Don’t Fret as Hunter Biden In The Media on Easter is a Scripted Narrative in the TRUMP MAGA Swamp Draining Movie.


I’m channel surfing this morning to gather my discernment to navigate a reality taking place in our  consciousness. Never forget there are 2 realities Taking place I tell myself once I gather my wit’s after seeing Hunter Biden on CBS morning show pulling on the heart strings of America to see him as a Victim of his troubled youth of losses, which is likely true as a child, but as an adult he chose to go along as he benefited from the fruits of the deceptions to humanity.  Many analyst familiar with the “Illumi-donkey” or (Illuminatti) system claim these tragedies were actually sacrifices to Baal to allow Joe Biden to advance in the Masonic Bribery System of Power. I was sick to my stomach seeing his story this Morning until I reflected on the truth of how this movie is rolling out.

We can now see how Andrew Cuomo was celebrated in the Media only a year before his fall from Grace taking place now. In this MAGA movie playing out I can clearly see how Trump White Hats secured their Sentences and Judgement’s 2 to 3 years ago. (I documented these arrests taking place out of the public narratives in my daily decodes)

I truly see that Hunter will in time be exposed for his sinister Crimes and Corruptions once the CGI, and Clone/ Body Double Versions plays out it’s scripted narratives. This had to happen this way to prevent the collapse of civilization. Humanity in it’s 3D brainwashed state of mind could never process the level of Corruption and Evil that was taking place all around them without it being slowly rolled out in increments. We are years ahead in authentic truth although the movie is scripted to reveal a roll out that is able to comprehend by a 3D, 4D and 5D density realities.

This war is a silent war taking place in multiple dimensional timelines and we higher vibration persons need to be flexible and respect the stunted realities of 3D vibration persons who need to see this version of Hunters evolution in the scripted timeline. We truthers know his life is not what CBS is showing the TV mockingbird Audience.

In summary – TRUST THE PLAN- There are alleged truthers like, Jordan Sather who are shit stirrers causing Chaos among Patriots likely because he lacks the intellectual maturity to process the 5D future where we are headed and likely jealous of others contributions to the evolution of humanity. Sending support to all platforms as they attempt to navigate a platform to help awaken the masses. Time will tell who is a grifter and who is actually using advanced discernment to see in to higher density future realities. I can clearly see a pattern emerging where the movie will accommodate all realities and timelines as we are now seeing with Andrew Cuamo now playing out in the same media that gave him an Emmy. This reverse will soon befall Hunter Biden and Joe Biden as their true Luciferian Loyalties make it into the future scripted reality.

Try not to lose your minds Q Patriots but be grateful God included you in the ability to see the truth in real-time not in the delayed script like the liberal reality.

Happy Easter Patriots!


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7 thoughts on “Don’t Fret as Hunter Biden In The Media on Easter is a Scripted Narrative in the TRUMP MAGA Swamp Draining Movie.

  1. Alan , thank you for keeping us informed and getting our spirits up (much needed) , i am holding the line despite all the negative outputs sent through tv that affects so many ( I don’t watch any news and practically no tv at all) i know you are missed on SMs as i do miss your presence but we will get through this , stay strong brother ….. sending love and prayers !


  2. Could you help share my Crowdfunding? Its for Legal fees so I can be part of my estranged son’s life! I will send separate! Thank you!!


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