Alan Fountain Discusses the Mastery of JUAN O’SAVIN with Nicholas Veniamin. 3/18/21

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Alan Fountain Weekly Video Podcast with Nicholas Veniamin. The Topic Alan wanted to Discuss was offering Hope and Wisdom to those persons disoriented by the fake Biden Administration and thus offer Intel and discernment from sources he has grown to Trust in the Truth Movement.

Most Truther Trump Supporting Patriots have most likely discovered the masterful story telling of this high vibration human going by the Alias Juan O’Savin. In this 4 year period of mass mental stimulation decoding military intelligence stringers and disinformation spread by the Deep State it often can take time to build TRUST with social media sources especially when they are going by a Pseudonym or Alias. I have been decoding Military Stringers as a Q decoder since the first Trump CoVFeFe Tweet in 2017 and the first Q stringer on Oct 28th, 2017. Most people who follow my BLOG know of my history of having been inspired and covertly recruited by the ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA to share my personal story of Surviving a GA Pedophile Ring then Exposing the Corrupt System that led to being Tortured and then this history led to being selected covertly as a General Mike Flynn Inspired Digital Soldier. My Blog Articles were sent to over 110 Embassies allegedly by a Special Operations Agent working in Information resources for the Department of State. I will put links deeper inside this article for those who have not read my validation truth Article documenting the Q Phenomenon is Legitimate Military Swamp Draining Operations. I bring this up specifically to validate that I recognize synchronicity markers and validating markers in all things Juan O’Savin similar to my experiences after having been rescued by a team that I emphatically validate as the Good Guys or White Hats. Juan is most definitely a White Hat!

I wanted to offer ongoing HOPE and Validating Markers for all my followers who are feeling a bit lost right now since having experienced a pivot in the Fake Biden Installment as President. Juan does a masterful job of explaining some of these pivots and how they are most plausibly temporary. Below I will Put Links to the recent Movie he was the Subject Narrator where the audience goes along on this 74 minute production (7+4=11), More 11’s Patriots, where we the audience view the movie from the perspective of his eyes. If you are a Q decoder and going through withdrawal it is comforting to watch this Movie entitled, THE CALLED- MAKING OF A PERFECT DAY. I will Include links to some of his most recent Interviews with persons whom I have organically followed as their channels or stories resonated with me as truthful and trust worthy. Persons like former Navy Seal Michael Jaco, the Truther Patriot Celebrity Roseann Barr, and many others you can NOW garner Trust to also follow their channels knowing if he allowed them to interview him they must be working for the Light or Good Guys! I consider this like the 6 degrees of KEVIN BACON where if you are in the orbit of Juan O’Savin right now you are getting Intel & News from the 3rd, 4th, & 5th Density Dimensions. Juan has a great way of blending the Esoteric with the Traditional Political Narratives to help folks find comfort and Trust in the Super Natural Truths of our Human History linked to the Truthful parts of the Bible. He has a great way of sharing History linked to cultural beginnings before the Dark Ones Gaslighted the History Books with their Disinformation Agenda. Up is Down and Down is UP!



The Above Video Is THE CALLED- MAKING OF PERFECT DAY. Enjoy this Cryptic and Extremely Spiritual Journey as Juan Travels across Country in this Jennifer Mac Production using symbolism and synchronicity to share political narratives that are truly more Biblical than Political. It appears Juan Collects tokens of appreciation from supporters as he travels from Nevada Desert to Washington DC to give this GIFT Bag to President Donald Trump. (This is my Interpretation)

This Next Video Is A Recent Interview with Former NAVY SEAL & CIA Agent MICHAEL JACO. ( I have a big brain crush for Michael’s Work. I resonate with his journey and discernment.)


Interview with famous Comedienne ROSEANNE BARR AND JUAN OSAVIN IN JANUARY 2021





Fly Over Conservatives Pod Cast




The Gematria Decode Value for-

PUNISHER = Locked In Hell. (English 660 or Simple 110)

Also PUNISHER = The Storm is Here. (660 value)

( Juan oddly uses the reference as to what is happening now is we are closing the gates of Hell on the Enemy. Both are key references noted in the Q movement! )





You can enter terms and words into the Calculator and see what other words are the equivalent frequency.

I prefer using the Simple Gematria Results.


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10 thoughts on “Alan Fountain Discusses the Mastery of JUAN O’SAVIN with Nicholas Veniamin. 3/18/21

  1. Good job, as always! Its tough to stay positive so you, my friend, are a warm welcome. Have you listened to Tool’s 11..? The song..? Its MKULTRA BROUGHT RIGHT TO THE FORE… check it out on video too if you haven’t or if its been awhile… til next time,


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  4. And Juan says nothing at all! The same ole crap. Same ole history about how bad the cabal is and how bad the politicians are! I am prior military and have been specifically trained for specific missions ! What I see is not good at all! There are markers and there are some signs at to support the fact that Q is a real entity . And there is some things happening! Yet not all who speak are in the know!


    • Thank you K man forgive my delay just saw your post. Yes we are learning exactly what you are saying is true. We are onto a possible influx of disinfo distractions attempting to steal supporters from other voices. Thank you for voicing wisdom and Thank you for your service!!! Alan


  5. What people need to understand is that we all have different gifts and intuituons and information we can bring to the table. What he does say is truth for someone who does not know this. This is not a competition to be the best guesser of military strategy then shamed if wrong. This is about everyone bring what they can contribute and it will find its way to an ear who needs to hear it. Thank you for contributing here but I encourage you to bring something from your wisdom versus a criticism. I only endorsed him because his intentions and world esoteric history is accurate according to my research. Please share what you see happening as your wisdom could be of value. This is a group effort and I’m personally upset at so much criticism of persons versus support for what they can bring…. There are Billions that don’t know what Juan is saying even though he may be uneventful for you. We need to lift one another up unlike Jordan Sather who is causing division as the war is Good versus evil not criticizing the ones who are on the side of Good. We are either in service of others or self and we all on the side of Good need to lift up others on our team and offer contributions and avoid negativity. Thank you for military service and please if you have some important perspectives please connect with me an allow me to if merited share your voice. My email is



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