Pray for Predator Enablers as Many Don’t Yet Know They Have a Treatable Character or Mental Disorder.


The pathology and systemic cover-ups are often the same. When victims come forward which is the rarest case scenario as the containment efforts are sophisticated not only due to the conditioning supported by human psychological responses but also the unclear and obscure information available to the public on how to execute an effective supportive reporting. Lawyers and legal advocates are simply not trained which fortunately due to our efforts in 2015 passing the GA Hidden Predator Act that led to the very first ever in the USA the CEASE legal clinic to train attorneys started at University of GA school of Law in January 2016. It takes a victim many many years of counseling and forensic insights along with an attitude and belief “my life can’t possibly get any worse” realization in their life to be willing to take on the system. Noted clinicians feel the path to healing is the feeling one is on the journey to recovering their stolen personal power. It is up to each victim to define what that equation is.

It is difficult to navigate adversarial forces and influences around a victim who attempts and often use scapegoating rituals to have power over the truth and the victim by covert and ruthless tactics. When a family system, community or organization family react in unison to scapegoat ownership of a predator culture and dismiss a struggle with a direct intervention of a victims claim it fosters a climate of uncontested opportunity by which ShameStockholm Syndrome and a Conspiracy of Denial all work to have leverage supporting the predator and their enablers. How else could a pandemic with statistics reported by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control documenting that (1 in 4) girls and (1 in 6) boys will become victims of illegal sexual contact before age 18. These acts lead to adverse life consequences documented in the CDC ACES Study. It is estimated that 60,000,000 (million) now adults are navigating their adult lives at various levels of coping with this trauma in their early history.

When a Survivor, like myself, takes the risk to voluntarily share in public their recovery path and journey hoping to model for others a sense of hope after utilizing spiritual and clinical counseling disturbingly there are persons and containment operations who will use this self-disclosure as an opportunity to attempt to have power over the victim who comes forward. They will attempt to discredit the victim as though this admission is a weakness and a declaration of brokenness and go to extreme measures to contain the secret and many persons and institutions will assist them. These crimes come with protectors who lobby to protect individuals and institutions from personal and civil consequences which place disenfranchised victims at a power disadvantage in the recovery cycle. The containment events can be a tactical move to overstimulate a victim in hopes of triggering a public display of a meltdown to marginalize their credibility to expose criminal behavior by presumed respected persons in positions of public and political authority. Many have reported events known as Gaslighting rituals used as leverage by adversaries against survivors who successfully share their “cautionary tales.”

Predator Enablers suffering from unresolved mental health and character issues will confuse the bravery and courage of an outspoken victim for mental health issues as they can’t recognize this behavior as being healthy as it is foreign to their conditioning, their ego or own unique mental challenges which tell them they are whole. These passive enablers absent a clinical evaluation will never know the truth of their own pathology or learn how individuals, organizational groups, and communities all turn a blind eye to youth sex abuse. This can become a subconscious attempt of scapegoating the victim to maintain status quo and deflect the personal shame from various enablers.

After all, it is quite embarrassing to Predator Enablers to be exposed for not having the character and clinical stability to “NOT” enable predators instead of channeling all their energy to support the legal and ethical victory of a victim’s claim. Survivors often can become the target of retaliation for coming forward. It is a distorted reality when the yet diagnosed mentally ill who keep the secret can’t realize that covering for predators is a form of mental illness and or criminal behavior. It is incorrect to assume that just because you are confused and scared by the clinical therapy process, it does not make the public admission by a survivor unstable because they have exhibited the courage to admit they utilized clinical counseling to recover from abuse, it actually makes them healthier than those working hard at cover-ups. The clinical counseling process is often what allows a victim the strength and confidence to come forward and it is wrong to stigmatize a person for a successful recovery treatment experience.

It is really good that certain segments of society are willing to heed the “cautionary tales” of those who draw a line in the sand to stand with truth regardless of the uncertainty of justice or risk of social isolation and victim scapegoating. We owe it to our future generations to mitigate the suffering from a silent pandemic based on the illusion of shame and fear of social rejection. We should rally around those willing to go to bat for a change. Trusting the Principles of right and wrong to be at your side can be a long shot but to many it is the only instinctual next step to tap into the mysteries and powers of the human spirit to survive adversity. (Alan Fountain, Advocate & Change Agent)

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