August 12, 2021 – Is Andrew Cuomo the First Domino to Fall Publicly in the Cabals Pending Death Spiral as Administrator Biden Grows Closer to Being Exposed for a Fraudulent Election?

By Alan Fountain

Hello, followers of the Great Awakening! Below is my last 2 Video Podcasts on the Nicholas Veniamin Show. I have been very busy preparing for a blessed Opportunity coming up in October 2021. I was invited to be a featured speaker at the God and Country Patriot Roundup, Double Down Las Vegas late October. I will put the announcement at the bottom of the update post.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the public support of so many patriots who are supporting my journey. We have come a long way together for sure. I will be adding to this post all week so persons who receive this blog post in the first round can know more will be added. I needed to prepare a Link to be added to my Video Podcast where I can add supporting documents related to the topics of the podcast.

Also, I am adding the support donation links below for persons willing to help me stay afloat financially as I prepare for the October Event. I am taking public speaking courses and attempting to stabilize my health which is costly. I am just like an athlete going into training to be able to go to the next level of Demands and opportunities that are likely to come my way in the future to continue being a voice for the disenfranchised survivors of Predators. I have not found any endorsement products that I feel comfortable promoting is why I am holding out to finish an E-Book to put this journey into an understanding that newbies and advanced patriots will understand the Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System that ran America and the World.


.Todays Podcast With Nicholas Veniamin: August 12th, 2021

AUGUST 12, 2021


July 29th, 2021





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2 thoughts on “August 12, 2021 – Is Andrew Cuomo the First Domino to Fall Publicly in the Cabals Pending Death Spiral as Administrator Biden Grows Closer to Being Exposed for a Fraudulent Election?

  1. Than you for sharing your experience with us. I’m sorry for all you went through but I feel your pain. I was molested by my family member when I was 6 years old and for years. When I tried to tell people about it I was told I was a liar. I finally confronted the family member last year and made a police report but soon to find out statutory is for 30 years. I still believe he is sick and evil and all I can do is pray for his soul. The trauma never leaves your mind. You are dealing with it on a daily bases but with the Lord Jesus Christ he will bring me through. Thank you again for sharing ❤️


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