Roe Abortion Truths That are Being Gaslighted & Distorted by Fake News and Politicians.

By Alan Fountain

ABORTION & ROE /TRUTH & OPINION: (Read the Article on 13 Bloodline Family Influence over Abortion πŸ‘Ž)

Confession Video by Norma McCorvey alias β€œ Jane Roe” who admits she never had an abortion nor did she seek an abortion but was a crisis actor like most Deep State attempts to manipulate the public! Page bottom.

No judgement of those who have or will make decisions based on distorted reality by politicians.

My Perspective of the Roe Issue as it relates to Abortion and where we are headed as a civilization? Some might say Alan, you are not a woman and not your right to debate, I say they are wrong. We are living in a society of inversion of reality by an IMF Central Banking PEDOCRACY that has slowly been reshaping reality for centuries and aggressively for the last 200 years. ( 8 million annually trafficked kids globally, 1 in 5 kids molested as youth, 60 Million USA adult survivors, Adrenochrome Harvesting by celebrities and elite)

The same cult behind conditioning society that abortion is just a procedure like a wart removal is the same cult behind weaponizing the Vatican to Rape children and cover it up, the same cult that is now telling Y chromosome persons They can Identify as XY chromosomes. This process is like the Frog in a pot of Water analogy.

DECADES of indoctrination by the 13 Bloodline FAMILIES who empower a 1% of population aristocracy to enjoy wealth for asisting in their Satanic Worship of BAAL & MOLOCH. (13 Bloodline Family identified in an Article)

We Are In Spiritual Warfare masked behind gaslighted narratives manufactured over generations to slowly merge Christianity with Satanism to have humanity covertly adopt santanic rituals masked as Christian. This was facilitated by the Vatican who dictated religion across the Globe.

Please Understand we need to all rally around females and equally so males as those who parent males have to raise them to respect woman and to not selfishly dominate females by exerting power over them or threatening their ability to be loved and shown personal autonomy over their body without being tossed away after an orgasm. Plus girls need to be raised to know their worth is not on the otherside of a partners validation. ( An evolved Education on Contraception and shame free options of sexuality expression avoiding unwanted conception)

We have to remove shame and religious brainwashing from the equation and focus on protecting life. I also think if we agree life is sacred and By God we have to also remove capital Punishment. Life is either valued or not. Life in prison seems more of a deterrent than a quick death in my opinion. LOSS OF FREEDOM IS PUNISHMENT as DEATH IS AN EASY OUT in my opinion.

We have to get past the Indoctrination By Satanist Power institutions who brainwashed females that a WOMENS RIGHT TO CHOOSE only begins after becoming pregnant. The truth is the Right To Chose begins prior to conception. IF A female does not consent to actions that lead to conception its called rape. We have to totally empower the next generations with the verbal skills to navigate sexuality understanding the consequences or joys of a new life being born. These are not simple indoctrinations or brainwashing inversions to reverse after Decades of intentional sexulization of minors by Moleststion and or Advertising industry. This can be reconditioned over generations just as it is now being manufactured. Energy goes where energy flows. Also, which Animal thrives is the Animal you feed. When you truly learn why the satanist Pedocracy wants abortion for Satanic Rituals and sinister uses Of fetal tissue in vaccinations to Further medicate humanity in an agenda 20/30 depopulation plan via foreign substances introduced via a suringe.

There are so many lies to reverse. We need to allow persons to with respect and deep reflection to tell us who they are whether gay, straight, transgender and respect their uninfluenced adult self decision. ( The Cabal influenced talking point will be to frighten LGBT to hyjack votes by fear with misinterpreted truths) The Abortion issue is not the same as an adult mature self decision to identify their sexual orientation. Abortion is someone deciding to terminate a life of another human. Therefore with this understanding the LGBT population should not allow the Satanists wanting fetal tissue and sacrifices to cloud them with fear that conservatives are taking away rights. The babies cant advocate for themselves.

We need a society where the Elite 13 Bloodline families Satanic Priorities are not influencing society. This will not be easy yet neccesary to reverse the pandemic where a society of elites are allowed to gaslight the innocent public.

This will not be easy yet neccesary to save humanity from EVIL by demonic influences. This reality can be resesrched and is not based on religion other than recognizing SATAN & GOD are real even though their true history might have been omitted or embellished in the Biblical history available. Many including myself discern many missing books of the bible. This narrative is not meant to inflame persons sense of reality but to share what im seeing take place and why changes are happening on earth to save us all from doom by a globalist Luciferians hiding behind an ILLUMINATTI club of privilege deciding our fate.




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