes to Humanity charge in 2018 during the Bankruptcy of the 3 City Empire States filed in London. The Monarchy had their Assets Seized in the International Banking Seizure due to Crimes against Humanity is why there are limited funds and NO money for Harry and Meghan. The Young Royal Couple just did a solid for the Crown and are Now Here in USA to inspire Obama’s fans, the remaining brainwashed with Netflix and Charity Distractions. “Please go ahead and do all the charity you wish but do it quietly and out of sight. We know the Monarchy has Fallen for a Sinister History. Bow Out Gracefully from polite Society and make room for Our New White Hat Societal Influencers.” af

The Monarchy Surrendered to Trump on July 13, 2018 for Espionage and for holding the American Public Hostage as Tax and Debt Slaves since previous Bankruptcies after 1871.

This Publicity Stunt will not pass the Sniff test in our Forever Woken Media Savvy Citizen Journalist Climate.

This train-wreck of a story about the concern over the color of the skin of a Bi- racial Baby is the perfect narrative to allow a Monarchy to have a softer and scapegoated reason to dismantle the Monarchy aside from Enablers of Harvesting crimes to children. The Timing of Meghan having a mental health crisis and Royal family abandoning them is a crock of shit. ( I would have a mental breakdown once I realized what lurked in the tunnels below the Palace.) There are many ways to seek mental health counseling in private at your home I would think if you had private resources and just refused public duty until your needs were met. This story is loaded with holes although I do support mental health awareness opportunities absent stigma I just think the World deserves Transparency.

Don’t buy into this Oprah and Monarchy joint Spin Campaign & fall from grace Media Public Relations Operation due to Long rumored allegations of enabling child Trafficking and Adrenochrome Harvesting via the Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System. These folks are launching a mental heath charity and are MINING for future donations as a result of this sob story. ( The Idea Billionaire Royals can’t get Access to Mental Health Counseling is a convenient media narrative. Andrew was up to all sorts of secret Hooker visits, as well as Ghislaine Maxwell visits according to a security guard interviewed on the Shaun Attwood show and those visits were kept quiet as desired?) Ugh!!

( I Decided to inspire persons to research Ellen and Adrenochrome decoded history rather than voluntarily take persons down this journey unless they chose to go there. It is in my Blog and all over alternative citizen media. Although I will leave this link here documenting the Phenomenon as Q is Military Intelligence Operatives. )

Link To Ellen Degeneres w/ the Empirical Evidence Article On Adrenochrome Rumours:






Megan and Harry are falling on the Royal Sword as a Monarchy Distraction. The Monarchy gets to fall now as Racists and for Mental Health insensitivity issues versus Pedovore and Child ABUSE Narratives.

What a Train Wreck! ( Understand my point of view comes as one of the tortured souls for standing up against this Institution and it’s History, I remain empathetic for all truly innocent casualties of History including Princess Diana but this Royal exit is being handled with more dignity than merited, if you only knew many hidden Truths behind the Institution. Not buying the Naive Princess act never knowing you have to Curtsy to royalty or saying she never googled who the Royal Family were. There is Naive then there is picked ripe right off the turnip truck naive. Neither do I think she was.)




Is Harry Cut Off For having a Black Baby or for Not Being Royal. The Entire Monarchy lost its Fortune is Why they can’t pay Meghan & Harry. Over 250 Buckingham Palace employees were released from jobs as well and the evil is hidden behind the Fake Covid19 psyop.)



Satanic Crest Removed From Buckingham Palace Gates.

MY HEART GOES OUT TO HARRY, MEGHAN, ARCHIE, WILLIAM, KATE and all Younger Members of this Fraudster Family who have Gaslighted the World for over a Century. Please Pray that God Protect all innocent members of this family but please don’t fall for this Gaslighting Media Spin Job as this is all calculated although sad to watch, yet not as tragic as Prince Andrews Interview. Realize this is a battle for the “Dominion” of Satan or God. We must fight for Principalities and God’s Favor as One side will prevail in this show down. There is no time to waist. Put on the Armour of God and prepare for battle. NOW!

ARE There Really any Innocent Persons here or are they All Looking for a Good Spin Doctor to Handle their Falls from Grace.

THis is a tragic time in history for many elite families as this Paradigm collapses under historical revelations of darkness and lets all hold the innocent in prayer for safety and an easy transition as the Monarchy Falls.

LINK TO THE ARTICLE ON THE 13 BLOODLINE ILLUMINATTI FAMILIES: (Of Which Windsor Is One. Don’t Have a Pity Party or get Distracted by this Long Over Due Monarchy Collapse) https://gf4justice.com/2021/01/05/who-are-some-of-the-most-powerful-ruling-families


Here is a Short 30 Minute Video Interview I did 3 days after writing this Article discussing the Oprah, Harry & Meghan Interview.

3/11/2020 Interview on BITCHUTE of the Nicholas Veniamin Show discussing the Political Optics of this interview and our perceptions & opinions of the Geopolitical ramifications to the future structure of the British Monarchy.

Here is the copy and paste link should you wish to watch video in a new window: http://www.bitchute.com/video/v8Y6zu2Kwk4E/

Stay Strong Patriots as we all Navigate this Battlefield of Cognitive Dissonance and Mind Trickery – Faith is a Tricky Bed Fellow but if Ever it was merited or warranted it is now. Something Super Natural is taking place where Truth, Grace, and Time will unite at just the right moment to bring clarity from this Chaos of Confusion. TRUST THE PLAN.

. ******

Just a Quick Moment with Ironic Levity & Satire as We end this segment on the British Monarchy as we debate the narrative of Racism- LOL. ( A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words )


I Wanted To Include This Body Language Anaylis Team of 4 Experts who go into Amazing insight into human behaviour and movements. This is a compelling ending and addition to my research into the Monarchy. The body language supports my observations yet I give more truths and information from which to discern the reality behind missing and left out narratives from legacy media. We are living in such a split reality of consciousness where the dark realm still seems to be controlling Earth. We are but a few pivotal moves away from Military Actions that will jolt the Public into critical thinking exploration of History and Reality.


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3 thoughts on “Oprah, Harry & Meghan Gaslight the World as Scapegoats to Distract World From a Satanist Pedophile MONARCHY Fall From Grace!

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  2. I’m 73 and remember what I thought was an amazing time. I remember all my friends would say God loves the little children why does God not love me. We are always in wars, poverty and children not even wanted by their mothers. I just had faith and was sure that there was a God that is loves us. I had no idea what despicable things were being done it all makes sense now. The unjust have always gotten away with these horrific things. We’ve been robbed of our blessings and I’m so thankful that thankful people will be be judged by their love and goods being stollen from us. Thank you God and i love President Trump he is our blessing!


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