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(Self Funded Awareness Campaign Where Platform Contributions are crucial and appreciated for this Mission)


I am a Geopolitical Researcher & Investigative Analyst Mapping the Loopholes Preventing Pedophile Molestation Justice, a Media Spokesperson, Social Media Mgr. of 5 Awareness Campaigns, and a Writer at GA Families for Justice based in Atlanta, Georgia. My interests range from Travel, World & Space History, and Anthropology. I am also interested in Political Satire, Metaphysics, Christianity, and Great Food.

An outline of my “Cautionary Tale” an overview of my surviving youth molestation crimes prior to my adult journey as an Activist/Advocate seeking justice for myself and others from my hometown community hoping to pave a path for the many millions denied justice with this American Pandemic.    This link was a former Go Fund Me Page-  that was de-platformed and prevented from success in 2015 during my legal battle when I learned survivors have no civil legal rights against pedophilia crimes. The Cabal had influence over every institution to prevent survivors from seeking justice.  Most media stories of victim justice were crisis actor skits that gave Advocates a platform to go into politics and help gaslight the public to protect pedophiles. I kept the link because it tells my early story In a summary narrative. Not an active fundraiser. 

Campaign Outline of my “Cautionary Tale”

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social media links at the bottom of this page,  My Professional Bio is on LinkedIn and can be read in detail by clicking on this link or through multiple other formats listed below:  (any link not working such as this one is due to the recent censoring by Deep State Cabal owned platforms. They are canceling Whistleblowers to hide their conspiracy enabling the Pedophilia Pandemic.)   LinkedIN Professional Bio

To View my National (PSA) Public Service Announcement that is a survivor companion to the celebrity NO MORE campaign in partnership with 1in6 .org  Website for 1in6 Organization for Adult Male Molestation Survivors    Click this Link for My Personal Story:

(Self Funded Awareness Campaign Where Platform Contributions are crucial and appreciated for this Mission)



Founder and Executive Director of NGO Citizen Coalition:   Accomplishments included participating as an original team member drafting the original bill language for House bill 17 Sponsored by Rep. Jason Spencer. I was responsible for pushing to see that “Window Legislation” was included in the initial draft and age 53 was written as the Extension age for Civil Statute of Limitations following National Advocate Marci Hamilton’s book suggestions based on recent changes in other states. ( I was betrayed by this National Advocate who in my opinion is a Deep State Gaslighter & Fraud.) 


(This involvement was Prior to Learning that it was Corrupt and a Deep State Sponsored Fraudulent Law designed to in my Opinion Laundry Money to help repeat the scam across the USA while protecting the Pedophiles. Basically, it was a Corrupt Betrayal To Molestation Survivors. This law name and concept reoccurred in NY entitled The Child Victims Act. Child USA merits Federal & Military Investigations for a Sinister Agenda and possibly RICO Act Violations for Conspiracy & Racketeering to Commit Crimes to Humanity)

I acted as the Social Media Architect creating the Largest Social Media Awareness Campaign across Georgia and America beginning 8 months prior to the Legislative session utilizing all top social media venues.

11053431_10205671060809901_996526631292315155_o (1)

(Senate Judiciary Testimony Hearing by Senate Chairman Mckoon with full Judiciary Cmte. Testifying in this Photo is 72 yr.old lady seated whose son is an attorney, Marlan Wilbanks, sitting beside her testifying powerfully while showing great dignity to his mother disclosing the trauma impact of sex abuse to minors testifying it is still Traumatic to this Day even at 72. Brave Lady. ( It is my opinion these persons are part of a Deep State Controlled Opposition Gaslighting Team.) There is a mystery as to why these folks who claim to be a friend with survivors lacked any will to help me find justice or offer any assistance aside from turning their heads to my being tortured to silence me.  Alan Fountain, seated far right in the first row of Photo waiting to testify. — at Georgia State Capitol.)

This Bill began as an (R) RINO partisan Bill to meet an honorable situation from Camden County GA where the Bill Sponsor Originated but Mr. Fountain fought hard to have Democrat Sponsors included to bring levity and fairness to Voice Victims Concerns from all of the Citizens of Georgia equally and to include his hometown Community of Upson County with an at Risk unchecked Predator Culture with over 4x the national average of Registered Sex Offenders per capita in all of America but was blocked from his ability to inspire a dialogue on Prevention Remedies to Safeguard future generations because Civil (SOL) prevented city officials, “in their words” from any Dialogue stating their Civil liability Insurance Co. forbid them to discuss the past. (50-second Video Link of My Crime Scene:)

(This was Prior to Learning Both Parties Democrat & Republican are the Same Party INFLUENCED by Central Banking Families when it comes to Molestation Policy for Kids as they work as a political Cabal Protecting Pedophiles under a Paradigm known as Establishment Politics. Two heads of the same snake.) 

I attended every public meeting and hearing during a 12-month period right up to the last and final vote in the GA Senate witnessing the Legislative Process of Creating laws inclusive of how they make Fake Laws. I also attended all hearings in both the House of Legislature and the Senate. I testified for both the House Judiciary Sub. Cmte. and House full Judiciary Cmte. while attending all public hearings where the draft language was discussed and amendments were proposed. In Conclusion, I Testified before the Full GA Senate Judiciary Cmte. which ultimately lead to a Landslide Victory Vote of 54 (Yea) 0 (Nay) by the Senate when Passing the 2015 Law THE HIDDEN PREDATOR ACT OF GA.


(This Law Morphed into being branded as THE CHILD VICTIMS ACT in both GA & NY although it was still crafted by the same Deep State Gaslighters) 

In 2010 is when I saw an interview with Michael Reagan the Son of Former President Ronald Reagan with whom I had developed a coincidental or possibly destined professional relationship that turned out to be a highly pivotal time in my life.  This encounter would eventually help to define my life purpose and focus to go public with my “Cautionary Tale” as an advocate & activist. It was my goal to help mitigate the suffering related to pedophilia molestation crimes for the estimated 60 Million adult survivors of this youth experience living in the USA. This is a short article highlighting the details of this transformative encounter with the former Leader of the Free World.

   Article on Meeting President Reagan:  Coincidence or Life Destiny?


Copy of A Facebook post Summarizing One of the Early Advocacy Attempts Plus Links to Molestation details which I had resourced while hoping to mitigate further adversity for our future generations, It opens with an Interview of me as a Community Stakeholder by a Graduate Student in Public Policy: 

“Mr. Fountain spoke of being a survivor of a “childhood serial predator in Thomaston, GA of over 364 violations from age 9-16 from 1972 -1979 by the town’s most polarizing athletic Coach, hired by a multi-billion dollar conglomerate and in collaboration with the local town youth athletic program.” Without the opportunity for restitution, he became an authority and expert on the Statute of Limitations in Georgia. He is an extremely outspoken and passionate supporter of eliminating the statute of limitations entirely and feels anything short of this is a weak piece of legislation. He has followed HB 771 quite closely and has a very strong opinion as to why it has been challenging to get passed.” Sarah Serluco

This Is my Personal Validation That The Alleged Bread Crumb drops or Military Stringers happening during the TRUMP Administration and posted by Alternative Media Networks that have become a phenomenon exposing Political Corruption Around Legislation and Politicians Protecting Predators Is REAL. I witnessed it and Implore all to Support The Current Covert Military Operation To Arrest these PLAYERS for Extreme Human Rights Abuses Covered In The DECEMBER 21, 2017 Executive Order detailed in articles on this BLOG site.

Article Link with details on the passing of what we thought was the Historic New Law called The GA Hidden Predator Act that I worked 16-hour days promoting for 2 years that Turned out to be A predator Protection Law and Kabuki Cabal Theatre. The Hidden Predator Act Team had GAS-LIGHTED Victims.

This is the Link to a Master Class Student who interviewed me as a Stakeholder and the only authentic citizen advocate organization watching over the LAW.

(The Biased Corrupt media would not report any truths of the process. I understand why Lobbyists targeted me to be disenfranchised and psychologically tortured although God’s Army of Spiritual Warriors went to Battle in the Ethereal Realm to protect and guide me.)

Just 10 days after this Law Passed in the GA House Legislature came my punishment for witnessing the betrayal of molestation Survivors across GA. We were all excited it passed before I realized it was totally a fake law only allowing a VIP group to prevail. This was the beginning of a new campaign of fake laws they were hoping to go to every state. Glad I survived the Hit to be here to expose the fraud.










Link To Support My Petition to the future TRUMP White Hat Administration Asking to Have a Key Role as an Ambassador to Help Facilitate Reforms To End PedoGate Trafficking:


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(Self Funded Awareness Campaign Where Platform Contributions are crucial and appreciated for this Mission)

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  1. Alan, i was reading the article of the entire history of the kazarian mafia all the way from its beginning thru the years until today. I wanted to share it with my husband and some of my friends to enlighten them on who really controls this world and the battle that is ongoung trying to free us from the evil. Where can i go to find this link. It was on your info site, but cant licate it again.


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    • Thank you for the very kind thoughtful message. Yes I made my blog advertisement free and have been working on faith. Miraculously I have not missed a meal and when I wonder where food will come the a donation comes at the right time. I too am ready for this to be over as much of the world is not even aware it’s happening. God bless! ALAN



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  31. Your organization sounds compelling. In doing research we all must not be afraid to look at all the research. This is just information that has been found from a neutral point. Regarding MADYSON MARQUETTE … There have been some inconsistencies found. 1. On her own Facebook page she posted a picture of herself getting sworn in as a Washington state lawyer in June of 2021. Washington state does not recognize her as a lawyer under the names of Madyson Marquette, Madyson Hendricks, and by the of name of Stacy Williams.. all of which in the public …all those names have been described to herself. 🌷When asked if she was going under a different name the person was blocked and the comment was deleted and that picture with her words was deleted. However that picture actually was saved on a phone.🌷 SEE Facebook public post Pamela Lynn e.🌷There were multiple attempts to ask her the basic question and she would block the person. 🌷 There are several contradictions that M a d y s o n Marquette makes in her own videos. In a recent video she stated that she had been going to law school for 2 years. However in other posts on her own Facebook she claims to be in the Washington State apprenticeship program.. which is a program of four years at 32 hours a week. Also she would have had to have gotten a Bachelor of arts degree in order to take the Washington State bar.. of which her name is not on of the recent people who have passed. 🌷 There are no communications in her past posts of her getting her BA.🌷She claims to have attended hundreds of tribunals.. but did not understand in a recent video what a subpoena from the White House meant. Also technically after contact with a JAH… Military lawyer… The proper procedure for serving a subpoena from the White House is to serve it personally. The only way the White House will serve a third party subpoena and not to her is if Ma d y s o n requested it herself… Yet that contradicts Madyson’s own statement that she has no idea why the White House would know anything about recent court cases.🌷 There are a lot of contradictions and inconsistencies in Ma d y s o n’s own statements in Facebook posts and on videos.🌷SEE Facebook Pamela Lynne… For further documentation/exhibits to verify the above.🌷

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  35. Hi Alan! Need help please. I’ve been an active follower of your work and messages on Telegram. We’ve communicated a few times in the comments chat. For some reason I’m now blocked from viewing or making comments. The same thing happened to me on x22 before I ever even commented there. I haven’t has access to comments on Dave’s page since I joined telegram. Coincidentally, it was when I was reading a post of your’s today about x22 that I noticed I was blocked. I was not blocked yesterday. Not sure if you can correct this on your end but it makes me rather sad not to be able to engage with you or your followers, who have become my invisible tribe. Sorry to bother you with such inconsequential stuff but it’s forums like this that help us keep going during these dark times. Wasn’t sure how else to reach you.

    Abundant blessings to you Alan!

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  36. Thank you so much for this reply. I need to research how and why you were blocked. I am having hacking issues by 2 bots causing vulgar posts in comments section. Please contact my email with your telegram profile handle and reminder of your request to not be blocked.
    So sorry for any Inc nvenience and so grateful for the feedback. My email is

    Thank you, Alan


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