Patriots & White Hats are Still Very Much Winning! Remain Patient as We Navigate Controlled Chaos & White Hat Pivots to Reveal Past Cabal Influence over Global Politics. “FJB” 🤣

Hello Patriots I want to Firstly Thank You for coming to my Aide with Contributions to my Platform and Advocacy. I was under attack by a targetted network of Adversaries who attempt to thwart the success of White Hat Digital Soldiers who are successfully exposing the Negative Black Hat Enemy.

I have not experienced such similar attacks since 2015. I can see this attack came from lower ranking minions as their higher ups back up teams weren’t anywhere in sight. In past you saw Back Up Squads.

They attempted to destabilize my life by hitting me with energy weapons using Frequency Manipulation. I had only 7 hours of sleep in 3 weeks. I am so familiar with cabal tricks I was able to recognize what was happening by observing my environment and persons who’s behaviors changed. Plus the 2 strangers who coincidentally wormed their way into the guest bedrooms for an extended stay was pretty obvious something was askew. I lived in a basement Suite yet shared wifi and other systems.

The Below video Podcast with Nicholas Veniamin had to be cut short due to the Air BnB where I’m staying was not set up to accommodate a strong wifi signal at the location I was broadcasting. My personal hot spot signal failed at the last moment. The perils of being displaced.

Sending My Gratitude to all the Supporters who are following my journey and immediately sent contributions so I could flee the Danger and Verbal Violence that had entered my life by persons who were frequency manipulated who were attempting to force me into a homeless situation knowing I might find it challenging as a PTSD survivor.

This technology is being administered at the Government Contractor Level I sense and still being used to have leverage over adversaries in Court cases and even for targetted individuals but not as prevalent as During Obama Years. ( The Cabal has been Weakened Greatly) I recognized common practices noted in the Gang Stalking Technology in how they over take the consciousness of individuals and use them as AI robots. These persons were Vaccinated and I feel it made them more easily controlled through subconscious and suggestive manipulations due to my research on Graphene Oxide and the parasite mirroring components.


These are a few of my Telegram posts that Explain my sudden need to relocate. I was attempted to be poisoned that mirrored same fear inducing choking that occured in 2015 so I know it was likely left overs from the same operation to induce fear. Yet obviously less funded and staffed as huge numbers of folks were present in 2015 to only a few identifiable operatives in 2021 incident.


October 1, Post. I ultimately had to go to ER to get sedated to sleep is how I realized it was a targetted attack.

Hello Dear Patriots!  I know we are over the Target and the Enemy is desperate and using all their arsenal. The experiences Im witnessing are off the Chain Crazy!   I wont say much about  events until I’m “very safe” at next Destination. I have God & The Patriots and will land on my Feet.

Have made some observations I will Share and Discuss once this current attack passes.  I don’t want to share my plans but humbly ask if you have spare change please donate or contribute. I have a plan but can’t share as my Telegram is monitored by the enemy. If you know me and trust me when I say IM escaping Danger but need resources only from those who can spare.  I Need to say less Now but Ask for your Trust, I NEED HELP. 

We are officially in elevated stages of enemy fighting back hard. It’s a miracle I’m still standing but GOD WINS Right!  I’m on the run headed to safe undisclosed place but need Money & Prayers




I will post today’s Podcast with Nicolas Veniamin as soon as it is edited. I will try and plan ahead for our next interview to secure best wifi signal. I hope to secure permanent housing hopefully soon. I have been displaced going on 4 years where all my possessions are in a storage booth from when cabal did succeed at displacing me and I decided to live somewhat off the grid until the climate became more safe and trusting. I believe we are close. I hope to return to an apartment or home of my own before January 2022.




Link To Details with Speaker Profiles.

To See Some of these Patriots who played roles as Digital Soldiers and Trump insiders during the Great Awakening take Note of this Round Up in Las Vegas in October.  I am honored to be included in this Line up of Featured Speakers.

Here is the latest updated video of the Patriot RoundUp. I anticipate it will be streamed live on for those who can not attend. Wait and see what will be announced. by



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