Alan Fountain Update and Pictorial Lookback of the PedoGate Whistleblower Journey, Plus His Future Speaking Tour Schedule.

MY LATEST Podcast MARCH 9, 2o23, just a quick 22 minutes long is my first Update in two months. We Discuss The Fall of Media Begins With Tucker Carlson J6 Reveal. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Please write me – and let me know what are the topics & needs of your family, community or what’s important in your area so that I can help participate in talking about these topics on Podcasts. Having feedback from supporters is important to assure that all our needs are being met as well as the work that I’m doing for the children. Thank you for the vital role you Play in the Great Awakening.

THE BELOW 4 minute VIDEO IS A Special THANK YOU MESSAGE and an Update for CONTRIBUTORS TO My Journey to Advance Solutions for Survivors of PEDOGATE abuse. I have still not obtained Justice and fight homelessness due to the 5 years of economic attacks for my Whistleblower journey. MY GOAL IS TO ACT AS A LITMUS TEST TO VERIFY VICTIMS GET CARE & THEIR STOLEN POWER BACK. We need Civil Justice Remedies due to Various Levels of Trauma & Post traumatic stress disorder. There are common injuries that interupt a survivors ability to compete or thrive fairly in this Predatory System.

I am Preparing my needs for a Speaking tour coming up March 24, 2o23, next week and encouraging all supporters to inspire their churches, Patriot social media groups, or any individuals or organizations to make contributions towards this mission as it is greatly appreciated. If unable to donate funds Please say a prayer that these needs get met by those who are able. We do this to honor the silenced voices of the little ones. I know their future struggles and have no hesitations asking for help to improve their future. πŸ’œ

Alan Fountain Bio and Support Contributions Link: Bio: (Use the down arrow to chose lowest fee to GSG as they try to get more but not neccessary, Ive kicked back plenty)

I lost a comfortable Family Subsidy for Exposing the Deep State System and without a Civil Legal Settlement As a SSDI fixed income recipient one can not recover to financially stabilize their future. Please help me help Other Survivors. Due to the adverse attacks on Whistleblowers we depend on volunteers to help us get the message out on how to help, sharing our stories on social media or connections for a guest appearance on a new platform podcast to reach a new expanded audience. Much gratitude for your generosity and well wishes.

It takes a lot of energy to navigate this evil battle. Thank You for your Continued support and encouraging your family & Friends to join us. Special 4 minute message about my plan of action. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Hello Patriots and Friends of the Great Awakening, according to the prolific Juan OSavin, 2023 is the Year of the Whistleblower. Well, I won’t complain about any recognition opportunities or advantages after a decade of horrific adversity. It has been about 6 months since I wrote a blog post as I have focused mainly on podcasts to reach the public to share how we are taking back the power for humanity especially for the children.

I wanted to post a variety of photos and videos of key patriot events I have attended to share with donors and supporters to show where their contributions have been allocated. I took the funds given to me for housing to continue my fight by doing what I could to keep a roof over my head yet stay a prominent face for the children. It is vital to maintain a recognized symbol of the Real Truth of their adversity. I have dedicated my personal Rumble Channel FountainOfTruthMedia to post podcasts on the PedoGate Pandemic Narratives and have over 100 podcasts in total if you put my name in either Rumble or Bitchute search engines. I am blessed to have a first person point of view as a Q decoder after the Q Special Forces team covertly recruitted me as a Whistleblower sharing my life story navigating life as a Survivor of youth Molestation.

To locate all my Geopolitical Articles and Podcasts sharing my journey just follow the social media links provided at the end of this pictorial lookback of patriot events where I have networked with key allies of the Q Team out of The Department of energy & an Alleged Army of Northern Virginia White Hat Alliance working to Liberate Humanity. ( Everything with them is based on a Plausible deniability Relationship aside from the Q drops at

I need your continued economic support to finalize my 2023 journey as a voice for the children as I am out of resources and find myself displaced for housing. I anticipate & Hope that by 2024 when Trump returns officially That grants and funding sources will avail themselves to us advocates of children. Please if able continue supporting my mission and inspire friends and family to join you as they wake up this year and realize how vital the childrens mission truly is and why it was covered-up. Below are some photos of folks playing pivitol rolls in the GreatAwakening. Trafficking Documentry Networking Weekend
TRUTH-A- THON – THURSDAY March 16, 2o23 (11am EST)
Join us In Florida
TRUTH TOUR Working Fl meeting to Net Work on Child Trafficking Prevention solutions. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘†



Video of MIAMI Event For Marco Rubio with TRUMP Family & Supporters, MIKE Lindell, Don Jr. & his Son, πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

MIDTERM ELECTION MIAMI Rally for Marco Rubio where a guest Michael Lindel, Donad Trum Jr., Marco Rubio, Patrick Byrne, Joseph Flynn, many more. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Mike Lindell in the house that day!
Don Jr and his Son in this endearing Photo I took.


CAIFORNIA Rebecca Darling & Alan Fountain, Jim & Ron Watkins Creators of the 4 Chan & 8 Kun Boards Q Military Selected to Drop Declasified Intel for The Great Awakening


VEGAS EVENT WHERE JIM CAVIEZEL was the Surprise Guest of Juan OSavinπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Article Published in the Las Vegas Sun Times πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Listen to This Excerpt of Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ star) Paying homage to Ronald Reagan. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Vegas oct 2o21 (me)
Ron Watkins Vegas oct 2o21
COUY GRIFFIN Cowboy’s 4 Trump also One of The J6 Fasely Arrested
Juan OSavin & Alan Fountain Back Stage Vegas 1o/2o21

Vegas Telling My Story of The PedoGate Whistleblower πŸ‘†

Couy Griffin & Rebecca Darling


AMERICAN FREEDOM TOUR MARCH 2o22 Sunrise Florida. I went to Network and Met Influential Contacts to Help in the Future. ( I Trust)



CALL TO ACTION Invite to Join the PedoGate Local Community & National Volunteer Advocacy Mission: It’s in the middle of this 3-hour Workshop Presentation at timestamp 1:17:oo should you wish to share it on your social media with the hashtag, #WTP4Children. Ask your followers to watch the Call to Action Truth Tour 3 speech in Merced, CA to unite WE THE PEOPLE in advocating for the Children.

PedoGate Blog:
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My Rumble:

75 of My Podcasts on Geopolitical Topics of The Great Awakening & Deep State.πŸ‘‡






Formal Awards Ceremony to Celebrate the Passing of the hidden predator act 2015.



Texas Memorial Day 2o21
Ben From Edge of Wonder – Rise TV

A Handful of My Over 1oo Video Podcast Interviews Since January 2o21 on My Geopolitical Research of The Great Awakening White Hat Military Alliance to Destroy The Pedophilia Blackmail bribery system! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

My Most viewed Podcast of all time with over 150,000 views on multiple platforms. It is a 30 minute break down of the Geo political narrative is how it relates to Ukraine, Chinaand America.

GA House Legislature 2o15 When I Worked to Have New Law for Civil Justice for Survivors called β€œHidden Predator act” which Passed but was corrupted and I exposed System which Led to Horrific Torture by GA Deep State.



To View my National (PSA) Public Service Announcement that is a survivor companion to the celebrity NO MORE campaign in partnership with 1in6 .org Website for 1in6 Organization for Adult Male Molestation Survivors Click this Link for My Personal Story:

The Future – Many of My Military Informants insired me to Research esoteric EXO politics elements I have done podcasts on both the 3-D and the 5D realities of inter-dimensional and also the space force. Let’s see what manifest over the next five years! πŸ’™