Gf4Justice Blog Celebrates 1Million Viewers Covering The Great Awakening Trump Swamp Draining! Future Proves Past!

By Alan Fountain Residential Displacement Fundraiser:

Dearest Supporters, Readers or Just My Family, I want to Thank you for embracing my journey to expose the PedoGate Pandemic across the world and its very real history of Trauma induced brainwashing to enslave humanity. The system or Swamp as President Trump calls it is deep! I have documented my first hand accounts plus shared decoded military stringers educating persons on the largest declassification of intel in human history to allow citizen journalists to take control of the narratives and elevate consciousness.

We have come a very long way together as I have vowed to serve as a litmus test seeking justice for the crimes to my life as a survivor of organized pedophilia trafficking. It has been a very very difficult journey yet an impossible one had I not started accepting donations in 2020 to support my ability to create content via video interviews with Nicholas and others sharing my dangerous whistleblowing experiences.

I have been funding everything on my modest disability income for 6 years but only began to expand my horizons and expand my visibility once I swallowed my pride and embraced humility to ask for support. My very financially stable family disowned me and withdrew a promised medical subsidy for life due to my not retreating from my platform to speak out on evil. Along this journey I realized the level and depth to which they are compromised and in bed with the Deep State. This reality and hurt from having to grieve the betrayal of almost every intimate and close relations you knew was and is devastating. God substituted me with a new family and answered my prayers as he inspired the public to financially contribute to my efforts to be a voice for the voiceless children. I am so grateful to those who have donated as this is our fight together although I am using my story to speak out with Truth.

After 4 years of being residentially displaced after being forced from a comfortable residence due to deep state agents breaking my gaslines that leaked for a month hoping to frighten me. It worked as I have been tortuted psycholically non stop by ritual threats for the 6 years since. I was able to mitigate some of the evil after having contribtions to help build my visibility. Please forgive me if you contributed and I was unable to get you a personal thank you as living out of 2 suitcases for over 4 years is challenging. Our journey together along with your support has allowed me to network and align as a speaker with groups and persons who are in the orbit of President Trump and his trusted confidants. Our partnership is flourishing and I plan to follow through until the masses know justice from this evil. I have not posted to my blog for 3 months due to displacement instability yet I have kept growing and networking. I will be speaking at the Patriot Voice Rally for Trump at Lin Woods South Carolina peoperty the end of April 2022.

The deep state wiped out my ability to collect resources in october 2021 by having paypal & venmo deplatformed and I have struggled to stay afloat. I finally was able to create a christian Funding Platform to help mitigate my homelessness displacement and it is at 25% success of goal in just one week. God Bless all who have prayed and supported me during this fast moving military operation and Covid plandemic movie simulation to wake up the sleepers. I have included a link for any persons able to support.

I have included my last 3 video podcasts in this article along with a recent copy of my most revealing interview to date describing my journey being sold into a Black Ops Pedophilia ring as a child. This interview with James of WE THE PEOPLE radio was very detailed in describing the systems of the DEEP STATE that I personally experienced.

This is My Most Revealing Personal Interview on PedoGate Thus Far!

MY SEGMENT BEGINS AT TIME STAMP 2:17:17 ( 2 hours, 17 minutes & 17 seconds into the Podcast) More Synchronicity Markers! Go #17!

Below is My Recent Video for the week of this article update Posted for My Blog Followers.

Here Is a Link to a collection of over 50 of my Podcasts/ Videos on Many Great Awakening Geopolitical Topics as a PedoGate Whistleblower.


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