Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? What has Really Been Going On Behind the Scenes & How Much Will You Actually Be Told in MSM?


WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN USA? ARE TREASON TRIBUNALS AT GITMO COMING VERY SOON? by Alan Fountain (Geopolitical Analyst of Pedophile Cabal Crimes ) http://www.about.me/alanfountain

If people have not caught onto the mysteries going on around the USA with Atlanta Hartsfield airport going dark, NY  State, J.F.K. Airport flooding, HA & N. Korea false missile alarm less than one week apart, vast GITMO air traffic with their Transponders turned off, DNC brutally attacking a sitting commander in chief for saying S***hole, Trey Gowdy stepping down from his normal committee, 63 Sam’s club rapid closings that really are above FEMA camps, the Fortune CEOs stepping down from office, Over 200 and most notably Google Alphabet CEO, Mr. Eric Schmidt.


The podiatry boots of so many politicians rumored to be covering-up house arrest ankle monitors, Julian Assange released and on his way back to the USA rumored to testify in Tribunals for Crimes against Humanity and Treason charges against politicians for bad deeds. I, fortunately, have been included in this insiders club and guided to the decoder links from Potus tweets, yes they are covert tweets to persons entrusted to share with the Public what is coming while validating our Army Intelligence operative Qanon can be trusted as a source linked to the white house. I can only assume I was led to this advance awareness group due to having been a victim of the Pedophile Cabal and barely escaping their death grip on 2/9/2015. This post in hyperlink details the Deep-state bad deeds that were done to me similar to Potus violating FISA warrant to tap my phones unwarranted to attempt to obtain data to bribe me for retaliation for exposing GA politicians enabling pedophile rings. This was done after reporting Pedo crimes to Atl. FBI & Sally Yates led Southern region DOJ.  Also, I was harassed and tortured by  CIA style “No Touc&h Torture Techniques” these are covert methods that don’t leave scars and will prevent the target from having physical evidence allowing them to be easily discredited and their claims attributed to psychological issues, they had hoped.  These shenanigans went on for almost 3 years while working to pursue justice that just happened to expose the pedophile rings in GA and it’s plausible links to a larger Cabal. 


(Now is where we begin the path to learning lessons that will best help to understand what elements of these truths will be permitted to be revealed in the Fake MSM in the Spring months and all of 2018) The above meme is an important statistic from a Military Intelligence source who have aligned with citizen advocates that they discern to likely fall under the 5% category of Patriot advocates who have been trying to wake up the 90% of citizens that are asleep to what shadow events are going on in our Government now and over the past half century.  The Whistleblower/ Advocate 5% in the above meme has been under siege by the 1% Global elite Cabal and their 4% of the population Puppet Enablers/Handlers.  Some Really Horrible realities are going to come out in 2018 as a result of past politicians and their financier sponsors. The bottom line truths will be traumatic for many. The world is not as simplistic as we were told. We have advanced technology that has been held by a Shadow Governments most all of history but this article relates primarily to the advanced technology learned during the Eisenhower administration around 1957. Ever since this period, this technology and the method in which they discovered it was originally decided to be deemed classified. Due to classified status, our GOV leaders sadly created a Deep State/Shadow Gov to hoard these advances for their own 1% private club of oligarchs made up of Politicians, Industrialists, Bankers, World Leaders, Scientists and Crime Cabal s factions.

The 1%  then recruited 4% of Citizens over these years to be placed in leadership roles in every field of society. They are all mostly living affluent lives with secret society perks for helping keep the lie. This 1% Elite and the 4% Puppets create the narratives for society and own Media, Entertainment, Publishing, Academia, Medicine, Psychology, Agriculture. Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, well every field. They created many secret societies and a united Umbrella Society known as The Bilderberg Group,  that has been meeting Annually to set the agenda for this elite society to decide how they want the world to run and look in the future.  Coincidentally, the first ever meeting also began in 1957 in St. Simons, Georgia as noted in the Wikipedia profile of the Bilderberg group.  Could the timing of obtaining this NEW technology in 1957 and also starting this society be just coincidence?  Georgia seems to be a prominent landscape for these oligarchs and their covert missions in that GA houses some prominent institutions like the CDC.  This formula has worked because the banking families who hold the wealth are using bribes and incentives currency, forming a Cabal to recruit and encourage their 4% Puppet enablers to do their bidding in exchange for privilege lives. Well, Many Ascended Spiritual Masters and Pentagon insiders say the sham is up!  

Well, you can imagine when the Deep State has this total power over society it got addictive and seductive. This group due to living lies gravitated to powers and practices associated with Luciferian rituals and altered our authentic Christian foundations from when America began and what is authentic Christ consciousness. We are going to learn how we were betrayed by many religious institutions who are really offering unauthentic messages.  This faction became known as a Govt Deep State Cabal. Factions around the globe agreed it was in the best interest to limit truths and have attempted to keep this Charade going for the life-span that most all humans alive today know to be familiar, so therefore many have a no different frame of reference.

The 1% and 4% that are abusing their powers and escalated their evil deeds to such heinous levels that if it all comes out as promised, it will rock all to the core. Just imagine the many many advances they have to use against honorable citizens to attempt to manipulate their minds. We are energy and frequency beings that by certain levels of consciousness determines the risk factors of your ability to be brainwashed.  The lower your vibration on the below scale determines your greatest vulnerability for being brainwashed and or mind controlled by the Oligarch deep-state owned media through an active Project Mockingbird.




The lower the human frequency beginning at range 20 at Shame to Fear range 100 is where the media & elite 1% attempts to keep society so they can influence you with commercial advertising and fear-based news to control the masses plus increase their wealth by moving the products advertised.  Once you raise your frequency rising up the scale to around 350 and higher you become less vulnerable to mass control. 


Authentic Christ energy, a frequency at the higher range of the scale is competing with Satanic energy vibrations exhibited by the deep-state who attempt to create a constant state of fear in the media to keep citizens pliable to control.  Don’t confuse this Christ Consciousness energy that is higher vibration with religion. Religion is most often part of the systems of control by the ruling factions of the past century.  Genuine Christ conscious energy is about Love, Acceptance, Kindness, and Inclusion. Shame, Guilt, and Fears are man-made vibrations and dogma that lowers your frequency and aligns humans closer to the vulnerability of Luciferian vibrations.



What is going on right now at this historic time is spiritual warfare. The Cabal got really sloppy and have engaged in Sex trafficking, Drug Trafficking, a depopulation agenda and human behavior manipulation through technology and all things abhorrent to society.  All that is going on in our world now coming out in news is on delay as our military and govt can predict and if needed manipulate everything 4 to 6 months ahead.

I suggest that if we get to hear about all the crazy things and it breaks in the news about the Treason Arrests of many you love in Politics, know you are safe, as we are 6 months behind. This war between Light Energy and Evil Energy has taken place behind the scenes and Light Christ Energy won the war and has almost completely removed the pedophile cabal operatives from covert power branches. Now it all has to strategically be played out in society in a way that prevents as much civil unrest as possible. Follow everything from #Qanon, Jerome Corsi, Dick Morris, Craig Sawyer of Veterans for Child Rescue or #V4CR, Liz Crokin, SGT Reports, and the Hagmann reports, or The Goldwater, among many others. My twitter account has links to all I trust through shared or retweeted tweets among my original tweets. www.twitter.com/tapgeorgia These sources will lead you to other informed sources.

Some People hate President Trump especially the 1% Satanic Globalist and their 4% minions. I voted for the Dem party in 2016 but due to advance expertise in the field of sex trafficking and pedophilia I immediately knew that what I was reading and being told by private investigators was logical in order for the USA to have the Pandemic statistics of 60 million adult survivors of Pedophilia now alive in the USA.

Our Religious institutions are going to be gutted to return to Christ energy and away from Cabal influences in the coming years. Now really the Churches that enable raping kids are not aligned with authentic Christ energy but leaning more towards deceptive Evil lower vibration Luciferian Energy. Develop a relationship with podcasts and alternative media to secure truths. The teleprompter readers are on the take and influenced by the deep state. Hey, I’m the messenger so hate the game not the player. Prayers going out to and for us all to awaken.


Please know we are all safe and the world is being eradicated from this cabal influence and there are heavy prices to pay for all the enablers. I have been told that their excuse for saying, I was just doing my job, will not cut it when the punishments for enabling crimes against humanity are levied.  The enablers will pay along with the principles. The 90% are getting their minds and resources returned.

This administration signed an Executive Order in December to Seize all assets of anyone connected to Crimes against Humanity through sex trafficking ties or pedophilia. Many wealthy banking families and their enabler/puppets assets have been frozen and or seized. War Tribunals will begin very soon at Gitmo, Cuba in 2018.

Keep an open mind as our world is really beautiful and the Evil has been ruling our Society. I was contacted by a White House Cabinet staff member in the current administration likely so I would trust these insider briefings as they know of my hardships and that I identify as one of the 5% category working to wake up the 90%. I was also a targeted victim of the pedophile elite cabal for exposing a pedo ring in GA and have been dodging their death threats and shenanigans for 3 years. I was grateful to be included in the advance roll out of details of what is coming and linked to insiders through social media. Prepare for insanity or what feels insane, but what it truly is, is that we are going from insanity to a sane honest society learning truths so it will feel crazy to most. Love and peace to all. This is just an overview but much more to say as events unfold this month.  If you want to get first-hand insights consider following  Qanon in social media on Twitter posts. Just search on twitter and you can be led to a fascinating political game playing out in real time for those loyal to the honest agenda of POTUS fighting to destroy the pedophile cabal.  This is one of many photo clues coming from Whitehouse Oval office affirming Intelligence Operative Q is aligned with Trump. Start raising your human frequency and consciousness so that you can naturally tune into this new frequency that will guide humanity in the wake of the evil doers of the past being brought to justice by man’s law and the spiritual laws of God.


The photo on Airforce One is one of the many photo opportunities leaked to insiders affirming the messages from Qanon with his social media posts are sanctioned by the Trump administration.  Qanon is an Intelligence operative with Q level security clearance from the energy department. 

Sending Support to PA and NY as They Fight the Good Fight to Amend Archaic Civil Statute of Limitations Bills Needed to Avert Public Health Pandemic.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — More than 4,000 blue flags line State Street and the steps leading up to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, planted in the dirt and flying to honor survivors of child sex abuse. April in Child Abuse Prevention Month. On Monday, one of its biggest supporters, State Representative Mark Rozzi, was picking up where…

via Child sex abuse victims rally at Capitol as reform bill awaits — WPMT FOX43

Pray for Predator Enablers as Many Don’t Yet Know They Have a Treatable Character or Mental Disorder.


The pathology and systemic cover-ups are often the same. When victims come forward which is the rarest case scenario as the containment efforts are sophisticated not only due to the conditioning supported by human psychological responses but also the unclear and obscure information available to the public on how to execute an effective supportive reporting. Lawyers and legal advocates are simply not trained which fortunately due to our efforts in 2015 passing the GA Hidden Predator Act that led to the very first ever in the USA the CEASE legal clinic to train attorneys started at University of GA school of Law in January 2016. It takes a victim many many years of counseling and forensic insights along with an attitude and belief “my life can’t possibly get any worse” realization in their life to be willing to take on the system. Noted clinicians feel the path to healing is the feeling one is on the journey to recovering their stolen personal power. It is up to each victim to define what that equation is.

It is difficult to navigate adversarial forces and influences around a victim who attempts and often use scapegoating rituals to have power over the truth and the victim by covert and ruthless tactics. When a family system, community or organization family react in unison to scapegoat ownership of a predator culture and dismiss a struggle with a direct intervention of a victims claim it fosters a climate of uncontested opportunity by which ShameStockholm Syndrome and a Conspiracy of Denial all work to have leverage supporting the predator and their enablers. How else could a pandemic with statistics reported by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control documenting that (1 in 4) girls and (1 in 6) boys will become victims of illegal sexual contact before age 18. These acts lead to adverse life consequences documented in the CDC ACES Study. It is estimated that 60,000,000 (million) now adults are navigating their adult lives at various levels of coping with this trauma in their early history.

When a Survivor, like myself, takes the risk to voluntarily share in public their recovery path and journey hoping to model for others a sense of hope after utilizing spiritual and clinical counseling disturbingly there are persons and containment operations who will use this self-disclosure as an opportunity to attempt to have power over the victim who comes forward. They will attempt to discredit the victim as though this admission is a weakness and a declaration of brokenness and go to extreme measures to contain the secret and many persons and institutions will assist them. These crimes come with protectors who lobby to protect individuals and institutions from personal and civil consequences which place disenfranchised victims at a power disadvantage in the recovery cycle. The containment events can be a tactical move to overstimulate a victim in hopes of triggering a public display of a meltdown to marginalize their credibility to expose criminal behavior by presumed respected persons in positions of public and political authority. Many have reported events known as Gaslighting rituals used as leverage by adversaries against survivors who successfully share their “cautionary tales.”

Predator Enablers suffering from unresolved mental health and character issues will confuse the bravery and courage of an outspoken victim for mental health issues as they can’t recognize this behavior as being healthy as it is foreign to their conditioning, their ego or own unique mental challenges which tell them they are whole. These passive enablers absent a clinical evaluation will never know the truth of their own pathology or learn how individuals, organizational groups, and communities all turn a blind eye to youth sex abuse. This can become a subconscious attempt of scapegoating the victim to maintain status quo and deflect the personal shame from various enablers.

After all, it is quite embarrassing to Predator Enablers to be exposed for not having the character and clinical stability to “NOT” enable predators instead of channeling all their energy to support the legal and ethical victory of a victim’s claim. Survivors often can become the target of retaliation for coming forward. It is a distorted reality when the yet diagnosed mentally ill who keep the secret can’t realize that covering for predators is a form of mental illness and or criminal behavior. It is incorrect to assume that just because you are confused and scared by the clinical therapy process, it does not make the public admission by a survivor unstable because they have exhibited the courage to admit they utilized clinical counseling to recover from abuse, it actually makes them healthier than those working hard at cover-ups. The clinical counseling process is often what allows a victim the strength and confidence to come forward and it is wrong to stigmatize a person for a successful recovery treatment experience.

It is really good that certain segments of society are willing to heed the “cautionary tales” of those who draw a line in the sand to stand with truth regardless of the uncertainty of justice or risk of social isolation and victim scapegoating. We owe it to our future generations to mitigate the suffering from a silent pandemic based on the illusion of shame and fear of social rejection. We should rally around those willing to go to bat for a change. Trusting the Principles of right and wrong to be at your side can be a long shot but to many it is the only instinctual next step to tap into the mysteries and powers of the human spirit to survive adversity. (Alan Fountain, Advocate & Change Agent) The all male Bristlecone Project by 1in6org

Alan Fountain Bio & Social Media Links

A Blind Eye to Sex Abuse: How USA Gymnastic’s Failed to Report Cases THE PROMINENT OLYMPIC ORGANIZATION FAILED TO ALERT AUTHORITIES TO MANY ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL ABUSE BY COACHES. by Marisa Kwiatkowski, Mark Alesia and Tim Evansh


HIDDEN PREDATOR ACT – April 22, 2015 and Urgent Support Needed to Inspire Gov Deal to Sign New Law Before 40 Day Deadline past April 2, 2015.

Please Follow Link in this Petition Update to send an internal email directly to GA-Gov Nathan Deal asking him to Please Sign Hidden Predator Act into Law before the 40-day deadline after the Passing of both the House and Senate with Landslide Victories. 


Link to Email and Petition update:  gf4justice.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/hidden-predator-act-april-22-2015-and-urgent-support-needed-to-inspire-gov-deal-to-sign-new-law-before-40-day-deadline-past-april-2-2015/

Alan Fountain was a Victim in Georgia of a Serial Predator from age 9 to 16 and Understands the Psychology of The Victim Recovery Cycle and Can Testify to the Importance of Certain Arbitrary Language in Bill Drafts that can Impact a Practical Solution to be Fair, Just and Mediate a Position between Special Interest Resistance and Sensitive Politics but Represent the Publics Balanced Point of View with a New Law that will not be Partisan to GA taxpayers with bias.

Mr. Fountain has been in attendance at every developmental stage assisting with the initial draft language of HB 17 while attending every public hearing. He began educating the Public beginning in July 2013 to prepare GA Citizens about the Merits and Benefits to an Amended Civil Statute of Limitations Law in GA. He began an informative Citizen Coalition facebook page for GA citizens in April 2014www.facebook.com/GFJustice Please go to this facebook page and “LIKE” the main page to show legislators the public’s support for Justice Resolutions.

This Bill began as a (R) partisan Bill to meet an honorable situation from Camden County GA where the Bill Sponsor Originated but Mr. Fountain fought hard to have Democrat Sponsors included to bring levity and fairness to Voice Victims Concerns from all of the Citizens of Georgia equally and to include his hometown Community.

Mr. Fountain became an authority on the roadblocks with Civil (Sol) and worked tirelessly for a year creating a Social Media Following of 250,000 supporters in Various Prevention Awareness Platforms and the largest in Georgia on this Issue. He feels his work helped markedly in the outcome of the GA House Legislature Victory with a Vote of (169) Yea (2) Nay. He heard his original social media data being repeated in Testimony and in the House Chambers so he feels confident the efforts served the Public Well.  (Update since this launch the Hidden Predator Act did pass GA senate but at risk of Governor not signing even after a Senate Unanimous 54 yes vote before now going to GOV.) Please continue signing and circulating this petition until Justice and Law Reform for at-risk youth advances and victims of past crimes have a voice absent retaliation. Advocates can often be victims of threats when speaking out for truth and seeking public support.  Signatures and Comments show the mass support for change and justice reforms minimizing intimidation to those speaking up for the vulnerable and voiceless.

He only wishes to represent the many Voices of GA that has responded to him to be heard. He can share with you redacted names of some of their compelling pleas for his help and their stories of youth molestation.

Please watch this film trailer to grasp the gravity of crisis and conflicts with seeking Justice. Pursuit of Truth Film available on-demand rental.

(watch trailer)   https://vimeo.com/ondemand/28753

With the greatest of respect to the GA Legislature for their Moving Speeches on the Chamber Floor Before Passing this Bill to Senate and to the Senate Judiciary for Listening to Alan Fountain before a Conclusion. His work in GA and Contributions as a Volunteer Advocate on this topic can be found at,   www.about.me/alanfountain

Hidden Predator Act – House Bill 17 Needs thousands of Emails, Calls, and Letters heading to Governor Deal asking him to please sign this bill into Law. The opposition has not let up in lobbying to convince Governor Deal to veto this bill. Disgraceful that the battle still rages after a House Vote of 169 to 2 and a Unanimous Senate Vote of 54 to 0. Please let your voices be heard that the Hidden Predator Act, House Bill 17 must become law within the 40-day window from April 2nd to give child rape victims a small step toward justice and help expose perpetrators in our communities. Governor Deal please sign House Bill 17.

Email Link To Governor Deal to ask, Please Sign Hidden Predator Act into Law:  https://gov.georgia.gov/contact-us-0

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Thank you, America for Support- Contact

Alan Fountain
GA Families for Justice
Molestation Prevention Consultant & Advocate / PR / Social Media Architect
www.facebook.com/GFJustice (GFJ – Coalition Main Site)
https://twitter.com/TapGeorgia (Twitter – GFJ Coalition)
www.facebook.com/TAPgeorgia (Personal Private Citizen Story Page)

Hidden Predator Act or HB-17 In The Final 24 hrs of an 18 Month Advocacy Push and Research by Community Stakeholder as He Waits for a Live Vote in GA Senate. It’s 7 PM and Waiting! (10:45PM) VICTORY IN SENATE (54) YES (0) Nay



MY PERSONAL RESPONSE TO THE DANGER OF EXCLUDING ENTITIES:  by Alan Fountain  (Citizen Stakeholder and Coalition Voice Advocate for Disenfranchised Victims in GA)

“If business entities are being excluded it minimizes their motivations to take extra precautions to not dismiss warning signs that an employee might pose as risks to those who are in a roll that could exploit youth as that position or job might allow them access as a coach, youth leader, scout master, spiritual advisor, these people have larger concentration exposure to children and are usually covered by a public officials liability insurance policy that if entities were held accountable then non monetary settlement damages could evoke funds mandated to communities for prevention education and awareness campaigns as part of financial recoveries and to ask businesses to secure victims medical treatment.”

“This is not a high risk to businesses as the burden of proof falls on the victim. It’s not a witch hunt as it would require clear and convincing evidence although GA Politicians removed these benefits from the legislative bill.  If anyone fights an entity being included it could be that they realize there is a higher duty of care by these Companies and they have ownership in solutions and are being reckless. If a driver of a transfer truck crashes while delivering goods across country and is negligent by being documented with many traffic violations but injures persons in the car they hit. This business would be included in civil suit to cover medical care and would inspire the cargo truck company to discharge an employee who has many automobile citations or known history of reckless driving crashes that endanger the public safety. I feel it is the same.”

“If (1 in 4) girls and (1 in 5) boys were victims of dangerous transfer truck accidents as are sexual perpetrators we would not hesitate to hold the company under scrutiny that allowed a driver with a suspended license and history of traffic citations as part of a civil suit investigation for future safety to our kids. The principle is the same. The Broken leg in a cast visible to a jury from a Truck accident is the same as an injury on the inside that not all can see the injury at first glance but it is a measurable injury.”

I Testified at every public hearing on this Bill plus monitored the last 18 months with every stage plus was proactive in taking additional steps not sought by host committee as I was compelled as a victim forced into silence by the justice system in GA causing grave consequences to my life. I knew all opportunity to know why my life does not matter as an equal absent discrimination in the state of GA was the most important next phase of a challenged life,  now a 52 year old male that society and justice left behind. I knew if I could find justice for myself and advocate with my known personal experiences that I too could see that other futures were not Denied Justice.  I felt victims have become collateral damage putting PREDATORS and all who ENABLE them first by protecting Special Interest Institutions, referred to as Entities, have favor by the actions of Politicians, Various Chamber of Commerce’s and Insurance Industry and Other Interested Lobbyist Groups.

My Mother sat beside me as I Testified in the 2nd Legislative House Sub-committee hearing headed by Rep. Barry Fleming. This is the account I posted on my facebook page of that day.

10984594_1036096379739511_7283695576550397207_o (1) 

Alan Fountain (victim of serial predator in GA from age (9 -16) and his Mother who was the victim of a predator grooming con to lure her kids to a company sponsored summer youth program.

Wednesday February 18th My Mother came to the GA State Capitol to Testify with me and add her story and as to how the serial predator solicited her on her Job in the Town of Thomaston, GA. at the largest industrial employer for over 75 years that was the focus of this communities Main economy and employed my predator to be the Companies employee’ Activities representative working with adults and kids.

Unfortunately the night before she had a case of food poisoning and we were at Emory Emergency Room till 4am before testifying at 3pm February 18th, 2015 the next day. She did sit beside me while I testified and had her name entered into the record. What she would have said is what she posted on my personal facebook page last month and it is as follows. To follow the Legislative process please go to this page and “LIKE” the main page to show a vote of Support for “Seeking Solutions for the Disenfranchised Voices”  www.facebook.com/GFJustice

Mother of Alan Fountain Posts her Testimony on Son’s facebook page;

“Alan, You are very brave to stand alone for yourself and other victims of predators such as George Wilson.
I know how hard it is to face the very people who probably knew what he was and covered it up.

I remember him approaching me on my job at Martha Mills, and telling me I didn’t have to worry about my boys when school was out. I should send them down to Silvertown Ball Park and he would keep you all busy. I have a picture of you sitting in a group of little ball players. I wonder how many of those children escaped him because he targeted you instead.

He had a perfect resume former Juvenile Judge, recreation manager for the company. He had many helpers including your unwitting, dysfunctional parents. I entertained him in my home. I allowed him to worm his way into my family. I purchased gifts for him and his family.
Unlike you I don’t care what the people in Thomaston learn or don’t learn from this tragedy, sometimes we reap what we sow.

I wish success for you in all your endeavors, especially now with the overwhelming fight you are fighting to make predators and their accomplices accountable for their actions. I believe this crime should not have a statute of limitations because murder does not and molestation of a child is “Murder of the Soul.”
This child never knows what his or her life could have been, if they had not been molested and threatened and shamed by his molester. Much Love”

20144_1253224144818_6687498_n (3)

Packed Committee testimony Room #132 for House Judiciary Sub. Cmte. Chaired by Rep Barry Fleming  Wednesday February 18, 2015. Alan Fountain seated with his mother directly behind the bill sponsor in 2nd Row. Photo on the right is of Full Judiciary headed by Rep. Wendell Willard. The judiciary had a hearing regarding language changes based on IM sure Lobbyist resistance as no one spoke publicly against the original bill draft. This is where advocates of http://www.followthemoney.org are trained to assist with difficult trails of legislative conflicts.

10447799_410336575806883_8649352119150845740_nCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

It is 5:16 PM on Tuesday March 31, 2015  as I wait to record the live vote of Senate position on Hidden predator act of Georgia. The below post is what I posted on our Citizen Coalition page informing our followers how to participate in the Final Act on this bill for 2015.

Tuesday March 31, 2015  facebook post Today by GA Families for Justice below-

LIVE BROADCAST OF SENATE VOTE ON HIDDEN PREDATOR ACT: Has Not Been Voted Yet But on Schedule for today to Be Presented By Senator Renee Unterman Tuesday March 31, 2015 –
(Dinner break as Senators noted the Pizza was getting Cold and still no vote and now 6:20 PM but scheduled back at 7:15 pm this Evening for Vote.)

Senator Renee Unterman will Sponsor Hidden Predator Act in The Senate: I have spoken with Senator Unterman on 2 Occasions in person and Did attend a Sex Trafficking Seminar where she was Speaking for her sponsored SB-8 on increasing Sex Trafficking penalties and I stood up and spoke on the Merits of HB-17 as it pertained to this C0- Pandemic of Predator Abuses and it’s related merits for Citizens. I spoke with Attorney General Sam Olens and Senator Unterman after this seminar at Jewish Community center. Now is the time to see if she pushes this to a Successful Vote this evening in the Senate.  ( Senator Unterman Did an Amazing Job for The Citizens of GA as She Spoke with Heart on This Bill.) Updated 5/20/2016

I did meet personally with Senator Vincent Fort and sent him a personal Impact Statement for his advance review to help him understand the gravity of our cause. I did wait and was the last to testify in the Senate Judiciary hearings where Cmte. Chairman Senator Mckoon maintained respectful eye contact while other Senators talked and rumbled over my testimony as some measure of defiance that I have given a voice to the disenfranchised victims lacking a working knowledge of the political mechanics and pushback against the Lobbyist agenda over the publics and voters best resolution for public safety and civil remedies. 

(UPDATE 5pm April 2, 2015 according to clerk of records this is the What will or will not become Law as of 12 Midnight. Then the Governor will Sign or Veto:  No Entities or Institutions held accountable past  when victim turns age 23, No change from past laws, but you can now for a brief 2 year period sue Individual Predator if you meet the narrow extension guidelines. This link was confirmed by House Clerks office. We will know for certain over next few days.)  http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/20152016/153377.pdf  

WE will post on our Page later Friday evening the Live Video of Vote. Please sign our petition to help support the Citizen Coalition Maintain a Voice going forward past this day to improve GEORGIA as we Compete with Lobbyist and Political Powers that would prefer to see our  voice remain invisible.   http://chn.ge/1BVS0mm?recruiter=69320505  

alanfountain_1409687359_3 (3)

Please Contact GA Families for Justice Coalition Leader at Below Links for Comments or Access to the previous 18 months Activities to see Victims find Justice in GA with Civil Statute of Limitations Reforms.


Alan Fountain 
GA Families for Justice   
Molestation Prevention Consultant & Advocate / PR / Social Media Architect
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