Hidden Predator Act or HB-17 In The Final 24 hrs of an 18 Month Advocacy Push and Research by Community Stakeholder as He Waits for a Live Vote in GA Senate. It’s 7 PM and Waiting! (10:45PM) VICTORY IN SENATE (54) YES (0) Nay


(Introduction November 1, 2019,)

“This Past Article from 2015 by Q Citizen Journalist & Molestation Advocate Alan Fountain explains the Rigged System that Inspired the TRUMP Administration to take on the DEEP STATE CABAL. This will help the Public to Understand The Corruption attempting to pass Laws to Provide Preventative & Justice Laws for Survivors of this Sexual Pedophilia Pandemic.

The System is Rigged and Trump is the only President to Successfully activate the Military to Finally going to War Against the Luciferian System that funds and props up this political Cabal Dominated by the Liberals under Democratic National Committee once under Obama, HRC, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi & Diane Feinstein in Conjunction with their New World Order Globalist Partners.

The Republican RINO Conspirators in this Cabal have already been removed from office or surrendered and flipped to assist Trump Save Humanity and the innocent Children from this Pandemic in the Future.

This statute of Limitations Civil Laws Reform attempt turned out to be a fraudulent Fake Law that protected the predators. It was a Bait and Switch Rouse that sold a Slogan to the Public because they were not Savvy to read the Arbitrary Language and Trusted the Fake Local Media & National Advocacy Movements who were funded by the Catholic Church and Lobbyist Organizations protecting the predators.”


(Original Article on the Gaslighting Legislative Efforts Going on By Fraudulent Statute of Limitations Reforms Movements experienced from 2013 to the Present. This is Deep state Inspired Politics. )



MY PERSONAL RESPONSE TO THE DANGER OF EXCLUDING ENTITIES:  by Alan Fountain  (Citizen Stakeholder and Coalition Voice Advocate for Disenfranchised Victims in GA)

“If business entities are being excluded it minimizes their motivations to take extra precautions to not dismiss warning signs that an employee might pose as risks to those who are in a roll that could exploit youth as that position or job might allow them access as a coach, youth leader, scoutmaster, spiritual advisor, these people have larger concentration exposure to children and are usually covered by a public officials liability insurance policy that if entities were held accountable then non monetary settlement damages could evoke funds mandated to communities for prevention education and awareness campaigns as part of financial recoveries and ask businesses to secure victims medical treatment.”

“This is not a high risk to businesses as the burden of proof falls on the victim. It’s not a witch hunt as it would require clear and convincing evidence although GA Politicians removed these benefits from the legislative bill.  If anyone fights an entity being included it could be that they realize there is a higher duty of care by these Companies and they have ownership in solutions and are being reckless. If a driver of a transfer truck crashes while delivering goods across the country and is negligent by being documented with many traffic violations but injures persons in the car they hit. This business would be included in a civil suit to cover medical care and would inspire the cargo truck company to discharge an employee who has many automobile citations or known history of reckless driving crashes that endanger the public safety. I feel it is the same.”

“If (1 in 4) girls and (1 in 5) boys were victims of dangerous transfer truck accidents as are sexual perpetrators we would not hesitate to hold the company under scrutiny that allowed a driver with a suspended license and history of traffic citations as part of a civil suit investigation for future safety to our kids. The principle is the same. The Broken leg in a cast visible to a jury from a Truck accident is the same as an injury on the inside that not all can see the injury at first glance but it is a measurable injury.”

I Testified at every public hearing on this Bill plus monitored the last 18 months with every stage plus was proactive in taking additional steps not sought by the host committee as I was compelled as a victim forced into silence by the justice system in GA causing grave consequences to my life. I knew all the opportunity to know why my life does not matter as equal absent discrimination in the state of GA was the most important next phase of a challenging life,  now a 52-year-old male that society and justice left behind. I knew if I could find justice for myself and advocate with my known personal experiences that I too could see that other futures were not Denied, Justice.  I felt victims have become collateral damage putting PREDATORS and all who ENABLE them first by protecting Special Interest Institutions, referred to as Entities, have favor by the actions of Politicians, Various Chamber of Commerce’s and Insurance Industry and Other Interested Lobbyist Groups.

My mother sat beside me as I Testified in the 2nd Legislative House Sub-committee hearing headed by Rep. Barry Fleming. This is the account I posted on my facebook page of that day.

10984594_1036096379739511_7283695576550397207_o (1) 

Alan Fountain (victim of a serial predator in GA from age (9 -16) and his mother who was the victim of a predator grooming con to lure her kids to a company-sponsored summer youth program.

Wednesday, February 18th My Mother came to the GA State Capitol to Testify with me and add her story and as to how the serial predator solicited her on her Job in the Town of Thomaston, GA. at the largest industrial employer for over 75 years that was the focus of this community Main economy and employed my predator to be the Companies employee’ Activities representative working with adults and kids.

Unfortunately, the night before she had a case of food poisoning and we were at Emory Emergency Room till 4am before testifying at 3pm February 18th, 2015 the next day. She did sit beside me while I testified and had her name entered into the record. What she would have said is what she posted on my personal facebook page last month and it is as follows. To follow the Legislative process please go to this page and “LIKE” the main page to show a vote of Support for “Seeking Solutions for the Disenfranchised Voices”  www.facebook.com/GFJustice

Mother of Alan Fountain Posts her Testimony on Son’s facebook page;

“Alan, You are very brave to stand alone for yourself and other victims of predators such as George Wilson.
I know how hard it is to face the very people who probably knew what he was and covered it up.

I remember him approaching me on my job at Martha Mills, and telling me I didn’t have to worry about my boys when school was out. I should send them down to Silvertown Ball Park and he would keep you all busy. I have a picture of you sitting in a group of little ballplayers. I wonder how many of those children escaped him because he targeted you instead.

He had a perfect resume former Juvenile Judge, recreation manager for the company. He had many helpers including your unwitting, dysfunctional parents. I entertained him in my home. I allowed him to worm his way into my family. I purchased gifts for him and his family.
Unlike you I don’t care what the people in Thomaston learn or don’t learn from this tragedy, sometimes we reap what we sow.

I wish success for you in all your endeavors, especially now with the overwhelming fight you are fighting to make predators and their accomplices accountable for their actions. I believe this crime should not have a statute of limitations because murder does not and molestation of a child is “Murder of the Soul.”
This child never knows what his or her life could have been if they had not been molested and threatened and shamed by his molester. Much Love”

20144_1253224144818_6687498_n (3)

Packed Committee testimony Room #132 for House Judiciary Sub. Cmte. Chaired by Rep Barry Fleming  Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Alan Fountain seated with his mother directly behind the bill sponsor in 2nd Row. The photo on the right is of Full Judiciary headed by Rep. Wendell Willard. The judiciary had a hearing regarding language changes based on IM sure Lobbyist resistance as no one spoke publicly against the original bill draft. This is where advocates of http://www.followthemoney.org are trained to assist with difficult trails of legislative conflicts.

10447799_410336575806883_8649352119150845740_nCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

It is 5:16 PM on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, as I wait to record the live vote of Senate position on the Hidden predator act of Georgia. The below post is what I posted on our Citizen Coalition page informing our followers on how to participate in the Final Act on this bill for 2015.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015  facebook post Today by GA Families for Justice below-

LIVE BROADCAST OF SENATE VOTE ON HIDDEN PREDATOR ACT: Has Not Been Voted Yet But on Schedule for today to Be Presented By Senator Renee Unterman Tuesday, March 31, 2015 –
(Dinner break as Senators noted the Pizza was getting Cold and still no vote and now 6:20 PM but scheduled back at 7:15 pm this Evening for Vote.)

Senator Renee Unterman will Sponsor Hidden Predator Act in The Senate: I have spoken with Senator Unterman on 2 Occasions in person and Did attend a Sex Trafficking Seminar where she was Speaking for her sponsored SB-8 on increasing Sex Trafficking penalties and I stood up and spoke on the Merits of HB-17 as it pertained to this C0- Pandemic of Predator Abuses and it’s related merits for Citizens. I spoke with Attorney General Sam Olens and Senator Unterman after this seminar at Jewish Community center. Now is the time to see if she pushes this to a Successful Vote this evening in the Senate.  ( Senator Unterman Did an Amazing Job for The Citizens of GA as She Spoke with Heart on This Bill.) Updated 5/20/2016

I did meet personally with Senator Vincent Fort and sent him a personal Impact Statement for his advance review to help him understand the gravity of our cause. I did wait and was the last to testify in the Senate Judiciary hearings where Cmte. Chairman Senator Mckoon maintained respectful eye contact while other Senators talked and rumbled over my testimony as some measure of defiance that I have given a voice to the disenfranchised victims lacking a working knowledge of the political mechanics and pushback against the Lobbyist agenda over the public and voters best resolution for public safety and civil remedies. 

(UPDATE 5pm April 2, 2015, according to the clerk of records this is the What will or will not become Law as of 12 Midnight. Then the Governor will Sign or Veto:  No Entities or Institutions held accountable past when the victim turns age 23, No change from past laws, but you can now for a brief 2 year period sue Individual Predator if you meet the narrow extension guidelines. This link was confirmed by the House Clerks office. We will know for certain over the next few days.)  http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/20152016/153377.pdf

We will post on our Page later Friday evening the Live Video of Vote. Please sign our petition to help support the Citizen Coalition Maintain a Voice going forward past this day to improve GEORGIA as we Compete with Lobbyist and Political Powers that would prefer to see our voice remain invisible.http://chn.ge/1BVS0mm?recruiter=69320505

alanfountain_1409687359_3 (3)

Please Contact GA Families for Justice Coalition Leader at Below Links for Comments or Access to the previous 18 months Activities to see Victims find Justice in GA with Civil Statute of Limitations Reforms.


Alan Fountain 
GA Families for Justice   
Molestation Prevention Consultant & Advocate / PR / Social Media Architect
Created with Nokia Smart Cam


The Below Article Defines Where The Trump Administrations Covert Military Operation Took What I was Attempting to do for kids Beginning In 2013 to a Global Operation by his Winning 2016 Presidential Election.



Can OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM- GITMO Save America? Was the Game Rigged? Does Molestation, Rape, and Pedophilia Feed the Deep State Monster as a Bribery/Incentives Currency Formula?


Alan Fountain is a Survivor of a Pedophile Ring who turned activist/advocate after sharing his Cautionary Tale beginning in 2013 after forming a coalition with a mission to reform civil Statute of Limitations Laws in GA. Alan was groomed and molested by a serial predator former Juvenile Judge, Nursery School Owner, Youth athletic coach, and Explorer -Scoutmaster from Thomaston, GA.  The Grooming trauma began in 1972 while in the 5th grade, from ages 9 to 16.    This Link is A Summary Background Of My Story Inclusive of Videos of The Pedophiles Crime Scenes Where He took His Victims as Well as the Journey and Personal Trajectory Seeking Justice That is Still in the Works.

Driven by a Spiritual calling and what felt like a prophetic life purpose and mission Alan joined forces with a favorite National Advocacy group that presented themselves as adversaries working against the massive statistic of CDC reported 60,000,000 USA adult survivors of youth pedophile crimes and molestation. While on this 3-year journey networking with an established national Advocacy group, Alan campaigned to seek restitution and justice for the crimes in his community that included youth murders. He testified before the GA general assembly over five times. This mission at the time seemed like a no-brainer that he had hoped would garner full politician support for such an honorable cause. The effort turned out to be anything less than politically supportive as Alan learned along the 4-year journey.  THE GAME WAS RIGGED!


Photo: This is the 2015 House Session of the GA Legislature Senate Judiciary Committee hearing prior to the vote on the highly controversial Hidden Predator Act of GA where I learned the Game is Rigged. The Foxes are Guarding the Henhouse to protect the Foxes not the vulnerable survivors as advocated.  The bait and switch law did pass after the gas-lighting of victims to make them think they would get justice while feeding on the pain of Victims. The Judiciary Team had become worse than the Predator just a different Ilk.  In my opinion, it was a team of crisis actors working for the opposition,  It was really bad sinister “Kabuki Cabal Theatre.” The Foxes ( Hidden Predator Act Legislative Team) were the Cabal protective agents, the brood was doomed.   This is a Complete Article Covering The Final Night Of The Vote Leading to the Passing of the Discriminatory Fake ‘VIP” Hidden Predator Act of GA.

It turned out to be dangerous, as it is merely scripted political theatre more reminiscent of a season of the popular Netflix series House of Cards but real Danger! What Alan later uncovered about the sinister characters he had unwittingly joined forces that would lead him down a rabbit hole in what became a corrupt process where he surmised the United Teams agenda was actually in his opinion a bait a switch attempt to advocate for protecting the Pedophiles. He had unwittingly aligned with the Foxes who were guarding the Henhouse. Alan came to this ultimate conclusion after barely escaping three attempted and staged assassination plots likely for having gotten too close to the truth.  He had come face to face with Satan. God had been grooming him to be prepared for Spiritual Warfare from childhood as he had unwittingly taken on the Deep State/Shadow Government Pedophile Khazarian Mafia that had ruled our Global world government for centuries.   LINK TO HISTORY: The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia.


He would later learn that he and a large group of Patriots had miraculously united in the ethereal realm to align with President Trump as his citizen warrior army to combat and covertly expose and help remove this evil from the earth! We all aligned with a Trump sanctioned covert operation by Military intelligence operatives in the Department of Energy with Q level security clearance, going by the moniker of Qanon. We all joined ranks forming social media networks, coalitions and began decoding these messages, breadcrumbs, as genuine Patriots, and all went to bat to help save America.  You ask who is Qanon?  Qanon is a MILITARY Team led by Generals in all branches of our Armed Forces gathering intelligence data from agents with Q level security clearances, with a support team of boots on the ground foot soldiers made up of Patriots, Advocates, Activists, Lightworkers, and Alternative Social Media Journalists and Broadcasters.  The Patriot Digital Army of Citizen Journalists. The social media matrix has backfired.

This deep-state pedophile cabal became a threat to our democracy and the Sovereign Republic of America. It is responsible for establishing a prior political system based on Blackmail, Bribes, and or Pay for Play Incentives, mostly by using pedophilia, or some form of satanic ritual participation to hold over the heads of those seeking political office or to be a part of the oligarch business power complex. In order to control politics by the Trillionaire financier Banking Families, Rothschild’s, Soros, and the Saudi Royals, who run the elite world commerce and power hierarchy, these methods were covertly navigated to maintain total control.

33340925_10214915917325536_7667651246345420800_o (1)

The corrupt systems of the past have worked due to many covert shill divisions, although one extremely sinister civil service branch that is known as the SES or Senior Executive Services, which are 8,500 highly paid foot soldiers empowered and worked covertly for the Khazarian pedophile mafia masked under civil servant type positions around the USA. My new volunteer background elevated to working as an advocate and investigative journalist researching public policy and the failed legislation in GA responsible for creating a fake law called The Hidden Predator Act of GA.  What I learned is that in order for this system to thrive it requires many helpers, basically by weaponizing the Foxes to guard the henhouse leading the brood into a “matrix of control” where handlers and fixers park victims surrounded by a network of Non profits funded by the pedophiles to make its victims submit to control by sinister methods never reported or admitted to in media narratives. Very few figure it out as the gas-lighting rituals have worked in the past, but no longer. The “sheeple” are awakening to what will be known in history as, THE GREAT AWAKENING.  In Qanon slang or lingo, they are RED-PILLED or WOKE!


I have completed a draft of a book with a working title (TRUTH, GRACE & TIME)  It tells the story of having gone from a hand-picked targeted victim, to survivor, advocate, activist, and whistleblower investigative journalist after surviving three attempted assassination scares both real and mocked by deep state lobbyist containment armies known for protecting the political pedophile machine.

My publisher is awaiting release until My Civil attorneys approve Copy awaiting the conclusion to what will go down in history as the greatest covert military operation in human civilization as President Donald J. Trump emancipates Americans and the world from human Luciferian enslavement, and its evils, as he acts as Commander-in-Chief to the 2018 Military Operation, OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM -GITMO,  the Killing of the Deep State/Shadow Government.

This is a Teaser Article to Validate “Operation Enduring Freedom- GITMO” to Inspire Continued Research Following My Coverage of The War On Evil Launched by The 12/21/2017 Presidential Executive Order.

I explain how he does this in my February 16, 2018, article describing the Spiritual Warfare that is covertly going on behind the scenes. Please read this article in the below link and share to help Redpill (awaken the Sheeple) our yet awakened American Citizens. The following link is to the article that explains this paradigm and mission in full detail written during the Military Special Forces Operation.  Article on SPIRITUAL WARFARE and DIRTY POLITICS, and How USA MILITARY Plans to Save America!


This Article On “What Does a D.C. Political Swamp Draining Look Like?” has the overview of operation with links to 5 Companion Articles related to my personal Investigation and First Hand Accounts Being a Surviving Targeted Victim of The Deep State Crime Cabal.



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