Las Vegas, For God & Country Patriot RoundUp Double Down Starts Friday Oct, 22-25!  Sending Gratitude and Love to the Patriots, Digital Soldiers and Followers of The Great Awakening who Supported My Journey.

Today’s Video Broadcast with Nicholas Veniamin on the Las Vegas, For God & Country Patriot RoundUp Double Down!


Hello Friends I wanted to send my heartfelt sentiments of appreciation and gratitude for holding my hand through likely the most challenging Global period in Centuries that impacted Every Country on Earth.

The followers of the Great Awakening understand we are going through a global reconstruction of the ruling powers on Earth after the Trump Administration Partnered with a Covert Military Operation to End Human Trafficking and the Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System in politics responsible for our Rigged System linked to other World Governments.

I have been navigating extreme adversity since going public in 2015 telling my story of being placed into an Organized Program of trafficking children through Pedo Rings to groom them for covert roles in the Black Hat system of possible Manchurian candidate type futures.  The journey ran by ILLUMINATTI and Government Contractors is finally making it’s history known to the public after a White Hat Special Operations Military Campaign Inspired the Largest Ever Declassification of Military Intelligence to support Q Digital Soldiers  with the take over of the Narrative using Information Warfare.

This Executive Order is What Launched Military Powers Globally. It was signed on October 21, 2017.

Through a series of Military Stringers or Breadcrumb drops, Q Intelligence Special Forces Operations Officers started posting on October, 28 2017 a series of cryptic messages in the form of Questions.  These Bread Crumb Drops can be read in this Archived data base in this Link.

This Operation became very personal to me as I was covertly chosen by Military Special Ops to participate as a hand picked Digital Soldier to help inspire future allies as the Q operation spread across the Globe.

I tell my story in a podcast in January 2021 in a one hour twenty minute interview on the Nicholas Veniamin show.


Above is the link to that interview where I share how the Q team Army of Northern Virginia inspired my collaboration as a future Digital Soldier and Now being Invited to Join an Impressive Group of Patriot Whistleblowers and Content Providers sharing their journey navigating our Rigged System of Government.

I will be sharing aspects of this interview in a 40 minute speech with a 20 minute Q&A to follow. I validate how Q is in my validations 100% benevolent White Hat Military Operations.

This Will Be live Streamed on This is a Patriot Broadcast channel created by Jason Sullivan who created a genius Twitter algorithm to assist Donald Trump have equal access in 2016 to the public without the normal Twitter Shenanigans and censoring. Well that did not last long we see due to his now class action suit against Social media.

As Many Know I have been surviving on the contributions by supporters of my Blog & Podcasts which I intentionally made advertisement free and have not sold any products to subsidize income. I wanted it to be easy to navigate. That 7 years of volunteer advocacy will be changing as of this event as I will be selling a combo package crafted especially for the Vegas Double Down Attendees or all who supported me in the past.

Well, this Club is now for the first time in a thousand year history facing Military Tribunal & RICO Act consequences due to a Silent Sun Tzu Style War that has taken place covertly behind the scenes and was strategically masked behind a Masterfully Crafted Military Truth revealing Counter Psyop PLAN of Information Warfare against the FAKE Mockingbird Propaganda Media. This PLAN was designed to ultimately destroy all cabal institutions of power by having them self-Implode by exposing their own Sinister Agents & Socialist Agendas such as, FEDERAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANK IMF, CDC, FBI, CIA, MSM, WHO, ILLUMINATI Secret Society Free Masons Corporate/ Bilderberg Industrial Complex and the 8500 SES Beaurocrats who secretly Run America and Intentionally Cover-Up the $500 Billion a year Human Trafficking Industry.

Many know I lost all family support both emotionally and a history of economic medical support for my exposing the sinister systems and persons who are Cogs & Enablers of the Cabal Globalist Insiders Club. This Silent Insiders Club covers up the Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking Pandemic in America. This is the Rigged System known as the Deep State that the Elite 1% Bloodline Illuminati Families along with their 4% of population enablers & gas-lighters who by either Blackmail, Bribery or by Good ole Greed Incentives willingly join the club.

There was an Executive Orders signed on December 21, 2017 that allowed the Seizure of Assets and the Arrests of all persons involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruption. There are Military Tribunals for both Treason & or Crimes to Humanity for all Conspirators of Human/ Sex Trafficking or Organ Harvesting Crimes by using the legal model under Rudy Giuliani that successfully use the NY Mafia Busting RICO ACT.

This Tee-Shirt became a crucial element of my Story and journey not only as a Pedo-gate Survivor but as First Round Digital Soldier covertly trained by NSA & Military methods using Synchronicity, Coincidences, Gematria, Numerology among other discernment gifts to become a Q Decoder & Content Provider writing a Blog that was shared by Q team to ultimately 180 countries Embassies allegedly as a Whistleblower testimony for Q Special Ops agents intel assisting in this Global Operation.

This is the shirt the Q Team Agent who Identified Himself as an Agent from the Dept of State specializing in Information Resources provided to me as one of the Synchronicity Markers to Inspire my Trust.

This is Why I have chosen this Tee-Shirt Design to include in my Fundraising Promotional Package exclusively for persons at the Vegas RoundUp or who might catch the Live stream and wish to have a momentum of my participation in this Historical Event. I am packaging a combination of a Subscription to My New Substack Paid Subscription Site where I will transfer my blog into an easy to follow linear time line order plus include the untold compelling stories that happened that includes personal vignettes that will be included in my EBook publishing in 2022 entitled, TRUTH, GRACE and TIME.

Many who followed my journey know the story of how a Q Agent sent me the TRUST THE PLAN, QANON Tee -shirt as one of the many Synchronicity Markers to validate Q was an Authentic White Hat Military Special Ops Campaign and I could now Trust Them after they came to my rescue after the Cabal/ Deep State had me tortured to inspire my silence.

Many persons have asked to have one of the these TRUST THE PLAN tee-shirts that originated from official military graphics taken from Qmap card #47. This was the Q explanation detailing the 3 year plan to educate the public on the truth revealed in the Largest Ever Military Declassification of Intelligence in American history to wake up the public to the Launch of the New World Order that was to take place had Hillary Clinton prevailed in the 2016 election. I cover this plus the entire 4 years since the first Q post. Below is a photo of the alleged 16 year plan to launch the New World Order.

If you are interested in one of these TRUST THE PLAN shirts please email me and I will provide package details and prices. The package includes all my current Blog Articles transferred to SUBSTACK, plus a collection of 25 video podcasts on Great Awakening Topics told via video. This will be a first look of my future EBook as I fill in the many untold tales that are personal over the next 6 months. Subscribers will get each chapter draft as completed until book is finished. An opportunity to read the first draft before publishing.

I was grateful I was able to make all my content Free to the public since I began my Whistleblower Journey in 2014 to help spread the Truth and raise consciousness. As most can understand after having over One Million Views of my BLOG at some point I would need to join my peers who have monetized their platforms. I held out as long as I can without a revenue stream and was pleased to help by sharing my over 5000 hours of research.

Please email me if you are interested in a Promotional Package to commemorate my participation as a featured Speaker at The Vegas Double Down RoundUp.

The Entire Package is around $100 to $125. I will be pricing shirts Individually in the future as one of my support products to maintain my media platforms. Anyone who has donated or contributed to my journey will always get a 25% discount on any products I am the owner or creator in future. Just remind me you contributed in the past. I will be compiling a list as soon as catch up so I can Thank anyone I might have missed due to Pay Pay app mishaps. It was actually made difficult for me to connect with donors I feel intentionally after investigating app issues. The cabal fought back hard but are losing Bigly!!

I need to raise around $700 by Friday to cover unsettled expenses for flight to Vegas and the balance on the Printing of Promotional Tee-Shirts. My hotel and food are covered as a Speaker. As always God has a way of inspiring just the right amount at just the right time when seeking platform contributions. This Tee-Shirt and my EBook / Blog Subscription will become my future revenue path so I will not have to depend solely on asking public for help. ( It has been humbling to have to surrender pride to make this operation successful and so grateful to our Patriot family.)

VENMO – Alan-fountain-2




Link To Details with Speaker Profiles.


To See Some of these Patriots who played roles as Digital Soldiers and Trump insiders during the Great Awakening take Note of this Round Up in Las Vegas in October.  I am honored to be included in this Line up of Featured Speakers.

Please Join Us on The Live Stream of the event should you not have opportunity to attend this time. Go to for details when speech’s go live Saturday Oct 23, at 9am. Unsure of the Subscription rate but think it was $17 dollars during the Dallas Event in May.

I will be doing my Bi-Monthly appearance on the Nicholas Veniamin show from Las Vegas this Thursday Oct. 21, 2017. I will give any updates live from Vegas in this broadcast. I will announce any promotional packages with the above shirt & Subscription to SUBSTACK once package price is determined this Friday. Thank You Patriots as you see just how far we have come along this journey together. It has truly been a team effort of collaboration and fighting with Spiritual Warfare.



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