FUTURE PROVES PAST- The Protocols of The Illuminated Suns Of The Golden Dawn unites with Mar-a-Lago Plus Ultra Looking Glass Ancient Technolgy.

By Alan Fountain Whistleblower BIO: http://www.gf4justice.com/about

The Mystery and Mastery of the mythological secrets to the ciphers within Mar a Lago were still in research and discovery mode at the start of today’s podcast. My research source who is helping me further develops the official narrative to the Plus Ultra legend linked to the pyramids and ancient history. This Blog post will be developing over the coming week. I hope this inspires readers to use their ctitical thinking skills to examine how vital uncovering hidden legends are to revealing not only the Dark practices but also these White Hat counter practices that neutralize dark forces. DARK TO LIGHT! The Protocols in the 2nd part of this feature are complete from their original detailed overview summary of the intended PLAN to regain dominion over the Black Hat PEDOCRACY running Earth. The Purpose Behind Revealing These Sectets is to be Transparent as one cannot call something Occult if it is not Hidden. The world is full of Ancient Secrets that need to be more common knowledge for the masses and not available to only an elite club to have power over the sheep or the slaves. Trump’s Presidency has been about freeing humanity from human enslavement from a satanic cabal of Baal & Molloch worshipers pretending to present their lifestyle to be the norm. They are derailing America and the principles from which it was created. For other supporting links and photos to assist with researching the PLUS ULTRA history go to the page bottom before authors photo & Bio.


This Link Gives More History into this PLUS ULTRA linked to and associated with the Pillars of Hercules-

White Hat Secrets Of Mara Lago- Plus Ultra Looking Glass Technology – Listen to The Below Video Podcast With Alan Fountain and Nicholas Veniamin for May 19, 2022 for expanded Intel.
PLus Ultra Secret Frequencies and Secret Codes in the Ceiling of Mar a Lago as mentioned in Todays Podcast on (TRUMP’s Secret Room).

The Coat of Arms of Spain, flanked by the Pillars of Hercules bearing the motto plus ultra


May 19, 2022 Podcast on the White Hat Secret Society and the Protocols of The Golden Dawn.


The Protocols of The Illuminated Suns Of The Golden Dawn

Link To The original March 2018 post: Part One: https://steemit.com/politics/@c-change/protocols-of-the-illuminated-suns-of-the-golden-dawn?fbclid=IwAR3z7MAALOq4iAgGeeBI0nSYWr0aM7hbDYA98SZ7C_1Ftc1TGyuWo3qO0Co

Part Two From Original Post: https://steemit.com/pedogate/@c-change/protocols-of-the-illuminated-suns-of-the-golden-dawn-part-2?fbclid=IwAR3a6d1T9_Gxt3H23paJEk3rmeKDrKzktnL-b7NVhxEYEPjKX-DHI3bEeB8

Here is the Audio Version of the above Protocols for those who prefer to Listen: https://youtu.be/RQ3Jeu1zk0w


Below is a March 2018 Blog post on Steemit by someone going by c-change, undoubtedly a White Hat. This is the same time my White Hat Special Operations Officer came into my life and inspired my cooperation to use my Intuition gifts and Whistleblower Background to assist as a Digital Soldier Citizen Jouranalist documenting the real time events taking place in the Great Awakening. I will be creating a series on SUBSTACK that helps explain this forecasted PLAN that Ultimately Became Symbolic with Q Military Intelligence known as TRUST THE PLAN. I was as far as I know one of the first Unenlisted Military Civilian recruits that was given a Tee Shirt with this Military Mantra and Logo on it before it ever appeared officially in the Q stringer drops. This below post on The Protocols will be amended with my validation of empirical and blog evidence from my articles validating the projected events in the Plan took place. My added input will be in ITALICS. (The Proofs will be added in italics in between the projected protocols below that give references that validate these events did come true. This should help persons to link these many moving parts together and see the pattern and brilliance of the Plan as it unfolds. The Tortoise and the Hare – Slow wins the game yet wrecks havoc on the patience of a world used to immediate gratification.)


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Protocol 1: Gaslighting the Media

1.) The ‘Russian-collusion’ investigation is the quintessential example of this principle of not only allowing but encouraging the media to spin their delusional narrative. The deep state is tempted into to believing that their narrative will be used to undermine popular opinion of the president in preparation for his impeachment (plan A). If impeachment fails, the groundwork will have been laid for public acceptance, if not relief, at his assassination (plan B). This delusion about their Russian-collusion conspiracy theory narrative is to be encouraged whenever possible.

2.) The primary purpose of gaslighting the media is distraction. The time the CIA Mockingbird apparatchiks spends trying to convince the public of their Russian-collusion conspiracy theory is time the Alliance can use to collect evidence and build air tight cases for the upcoming military tribunals.

3.) The secondary purpose of gaslighting the media is to act as time-delayed controlled demolition of the mainstream media’s reputation. The longer the delusional narrative is allowed to run, the greater the eventual damage to the MSM’s credibility. Every effort must be made to allow the Trump team to appear suspicious and continue feeding the conspiracy theory’s suspicions, while not providing anything tangible. Provide so much ‘smoke’ that belief in the existence of a ‘fire’ becomes exceedingly easy.

4.) The tertiary purpose of gaslighting the media is to create in the agents of the deep state, and their liberal stages, a false sense of security. The goal is to foster a surreal dissociative sense of cognitive dissonance, an uneasy feeling that is relieved by concluding that Trump is simply guilty and stupid. The alternative conclusion being that the entire liberal media establishment has been chasing a giant fiction, while Trump prepares his retaliation; the more improbable and terrifying this possibility, the more cognitive dissonance it will create.

5.) The false belief is so tempting that the deep state FBI and CIA agents will march deeper into their treasonous plot to frame and impeach POTUS, further documenting their own crimes, while providing more time for the white hats to investigate their crimes. Mueller leads the big guns of the deep state fixers on a slow and steady march directly into the jaws of military justice.

6.) The longer the gaslighting continues, the longer Trump has to lift the country up. He has time to remove the restraints and undo the acts of sabotage done to America by the globalists, thus allowing the country to thrive—making America great again. The longer the gaslighting goes on, the greater America becomes. This drives an ever-widening gap between the delusional MSM narrative and the lived reality of Americans on Main Street.

7.) The genius of this protocol is the fact that it allows a gradual awakening of the public to the lies of the mainstream media. This steady shift continues until the public is overwhelmingly aware of the delusional plot to unseat POTUS. When the time is right, and the Russian-collusion farce has been thoroughly exhausted, the Alliance will begin to drop the bombshell disclosures (HRC videos, etc.).

Protocol 2: Secure Victory Before Firing a Shot

1.) Victory must be secured before the first shot is fired. Indeed, there will be no shots necessary, for such absolute victory will have been secured in the shadows.

2.) While publicly feigning inaction and incompetence to help gaslight the media, in actuality great action will be taken, covertly. Sealed indictments will be piled steadily, month after month, until they reach such absurdly high numbers that their sheer number will cause reports of them to be disbelieved and dismissed as ‘fake news.’

3.) The diligence and discipline of the investigations will be so intense and contrast so starkly with the perceived baffoonery of the White House, that its existence will be disbelieved. The fog of the gaslighting campaign will serve as a thick veil. While leaks of covert operations are prevented, they will be allowed and subtly enabled in the White House. The more leaks coming out of the White House the better.

4.) Deep state agents will be commandeered, using their ‘control files’ and the prospect of a plea deal as leverage with which to puppeteer them. These agents will leak information with such brazen abandon that it will lull the deep state into false security, while perpetuating the false image of a chaotic, disorganized, inefficient, and deeply undermined White House.

5.) Strength must be dressed up to look like weakness. Enemies who have been neutralized must be made instead to appear active. Over time the enemies will be directed to act in increasingly absurd and unbelievable ways. Their leaks and lies will be made increasingly brazen and obvious, until it finally dawns on everyone that the whole thing is theater. They will then begin to fathom the truth of what has really been happening behind the scenes, which is so starkly different from what has been portrayed in the theatrical version that it will take time to fully fathom and believe.

Protocol 3: Weaponize the Light (Disclosure)

1.) The most powerful weapon of the Alliance is the Truth. The extent of the deep state’s crimes and evil depravity is matched only by the extent of the NSA and CIA surveillance capacity. Every single crime is documented, every criminal association mapped out, every conversation recorded, every bank transfer documented, we see everything.

2.) The Light is so overwhelmingly powerful that the chief concern is no longer victory. Victory was assured the moment Trump was inaugurated. The chief concern is maintaining the stability of the system, while the cabal is quietly neutralized.

3.) The Light is so powerful that it cannot be released too quickly, or else it will cause unnecessary shock, panic, and chaos. It must therefore be released in steady measured doses, and only after the gaslighting of the media has been allowed to run as long as possible. When the public begins to realize who the real criminals are, within the FBI, DoJ, and DNC, and begin to demand justice—and when the military tribunals have finished their initial fact finding mission and the stage has been set—only then will the files and videos begin to be dropped.

4.) Lies take time to be spun and believed, while the truth strikes like lightning. The Light, therefore, has no reason to rush. The CIA Mockingbird delusion machine is allowed to take their best shot, day after day, night after night, for as long as they can keep it up. The disclosure waits for the gaslighting of the media to run its full course, allowing it to overextend and exhaust itself, before the major drops begin. This is akin to a superior boxer allowing his opponent to tire himself out in the first rounds.

5.) Once begun, disclosure will proceed as rapidly as the public is capable of processing the information. The severity of the crimes in the unsealed indictments will proceed from the most simple and obvious infractions (such as mishandling classified documents and perjury) on to the increasingly serious and audacious crimes (election fraud, racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, and high treason). In this way the public is given time to come to terms with the criminality in a succession of revelations. Baby steps, to the gallows.

Protocol 4: Cut Off the Cabal’s Money

1.) The flow of money to the cabal is to be severed in multiple ways during the calm before the storm.

2.) Child trafficking networks are to be busted, freeing the child slaves, arresting the procurers and traffickers. These busts are used to gather evidence and build cases against the Satanic pedophile blackmail slave networks, while also cutting off one of the greatest sources of illicit funding for the cabal’s operations.

3.) Drug processing operations in Afghanistan are to be bombed and raided, while major trafficking by CIA cargo planes are to be quietly disrupted.

4.) Organ trafficking rings are to be busted, as well, as every illicit source of funding is cut. This funding attrition is used to pressure the minions and mercenaries to flip on their control structures, having been softened by the end of easy money and faced with long prison terms—they naturally spill their guts. The great thing about opportunistic psychopaths is that they haven’t the slightest qualms about flipping, when placed under pressure. The evidence and testimony collected from these foot soldiers are collected into massive air-tight cases against the cabal higher-ups. This sets the stage for the military tribunals.

5.) The underground bunkers and jungle retreats are raided, to end their black market activities as well as to deny safe havens for the cabal leadership.

6.) The second to last strike on the cabal’s finances will be to sign an executive order declaring a national emergency regarding human rights abuses and corruption, and giving the Treasury Department the authority to freeze and seize the bank accounts of anyone involved in such crimes. This will neutralize the majority of the cabal’s wealth, and force them into capitulation.

7.) The final strike on the cabal’s finances will be the crash of the financial markets. The financial contagion will start with Deutsche Bank and the derivatives market, possibly triggered by the Chinese petroyuan launch, but will quickly spread to every market. Safeguards will be triggered and the markets will be frozen in their free fall. This event will be used as the trigger for the martial law takedown of the cabal and the unsealing of the sealed indictments (18,500+ filed since October of last year).


Protocol 5: Topple Globalist Pedocracy

1.) The world will be united by the New World Order globalists, but not in the way the globalist had hoped. The nations of Earth will be united through our shared disgust and unanimous rejection of the globalist pedocracy.

2.) As the true extent of all the crimes, lies, conspiracies, and atrocities of the Satanic financial elite and their minions are brought to light, questions will naturally arise as to how such evil corruption and total deception was even possible. This is when the public is introduced to the reality of the pedophile blackmail slave, and how such mind control was used to control the media’s deceptions and even to commit false flag terrorism, such as in LV.

3.) A controlled demolition of the NWO—a total systemic collapse—will be triggered through disclosure of this simple fact: The NWO is a Satanic criminal cabal of central bankers who have used pedophile blackmail slavery to infiltrate government, media, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to create a Satanic totalitarian empire of the NWO through shadow government pedocracy.

4.) The greatest strength of the NWO system is transformed into their greatest weakness, by simply shifting from darkness to light. By distilling control down to a select few psychopathic pedophiles, the NWO was able to concentrate their control and limit their liability. This same mechanism, however, created a concentration of criminals whose crimes have already been digitally documented by various intelligence agencies, within their blackmail ‘control files.’ The NWO was designed perfectly for a controlled demolition.

5.) The world will be united through our shared humanity, through our collective and unanimous rejection of the globalist cabal. Every country will share in the ritual of exposing and prosecuting the crimes of the cabal.

6.) Every country will be united by our collective freedom from slavery and our shared respect of each other’s sovereignty. A federation of freed countries will unite in support of each other’s freedom.

7.) The political left and right will be united by their disgust with the tactics of the globalists. The left will have more deprogramming to do, for their collective empathy had been most effectively exploited by the cynical globalists and nihilist cultural Marxists. The right will feel relief, but will naturally avoid the kind of right wing fascism of the past. Indeed, unity will emerge naturally from the disillusionment of the lifted veil.

Protocol 6: Reset Global Financial System

1.) The global financial system will be reset at the Mar-a-Lago Summit. Global sovereign debts will be collectively voided by a one time global jubilee.

2.) In the US the Federal Reserve will be declared unconstitutional and illegitimate and the criminal institution will be dissolved.

3.) The truth will be revealed about how the unconstitutional criminal institution of the Federal Reserve was able to be passed by a corrupted government. The assassinations of the Fed’s biggest opponents (Guggenheim, Astor, Strauss) during the sinking of the Titanic will be brought to light. The blackmail of congress and the president to pass the bill, illegally, and without a legal quorum on what would later become the exoteric Satanic holiday of ‘Festivus’ 12/23/1913 (another rebranding of esoteric Saturnalia) will be revealed. Americans will realize that while the majority of congress was on recess celebrating Christmas, a handful of Satanic pedocrats gathered in DC to pass an illegal bill to give a foreign banking cabal (the one blackmailing them) control of the US financial system.

4.) The money printing authority in the US will be returned to the rightful constitutional jurisdiction of the Treasury. The US dollar will be reset as a legitimate gold backed currency.

5.) All student loan debt will be voided. Debt slavery (indentured servitude through non-dischargeable student loan debt) will be made illegal, again.

Protocol 7: Secure World Peace

1.) Peace with North Korea will be secured, with nuclear disarmament and a phased reunification of the peninsula initiated. The combination of the technological infrastructures the South with the cheap and disciplined labor force of the North will combine to create an emergent economic powerhouse, which will balance and harmonize Chinese and Japanese influence in the region.

2.) The control ‘strings’ will be cut, dethroning the CIA and Rothschild control over NK. The announcement of this agreement, however, will be delayed until late Spring or early Summer 2018 to maximize the political impact in the US.

3.) Peace with Iran will be secured, using a combination of irresistible economic and technological incentives, to balance the implied martial pressures. The optics of the negotiation will allow both the Iranians and Trump to both save face. Trump will appear to be generous and the Iranians honored.

4.) The issue of Israel will finally be resolved, and peace finally secured in the Middle East. The precise details of this arrangement is to remain occulted, for now.

5.) What can be revealed, however, is that the non-Semitic origins of the Ashkanazim will be acknowledged, and their real homeland identified as Khazaria. The original plot of the Rothschilds to sacrifice the nation of Israel, which they also created (via the Balfour Declaration), to fulfill their plot to trigger WWIII will also be revealed.

6.) The true Semites—Sephardic Jews of Israel and the Muslims of Palestine—will be united by the acknowledgment of their shared oppression and exploitation at the hands of the Zionists.

7.) Both Crimea and Astana will factor in the Middle East peace agreement as alternate homelands for any non-Semitic Ashkenazi (Khazarian) Jews who find the new arrangement disagreeable and decide to leave Israel.

Protocol 8: Unveil Occult Sciences and Technology

1.) The fall of the cabal enables breaking the truth embargo on various scientific breakthroughs and secret technologies. Most important and spectacular among them being non-combustion propulsion systems and highly efficient clean energy technologies. These technologies had been shelved for ‘national security,’ because they threatened the petrodollar power structure.

2.) The unveiling of occult energy technology is enabled by two convergent factors: 1.) solar power was beginning to eclipse oil and coal in cost effectiveness (the removal of subsidies and use of arial spraying were only temporary delays of the inevitable rise of solar power), and 2.) the petroyuan was poised to eclipse the petrodollar. The new gold backed dollar makes both petroleum alternatives, and alternative currencies used to buy petroleum, no longer threats to ‘national security.’

3.) The unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs) will be revealed, and the truth will be told about the varieties of unexplained aerial phenomena.

4.) The breakaway civilization and its deep underground military bases (DUMBs), and the tunnel systems and high-speed maglev trains which connect them, will be de-occulted. The plan of the cabal hierarchy to survive the nuclear holocaust they planned to trigger, by living underground in this DUMB system will be revealed. It will also be revealed that they used some of these DUMBs to breed and traffic human children to feed their Satanic pedocracy blackmail slavery control system, through which they exerted absolute control over the world shadow government of the NWO.

5.) Along with the disclosure of non-combustion propulsion systems, and an explanation of UAPs, will be disclosure of the real history of human space exploration.

6.) The occulted truths will finally be revealed about our true history, the nature of consciousness, and our place in a complex and mysterious Universe of higher intelligence and multi-dimensional existence.

Protocol 9: Baptize Humanity into the ‘Golden Dawn’

1.) The event will involve a spiritual baptism, a ritual to mark the release from all forms of bondage. The ritual marks the act of being absolved of all debts, all blackmail ‘control files,’ all oaths, and all ‘soul contracts.’

2.) The consciousness of nearly all humans on Earth will inevitably be affected by the global financial reset, for it is an attention concentrating and emotionally entraining event. For the first time since 9/11 the entire world will have an event of shared attention and emotion. In many ways the consciousness of humanity will be cognitively, affectively, and conatively entrained. You probably have never heard of ‘conation,’ because it is the most occulted aspect of the mind: volition/will/spirit. We will not only be entrained in what we are thinking and feeling, but in what we are collectively desiring.

3.) The event is a sequel to 9/11. 9/11 marked the beginning of humanity’s collective and unwitting initiation into a mystery school tradition. The 17 years between 2001 and 2018 was the ‘dark night of the soul’ for all of humanity, as the NWO agenda was foisted on the world’s population by the pedocracy, while petrodollar wars and opiate epidemics traumatized the globe, and the mainstream media kept us in the dark. This event will mark the end of the dark night of the soul for humanity. The truth about 9/11 will finally be brought to light, as part of the overall global unveiling of the NWO cabal and ALL of its many crimes against humanity.

4.) The impact of this event may be potentiated by electromagnetic entrainment of humanity into a shared state of bliss consciousness. This phenomenon may involve a natural celestial event predicted and expected to occur, such as passing through a photon belt of highly energized cosmic rays which will affect us all on both a conscious and molecular level, which has been predicted by many spiritualists and channelers. It is also possible that it will involve an artificial geomagnetic phenomenon in which HAARP systems, and/or telecom antennae, are used to temporarily change the frequency of the Schumann resonance in order to entrain and induce a shared state of altered consciousness—bliss—for all of humanity. In other words, the altered consciousness induced by the event may be potentiated by natural and/or artificial means.

5.) On the other side, participants will pledge their allegiance to Gaia, humanity, and their respective nations—and the divine principles of freedom, truth, and love. Everyone is given a fresh start, with the understanding that freedom, and commitment to each other’s freedom, is the highest ideal—to which everyone naturally and voluntarily commits.

6.) While freedom of religion continues, all previous spiritual oaths, covenants, and contracts are voided.

7.) Usury, debt, indentured servitude, and all other forms of slavery and bondage, including blackmail and coercion, will be universally abolished. Secrecy will no longer be tolerated. Indeed, due to the release of advanced technologies, we will realize that secrecy will no longer be possible.

8.) In the aftermath, many Western countries will legalize drugs and all so called ‘vice’ crimes. Some activities are limited to specific areas, venues, and/or states. Regulation and taxes allow for a relatively healthy assimilation of the previously black market activity into the light.

9.) Effective treatments for addiction will be made available to all, including ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction and LSD treatment for alcoholism. Both of these treatments have already been proven in scientific trials to have over 60% success rates, with only one (1) administration. The only reason why they have been kept from the general population has been the fact that the opiate epidemic, and substance addiction in general, has been highly lucrative to multiple factions of the cabal.

10.) Going forward: Secular spiritual centers and temples will combine ritual ceremony, architecture, music, multimedia, PEMF, and entheogens (such as micro-doses of LSD and MDMA) to reliably produce shared altered states of higher consciousness. Old religious traditions will not be abolished, but allowed to fade naturally, or adapt and evolve. (Except, of course, for religious traditions that involve slavery, ritual abuse, rape, and/or human sacrifice. No more of that will be allowed.)

11.) The Golden Dawn is the Great Awakening of humanity, and the beginning of the Golden Age. The nature of human consciousness will never be the same, in a way that is impossible to describe, yet it is as inevitable as it is ineffable. We are the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn and these are our Protocols.



LINK THAT GIVES FURTHER DETAILS OF HISTORY: https://medium.com/words-on-a-swing/further-beyond-ef6fc8f2f8e

THe below YouTube Link indicates an Example of How Frequencies can create Shapes and which supports Truths of our reality that is not common domain narratives. As Disclosure comes forward we need to understand these Universal Laws.


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By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 20:17 UTC on October 7th, 2021.

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By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 20:43 UTC on September 9th, 2021.

Devolution and It’s Role in The Great Awakening End Game.

Video(35:14): https://www.bitchute.com/video/nAQshu1bHQeS/Posted on by TheLightHasWonPosted in Alternative NewsNicholas VeniaminTagged Alan FountainDevolutionEnd GameNewsNicholas VeniaminPoliticsThe Great AwakeningU.K.USAWe The People.


By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 20:38 UTC on August 26th, 2021.

Read more & video(28:56): https://www.bitchute.com/video/MsYRnuUDs7oF/Posted on by TheLightHasWonPosted in Alternative NewsNicholas VeniaminTagged Alan FountainFDANewsNicholas VeniaminPfizerPoliticssting operationVaccinesWe The People.


By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 21:00 UTC on August 12th, 2021.

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By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 20:55 UTC on July 29th, 2021.

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By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 22:36 UTC on July 15th, 2021.

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By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 22:23 UTC on July 1st, 2021.

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Video: Alan Fountain Discusses Be The Plan with Nicholas Veniamin

By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 00:38 UTC on June 25th, 2021.

Video(31:15): https://www.bitchute.com/video/eVy0pmu9imR1/Posted on by TheLightHasWonPosted in Alternative NewsNicholas VeniaminTagged Alan FountainAlternative NewsBe The PlanNicholas VeniaminVideoWe The People.

Video: Alan Fountain Discusses Truth Coming Out with Nicholas Veniamin

By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 21:35 UTC on May 27th, 2021.

Video(28:26): https://www.bitchute.com/video/rnKaQfE3SITZ/Posted on by TheLightHasWonPosted in Alternative NewsNicholas VeniaminTagged Alan FountainAlternative NewsNicholas VeniaminVideoWe The People.


By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 21:00 UTC on May 6th, 2021.

Video(24:27): https://www.bitchute.com/video/VhCecoE9A4eL/Posted on by TheLightHasWonPosted in Nicholas VeniaminTagged Alan FountainAlternative NewsNicholas VeniaminPatriot Round-up Texas EventVideoWe The People.


By Nicholas Veniamin | First published at 11:19 UTC on March 5th, 2021.

The Below Article Offers References and Validation Documentation Discussed In VIDEO with Details Explaining the DEEP STATE and SHADOW GOVERNMENT. Who are the SES, Senior Executive Services, and the Beurocrats with more POWER than CONGRESS?

Read more & video(40:57): https://www.bitchute.com/video/QIY7yXaQRjGw/Posted on by TheLightHasWonPosted in Alternative NewsDisclosures – RevelationsTagged Alan FountainAlternative NewsDeep StateFor We The PeopleNewsNicholas VeniaminPoliticsRevelationsShadow GovernmentVideo.



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UKRAINE – What’s the Truth with the Khazarian Mafia Nazi & CCP Gaslighting the Public with their DS Swamp Fake Media Narratives?

Hello Patriot Family, Supporters and BLOG Followers: Below will be a collection of intel on the Ukraine Wag The Dog Operation: please start out with this Video that gives an overview and I will continue to edit and include supporting photographs and links to other articles. I needed a link to include with today’s Nicholas VENIAMIN podcast so posting before Article is completed.


The Latest Video Podcast was Recorded 3/24/2022 entitled THE CABAL IS READY TO COLLAPSE


Article on UKRAINE fake media Narratives.

Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine. | Russia-Ukraine War = “Wag the Dog”. | They’re using the ‘war’ in Ukraine to distract us while they give themselves permission to take our homes & mandate digital ID passports

This Former Legacy Media Reporter Validates How She is Offended by Media Gaslighting Propaganda on Ukraine plus comments on these symbols posted below on the Ukranian Military Uniforms.

Puppet of Deep State Globalist!
Symbolisms will be their downfall –

Link To The Movie Trailer Giving Insight to the Concept of Faking War by Media To Keep the Deep State Plan Alive-

The below short video affirms the reuse of old war footage by media to Gaslight the American Public-



More Wag The Dog Experiences validating you are watching a movie!





It’s on courtlistener.com

Just as I predicted in this article in 2020 i dcoded that future RICO Act Charges were likely coming is why Rudy Guiliani was such a pivotal character to assist TRUMP- I GOT THIS AMONG MANY OTHER DISCERMENTS ACCURATE. Toot my own horn here as I await many other predictions to manifest from my blog articles over the past 5 years!

Here is my article predicting what just came true!!

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Gf4Justice Blog Celebrates 1Million Viewers Covering The Great Awakening Trump Swamp Draining! Future Proves Past!

By Alan Fountain http://www.gf4justice.com/about Residential Displacement Fundraiser: http://www.GiveSendGo.com/PedoGateWhistleblower

Dearest Supporters, Readers or Just My Family, I want to Thank you for embracing my journey to expose the PedoGate Pandemic across the world and its very real history of Trauma induced brainwashing to enslave humanity. The system or Swamp as President Trump calls it is deep! I have documented my first hand accounts plus shared decoded military stringers educating persons on the largest declassification of intel in human history to allow citizen journalists to take control of the narratives and elevate consciousness.

We have come a very long way together as I have vowed to serve as a litmus test seeking justice for the crimes to my life as a survivor of organized pedophilia trafficking. It has been a very very difficult journey yet an impossible one had I not started accepting donations in 2020 to support my ability to create content via video interviews with Nicholas and others sharing my dangerous whistleblowing experiences.

I have been funding everything on my modest disability income for 6 years but only began to expand my horizons and expand my visibility once I swallowed my pride and embraced humility to ask for support. My very financially stable family disowned me and withdrew a promised medical subsidy for life due to my not retreating from my platform to speak out on evil. Along this journey I realized the level and depth to which they are compromised and in bed with the Deep State. This reality and hurt from having to grieve the betrayal of almost every intimate and close relations you knew was and is devastating. God substituted me with a new family and answered my prayers as he inspired the public to financially contribute to my efforts to be a voice for the voiceless children. I am so grateful to those who have donated as this is our fight together although I am using my story to speak out with Truth.

After 4 years of being residentially displaced after being forced from a comfortable residence due to deep state agents breaking my gaslines that leaked for a month hoping to frighten me. It worked as I have been tortuted psycholically non stop by ritual threats for the 6 years since. I was able to mitigate some of the evil after having contribtions to help build my visibility. Please forgive me if you contributed and I was unable to get you a personal thank you as living out of 2 suitcases for over 4 years is challenging. Our journey together along with your support has allowed me to network and align as a speaker with groups and persons who are in the orbit of President Trump and his trusted confidants. Our partnership is flourishing and I plan to follow through until the masses know justice from this evil. I have not posted to my blog for 3 months due to displacement instability yet I have kept growing and networking. I will be speaking at the Patriot Voice Rally for Trump at Lin Woods South Carolina peoperty the end of April 2022.

The deep state wiped out my ability to collect resources in october 2021 by having paypal & venmo deplatformed and I have struggled to stay afloat. I finally was able to create a christian Funding Platform to help mitigate my homelessness displacement and it is at 25% success of goal in just one week. God Bless all who have prayed and supported me during this fast moving military operation and Covid plandemic movie simulation to wake up the sleepers. I have included a link for any persons able to support.

I have included my last 3 video podcasts in this article along with a recent copy of my most revealing interview to date describing my journey being sold into a Black Ops Pedophilia ring as a child. This interview with James of WE THE PEOPLE radio was very detailed in describing the systems of the DEEP STATE that I personally experienced.

This is My Most Revealing Personal Interview on PedoGate Thus Far!


MY SEGMENT BEGINS AT TIME STAMP 2:17:17 ( 2 hours, 17 minutes & 17 seconds into the Podcast) More Synchronicity Markers! Go #17!

Below is My Recent Video for the week of this article update Posted for My Blog Followers.

Here Is a Link to a collection of over 50 of my Podcasts/ Videos on Many Great Awakening Geopolitical Topics as a PedoGate Whistleblower.


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Alan Fountain Sits Down With James of We The People Radio and Gives his Most Revealing PedoGate Interview to Date! This Podcast includes over 7 other Event  Patriot Speakers Recorded Live at Vegas RoundUp Oct 23 – 26.

by Alan Fountain



JAMES is Sending me an Edited Copy of just our Over an Hour Long Interview so that I can distribute it among those interested in PedoGate Topics.


Apple PodCast


MY SEGMENT BEGINS AT TIME STAMP 2:17:17 ( 2 hours, 17 minutes & 17 seconds into the Podcast) More Synchronicity Markers! Go #17!

“We got the opportunity to cover the amazing event held in Las Vegas By The Patriot Voice from Oct 22-25 2021! For God and Country Patriot Double Down was such an unbelievable event with so many great speakers. Cueanon John his girlfriend Amy, Yvonne, and Dave brought together so many like minded Patriots to hear from some of their favorite Patriots and we had the honor of sitting down with many of them” James of We The People Radio.


I will be posting my Speech from the Event Once it clears Post Production.



Here is the link to Previous Articles & Videos related to the Vegas Event that includes an Associated Press article mention on my speech.

Alan Fountain “The PedoGate Whistleblower” Testimony and Speech Finally Make its Way Into MainStream Print Media After 7 Years of Censoring. | gf4justice


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Alan Fountain “The PedoGate Whistleblower” Testimony and Speech Finally Make its Way Into MainStream Print Media After 7 Years of Censoring.

THE BELOW ARTICLE originating from this Link https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2021/oct/27/las-vegas-has-not-seen-the-last-of-qanon/ where a LAS VEGAS SUN reporter attempted to seek press credentials yet was denied due to the history of media distorting narratives. I thought the media represented my mission fair and balanced considering they could have put a conflicted spin of conspiracy attached to my speech yet they were straightforward and presented the details as I stated.

Our Family of followers here and on social media has witnessed my journey of 7 years and this is the first press I have received from mainstream media outside of social media. Does this mean we are close to the flood gates opening and giving once blocked voices an opening to finally be uncensored? This did make it into the wire by the associated press. Huge Thank Yous to all who have donated to support my journey as you see the huge hurdles it has taken to get this far so we have to keep my momentum going. We don’t have 7 years for others to break through the matrix. We must keep supporting those who are currently on the front lines and making headways. I will be providing TRUST THE PLAN & BE THE PLAN Tee shirts as one path to help my platform aside from the voluntary contributions from the public ( Patriot Family) who keep me on the front line.

I will be posting my Speech from Las Vegas once it is through post-production on http://www.MAGAINFO.tv, I will be doing a review of the RoundUp on this Thursday’s Nicholas Veniamin Show and will post it to my telegram and my BLOG. Please contact me at my email, gf4justice@yahoo.com, for inquires on Tee Shirts or how to support my platform with contributions. We HAVE TO KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!


Las Vegas has not seen the last of QAnon and its fervor for conspiracy theories

Speakers at rally insist their work to ‘eradicate the evil’ is not done



Jacob Anthony Chansley, who also goes by the name Jake Angeli, a QAnon believer, speaks to a crowd of President Donald Trump supporters Nov. 5, 2020, outside of the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office in Phoenix. Chansley was among those arrested for rioting at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He pleaded guilty to a felony on Sept. 3 and could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

By Jessica Hill

Wed, Oct 27, 2021 (2 a.m.)


Jim Marchant speaks Nov. 3, 2020, at a Republican election night watch party in Las Vegas. Marchant, who is now running for Nevada secretary of state, spoke over the weekend at the Patriot Double Down event at the Ahern Hotel.

At a four-day convention in Las Vegas attended by far-right conspiracy theorists, speakers passionately spoke about premises such as COVID-19 being introduced by Democrats to ensure that Donald Trump lost reelection.

And they indicated that the “truth” will soon be coming out, and that information will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The group of QAnon sympathizers and extreme-right figureheads also promoted false claims about voting security in saying the 2020 election was rigged, and spoke against COVID vaccine mandates.

It’s unknown how many people attended at the Ahern Hotel near the Strip, although one media report pegged the number at a few hundred. The Las Vegas Sun applied for credentials to cover the Patriot Double Down, but heard nothing. We instead purchased a live-streaming option Monday for $17.76 to watch the event.

The narratives being spun ranged from being false to potentially criminal.

Take motivational speaker Brett Bohl, also known as Ohio Brett, who announced plans to go back to the Capitol on Jan. 6, which is QAnon adherents’ celebration day, he said. Federal prosecutors charged more than 600 people in more than 40 states with taking part in the riot, where extremist Trump supporters tried to interfere with the certification of Biden’s presidential election victory.

“That is our day,” Bohl said during the convention. “And we’re not going to let evil take us.”

Some members of the Q movement, or the #wwg1wga movement, which means “where we go one, we go all,” believe that evil forces are conspiring to hurt good people, particularly children. They refer to themselves as patriots, brave soldiers who are fighting a secret war against the “deep state” — a secret illuminati that controls national policy.

The convention’s emcee, Andre Popa, wearing a white shirt unbuttoned into a v-neck and white pants with an American flag printed across the right leg, got the audience to chant “USA” and “Let’s go, Brandon,” a phrase that stems from a race car driver but now is a euphemism for “F— Joe Biden,” according to slate.com.

Blogger Alan Fountain, whose speech was apparently focused on “Pedogate,” detailed his traumatic experience as a child victim of molestation. He described how acquaintances were planted in his life to spy on him and how he was secretly rescued by a White Hat Special Forces operation, with a State Department agent inspiring him to follow the “Q drops” — clues from an anonymous internet poster who goes by Q and claims to have high-level security access and knowledge of the inner workings of the so-called deep state.

While it might be easier to ignore this movement that is filled with outlandish conspiracy theories, researchers warn not to underestimate the group.

“We really do need to take them at their word when they tell us what they believe,” said UNLV Ph.D. candidate Nicholas MacMurray, pointing to the events of Jan. 6 as the real-world outcome that the group helped instigate. “This is their understanding of reality. To belittle them and downplay their ideas, I think that’s to the detriment of future events. Isolation is dangerous in that way.”

In 2016, a man fired a rifle in the Comet Ping Pong, a pizza shop in Washington, D.C., that has been targeted as the nest of child-trafficking, because he claimed to be “self-investigating” the baseless online conspiracy, according to NPR.

Members of the QAnon group also have power and influence, either in their positions in government or as media producers with huge followings. For example, conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins, who attended the event and has more than 430,000 followers on his Telegram account, is throwing his hat into an Arizona congressional race.

Arizona state representatives Wendy Rogers, Mark Finchem and Sonny Borrelli, as well as Nevada Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant, spoke at the convention, calling for “election integrity.” And while some of them may claim not to follow or know about Q and the QAnon movement, they continue to promote some of the same baseless theories.

MacMurray co-authored a piece about QAnon that focused on the entry into the movement, the belief structure and the role that technology plays in the group. He found that membership into groups like QAnon is partly rooted in the distrust of social institutions like media, government, religion and science, MacMurray said.

“If you have this sense that these institutions are working against you,” he said, “it’s an easier next step to believe in the conspiracy of elites that are holding you down and also doing bad things, such as hurting children.“

You might come across something on the internet, such as a podcast or a YouTube video, and then the algorithms kick in and give you more of that content, MacMurray said, feeding into the chaos and the radicalization. Then you discover QAnon influencers who are interpreting these Q drops, he said. There are also people with political agendas who become part of the movement, he said.

What started as a small group looking at these clues being dropped has grown into a subculture, and some would say a new religion, MacMurray said.

Another characteristic of the QAnon movement is an “us vs. them” mentality, which is also common in youth culture in which teenagers rebel against parents, MacMurray said. Members feel they are on the inside of something and feel important. They also feel like they are part of a community.

Many speakers at the convention talked about that sense of community and family they feel through the group and their common cause. It echoed community ties common among religious institutions, as some speakers mentioned the importance of doing good, being kind and loving each other.

“There’s also this feeling of historical significance,” MacMurray said. “You’re involved in major historical events and the rest of the world doesn’t get it. Only you get it.”

MacMurray and his colleagues have compared it to moral panics, such as the satanic panic in the 1980s that had a similar fervor to save the children.

That sentiment was evident at the convention.

One speaker, Jason Frank, spoke candidly about his previous drug addiction and his decision to dedicate his life to God and to “eradicate the evil” of child trafficking. He discussed visiting Comet Ping Pong to “come as close to the source” and come to his own understanding, he said.

“This is the greatest time in history,” he said, adding that he is getting ready to go back to the battlefield. “The scribes are going to write scrolls about this time.”

The belief that evil forces are conspiring to hurt good people is deeply rooted in the human psyche, psychologist Jan-Willem van Prooijen at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam wrote in a 2018 NBC News article about the psychology behind QAnon.

“In the dark ages, witch hunts were based on the belief that young women gathered in the woods to conspire with the devil, and many traditional societies still accuse enemy tribes of sorcery to harm or control them,” he wrote.

Distinguishing fact from fiction is going to be increasingly important in order to curb those conspiracy theories, he said. But an added layer comes when there is a denial of fact, which was another common theme throughout the convention. Speakers said throughout the event that they “are the truth” and have their own versions of facts.

So what can be done? Can people come back from those extremes? MacMurray and his colleagues are beginning to look at different deradicalization and “disinformation” projects that have been put forward to combat those false theories. Although he hesitates to call the QAnon movement a cult, there are some parallels that can be studied to help, such as how people have broken away from cults.

“How do you bring somebody back from those beliefs?” he asked. That is something he hopes to learn more about.

This won’t be the last Las Vegas sees of the extremists. The organizers of the convention, John Sabal, or “QAnon John,” and his partner, Amy, announced that there will be another convention in February at Ahern Hotel.


The Arrival Day Video Broadcast with Nicholas Veniamin on the Las Vegas, For God & Country Patriot RoundUp Double Down! The Review of the Event Scheduled for the Nov 4th Broadcast was postponed due to a mild cold & Nicholas mildly under the Weather. Here is the Video the Day the Event Began.

Click on the Below Link for Preview Video of Vegas RoundUp. 10/21/2021. This is Exactly 4 Years from the Week Q drops or Military Stringers began Posting on Jim & Ron Watkins Platform on 4 & 8 Chan before becoming 8Kun.


Hello Friends I wanted to send my heartfelt sentiments of appreciation and gratitude for holding my hand through likely the most challenging Global period in Centuries that impacted Every Country on Earth. It would not have been possible for me to escape & survive cabal attacks if not for the support of Patriot Contributions. You are saving my life and hopefully we are close to End Game and Freedom for All.

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Las Vegas, For God & Country Patriot RoundUp Double Down Starts Friday Oct, 22-25!  Sending Gratitude and Love to the Patriots, Digital Soldiers and Followers of The Great Awakening who Supported My Journey.

Today’s Video Broadcast with Nicholas Veniamin on the Las Vegas, For God & Country Patriot RoundUp Double Down!

Hello Friends I wanted to send my heartfelt sentiments of appreciation and gratitude for holding my hand through likely the most challenging Global period in Centuries that impacted Every Country on Earth.

The followers of the Great Awakening understand we are going through a global reconstruction of the ruling powers on Earth after the Trump Administration Partnered with a Covert Military Operation to End Human Trafficking and the Pedophilia Blackmail Bribery System in politics responsible for our Rigged System linked to other World Governments.

I have been navigating extreme adversity since going public in 2015 telling my story of being placed into an Organized Program of trafficking children through Pedo Rings to groom them for covert roles in the Black Hat system of possible Manchurian candidate type futures.  The journey ran by ILLUMINATTI and Government Contractors is finally making it’s history known to the public after a White Hat Special Operations Military Campaign Inspired the Largest Ever Declassification of Military Intelligence to support Q Digital Soldiers  with the take over of the Narrative using Information Warfare.

This Executive Order is What Launched Military Powers Globally. It was signed on October 21, 2017.

Through a series of Military Stringers or Breadcrumb drops, Q Intelligence Special Forces Operations Officers started posting on October, 28 2017 a series of cryptic messages in the form of Questions.  These Bread Crumb Drops can be read in this Archived data base in this Link.  http://www.Qanon.pub

This Operation became very personal to me as I was covertly chosen by Military Special Ops to participate as a hand picked Digital Soldier to help inspire future allies as the Q operation spread across the Globe.

I tell my story in a podcast in January 2021 in a one hour twenty minute interview on the Nicholas Veniamin show.


Above is the link to that interview where I share how the Q team Army of Northern Virginia inspired my collaboration as a future Digital Soldier and Now being Invited to Join an Impressive Group of Patriot Whistleblowers and Content Providers sharing their journey navigating our Rigged System of Government.

I will be sharing aspects of this interview in a 40 minute speech with a 20 minute Q&A to follow. I validate how Q is in my validations 100% benevolent White Hat Military Operations.

This Will Be live Streamed on http://www.MagaInfo.tv This is a Patriot Broadcast channel created by Jason Sullivan who created a genius Twitter algorithm to assist Donald Trump have equal access in 2016 to the public without the normal Twitter Shenanigans and censoring. Well that did not last long we see due to his now class action suit against Social media.

As Many Know I have been surviving on the contributions by supporters of my Blog & Podcasts which I intentionally made advertisement free and have not sold any products to subsidize income. I wanted it to be easy to navigate. That 7 years of volunteer advocacy will be changing as of this event as I will be selling a combo package crafted especially for the Vegas Double Down Attendees or all who supported me in the past.

Well, this Club is now for the first time in a thousand year history facing Military Tribunal & RICO Act consequences due to a Silent Sun Tzu Style War that has taken place covertly behind the scenes and was strategically masked behind a Masterfully Crafted Military Truth revealing Counter Psyop PLAN of Information Warfare against the FAKE Mockingbird Propaganda Media. This PLAN was designed to ultimately destroy all cabal institutions of power by having them self-Implode by exposing their own Sinister Agents & Socialist Agendas such as, FEDERAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANK IMF, CDC, FBI, CIA, MSM, WHO, ILLUMINATI Secret Society Free Masons Corporate/ Bilderberg Industrial Complex and the 8500 SES Beaurocrats who secretly Run America and Intentionally Cover-Up the $500 Billion a year Human Trafficking Industry.

Many know I lost all family support both emotionally and a history of economic medical support for my exposing the sinister systems and persons who are Cogs & Enablers of the Cabal Globalist Insiders Club. This Silent Insiders Club covers up the Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking Pandemic in America. This is the Rigged System known as the Deep State that the Elite 1% Bloodline Illuminati Families along with their 4% of population enablers & gas-lighters who by either Blackmail, Bribery or by Good ole Greed Incentives willingly join the club.

There was an Executive Orders signed on December 21, 2017 that allowed the Seizure of Assets and the Arrests of all persons involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruption. There are Military Tribunals for both Treason & or Crimes to Humanity for all Conspirators of Human/ Sex Trafficking or Organ Harvesting Crimes by using the legal model under Rudy Giuliani that successfully use the NY Mafia Busting RICO ACT.

This Tee-Shirt became a crucial element of my Story and journey not only as a Pedo-gate Survivor but as First Round Digital Soldier covertly trained by NSA & Military methods using Synchronicity, Coincidences, Gematria, Numerology among other discernment gifts to become a Q Decoder & Content Provider writing a Blog that was shared by Q team to ultimately 180 countries Embassies allegedly as a Whistleblower testimony for Q Special Ops agents intel assisting in this Global Operation.

This is the shirt the Q Team Agent who Identified Himself as an Agent from the Dept of State specializing in Information Resources provided to me as one of the Synchronicity Markers to Inspire my Trust.

This is Why I have chosen this Tee-Shirt Design to include in my Fundraising Promotional Package exclusively for persons at the Vegas RoundUp or who might catch the Live stream and wish to have a momentum of my participation in this Historical Event. I am packaging a combination of a Subscription to My New Substack Paid Subscription Site where I will transfer my blog into an easy to follow linear time line order plus include the untold compelling stories that happened that includes personal vignettes that will be included in my EBook publishing in 2022 entitled, TRUTH, GRACE and TIME.

Many who followed my journey know the story of how a Q Agent sent me the TRUST THE PLAN, QANON Tee -shirt as one of the many Synchronicity Markers to validate Q was an Authentic White Hat Military Special Ops Campaign and I could now Trust Them after they came to my rescue after the Cabal/ Deep State had me tortured to inspire my silence.

Many persons have asked to have one of the these TRUST THE PLAN tee-shirts that originated from official military graphics taken from Qmap card #47. This was the Q explanation detailing the 3 year plan to educate the public on the truth revealed in the Largest Ever Military Declassification of Intelligence in American history to wake up the public to the Launch of the New World Order that was to take place had Hillary Clinton prevailed in the 2016 election. I cover this plus the entire 4 years since the first Q post. Below is a photo of the alleged 16 year plan to launch the New World Order.

If you are interested in one of these TRUST THE PLAN shirts please email me and I will provide package details and prices. The package includes all my current Blog Articles transferred to SUBSTACK, plus a collection of 25 video podcasts on Great Awakening Topics told via video. This will be a first look of my future EBook as I fill in the many untold tales that are personal over the next 6 months. Subscribers will get each chapter draft as completed until book is finished. An opportunity to read the first draft before publishing.

I was grateful I was able to make all my content Free to the public since I began my Whistleblower Journey in 2014 to help spread the Truth and raise consciousness. As most can understand after having over One Million Views of my BLOG at some point I would need to join my peers who have monetized their platforms. I held out as long as I can without a revenue stream and was pleased to help by sharing my over 5000 hours of research.

Please email me if you are interested in a Promotional Package to commemorate my participation as a featured Speaker at The Vegas Double Down RoundUp. gf4justice@yahoo.com

The Entire Package is around $100 to $125. I will be pricing shirts Individually in the future as one of my support products to maintain my media platforms. Anyone who has donated or contributed to my journey will always get a 25% discount on any products I am the owner or creator in future. Just remind me you contributed in the past. I will be compiling a list as soon as catch up so I can Thank anyone I might have missed due to Pay Pay app mishaps. It was actually made difficult for me to connect with donors I feel intentionally after investigating app issues. The cabal fought back hard but are losing Bigly!!

I need to raise around $700 by Friday to cover unsettled expenses for flight to Vegas and the balance on the Printing of Promotional Tee-Shirts. My hotel and food are covered as a Speaker. As always God has a way of inspiring just the right amount at just the right time when seeking platform contributions. This Tee-Shirt and my EBook / Blog Subscription will become my future revenue path so I will not have to depend solely on asking public for help. ( It has been humbling to have to surrender pride to make this operation successful and so grateful to our Patriot family.)

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Link To Details with Speaker Profiles. http://www.ThePatriotVoice.us


To See Some of these Patriots who played roles as Digital Soldiers and Trump insiders during the Great Awakening take Note of this Round Up in Las Vegas in October.  I am honored to be included in this Line up of Featured Speakers.

Please Join Us on The Live Stream of the event should you not have opportunity to attend this time. Go to http://www.MagaInfo.tv for details when speech’s go live Saturday Oct 23, at 9am. Unsure of the Subscription rate but think it was $17 dollars during the Dallas Event in May.

I will be doing my Bi-Monthly appearance on the Nicholas Veniamin show from Las Vegas this Thursday Oct. 21, 2017. I will give any updates live from Vegas in this broadcast. I will announce any promotional packages with the above shirt & Subscription to SUBSTACK once package price is determined this Friday. Thank You Patriots as you see just how far we have come along this journey together. It has truly been a team effort of collaboration and fighting with Spiritual Warfare.



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Patriots & White Hats are Still Very Much Winning! Remain Patient as We Navigate Controlled Chaos & White Hat Pivots to Reveal Past Cabal Influence over Global Politics. “FJB” 🤣

Hello Patriots I want to Firstly Thank You for coming to my Aide with Contributions to my Platform and Advocacy. I was under attack by a targetted network of Adversaries who attempt to thwart the success of White Hat Digital Soldiers who are successfully exposing the Negative Black Hat Enemy.

I have not experienced such similar attacks since 2015. I can see this attack came from lower ranking minions as their higher ups back up teams weren’t anywhere in sight. In past you saw Back Up Squads.

They attempted to destabilize my life by hitting me with energy weapons using Frequency Manipulation. I had only 7 hours of sleep in 3 weeks. I am so familiar with cabal tricks I was able to recognize what was happening by observing my environment and persons who’s behaviors changed. Plus the 2 strangers who coincidentally wormed their way into the guest bedrooms for an extended stay was pretty obvious something was askew. I lived in a basement Suite yet shared wifi and other systems.

The Below video Podcast with Nicholas Veniamin had to be cut short due to the Air BnB where I’m staying was not set up to accommodate a strong wifi signal at the location I was broadcasting. My personal hot spot signal failed at the last moment. The perils of being displaced.

Sending My Gratitude to all the Supporters who are following my journey and immediately sent contributions so I could flee the Danger and Verbal Violence that had entered my life by persons who were frequency manipulated who were attempting to force me into a homeless situation knowing I might find it challenging as a PTSD survivor.

This technology is being administered at the Government Contractor Level I sense and still being used to have leverage over adversaries in Court cases and even for targetted individuals but not as prevalent as During Obama Years. ( The Cabal has been Weakened Greatly) I recognized common practices noted in the Gang Stalking Technology in how they over take the consciousness of individuals and use them as AI robots. These persons were Vaccinated and I feel it made them more easily controlled through subconscious and suggestive manipulations due to my research on Graphene Oxide and the parasite mirroring components.


These are a few of my Telegram posts that Explain my sudden need to relocate. I was attempted to be poisoned that mirrored same fear inducing choking that occured in 2015 so I know it was likely left overs from the same operation to induce fear. Yet obviously less funded and staffed as huge numbers of folks were present in 2015 to only a few identifiable operatives in 2021 incident.


October 1, Post. I ultimately had to go to ER to get sedated to sleep is how I realized it was a targetted attack.

Hello Dear Patriots!  I know we are over the Target and the Enemy is desperate and using all their arsenal. The experiences Im witnessing are off the Chain Crazy!   I wont say much about  events until I’m “very safe” at next Destination. I have God & The Patriots and will land on my Feet.

Have made some observations I will Share and Discuss once this current attack passes.  I don’t want to share my plans but humbly ask if you have spare change please donate or contribute. I have a plan but can’t share as my Telegram is monitored by the enemy. If you know me and trust me when I say IM escaping Danger but need resources only from those who can spare.  I Need to say less Now but Ask for your Trust, I NEED HELP. 

We are officially in elevated stages of enemy fighting back hard. It’s a miracle I’m still standing but GOD WINS Right!  I’m on the run headed to safe undisclosed place but need Money & Prayers

VENMO- Alan-fountain-2





I will post today’s Podcast with Nicolas Veniamin as soon as it is edited. I will try and plan ahead for our next interview to secure best wifi signal. I hope to secure permanent housing hopefully soon. I have been displaced going on 4 years where all my possessions are in a storage booth from when cabal did succeed at displacing me and I decided to live somewhat off the grid until the climate became more safe and trusting. I believe we are close. I hope to return to an apartment or home of my own before January 2022.




Link To Details with Speaker Profiles. http://www.ThePatriotVoice.us

To See Some of these Patriots who played roles as Digital Soldiers and Trump insiders during the Great Awakening take Note of this Round Up in Las Vegas in October.  I am honored to be included in this Line up of Featured Speakers.

Here is the latest updated video of the Patriot RoundUp. I anticipate it will be streamed live on http://www.magainfo.tv for those who can not attend. Wait and see what will be announced.

https://rumble.com/vna04w-for-god-and-country-patriot-double-down-2021-official-trailer.html by



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Devolution and It’s Role in The Great Awakening End Game!

By Alan Fountain

Hello Patriots and Followers of the Great Awakening!

Below is my Video Podcast with Nicholas Veniamin for September 9th, 2021.  The topic is on the Government Construct of Devolution.

I offer an overview summary of the Concept and supply links to access the research by “Patel Patriot” who is a researcher using this pseudonym after paying homage to Kash Patel is a respected player in revealing Spygate.


What is Devolution?
Patel Patriot is writing a multipart series of articles exploring the theory that President Trump knew the 2020 election would be stolen, and took steps to mitigate the impact it would have on our nation.

Notable points from the series:
Chris Miller, Anthony Tata, Kash Patel, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick were appointed to key positions in the Pentagon immediately after the November election. These moves seemed urgent at the time, but the public was never told why they were made. This series offers a logical explanation.

Following the 2020 election, Chris Krebs of CISA issued a statement saying the election was the most safe and secure in history. Oddly, this letter, from the government agency in charge of election security, was co-authored by several voting machine manufacturers, who it turns out, sit on the board of advisers for CISA. How did this arrangement happen? Article 5 provides the answer.

Examples are given about the extreme measures Abraham Lincoln took to preserve the continuity of government during the civil war. Since President Trump has stated publicly that we are at war, would he not have used these same powers himself? – Praying Medic

All 10 Parts are in a Collective Link Now Added at Very End Of This Article:

Links to the articles in the series.

Devolution – Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


To continue reading the various parts just continue at the link on substack.


Below is a series of videos and links to Articles related to the research and work on Devolution by Patel Patriot hosted by some of your trusted conservative content providers.


Patel Patriot – Devolution Was Strategically By Trump & The Military To Take Back The Country


Sean Morgan interview from today. First of many “Devolution Friday’s”




Sean Morgan and James Grundvig did an exclusive interview with Patel Patriot about devolution… …the idea that Trump viewed foreign interference reported by DNI Ratcliffe as an act of war and made



Link: https://youtu.be/DsRC_wfUjag
Link: https://youtu.be/hFZtyXRQGiY

The above posts might not be in any linear or time order of recording but the titles and descriptions should give context to order.  I will be Adding relevant content to the relevance of Devolution to what is transpiring in Politics at Present.





Thank You For Supporting My Platform & Helping Me Stay Afloat until my EBook is Published.

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Link To Details with Speaker Profiles. http://www.ThePatriotVoice.us

To See Some of these Patriots who played roles as Digital Soldiers and Trump insiders during the Great Awakening take Note of this Round Up in Las Vegas in October.  I am honored to be included in this Line up of Featured Speakers.


⭐️🇺🇸 ATTENTION 🇺🇸 ⭐️

Here are the 10 parts to the Devolution Series by Patel Patriot. If you scroll to PART 10 and use that link you will get all 10 parts and the 2 addendum:

PART 1 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution
PART 2 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-2
PART 3 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-3
PART 4 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-4
PART 5 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-5
PART 6 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-6
PART 7 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-7
PART 8 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-8
PART 9 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-9
PART 10 – https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/the-silent-war



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What Is The White Hat Strategy with Allowing the FDA Approval of the Jab and Trump Optics Speaking Positively in the Media & at the last Saturday Alabama Ralley?

By Alan Fountain

Gematria Decodes for STING OPERATION= Value of 1092. The matching value is equal to that of THE STORM IS HERE & DARKNESS TO LIGHT & GODS CHOSEN CHILDREN

To all the followers of the Great Awakening who are scratching their heads to discern what is going on with the White Hat Operation right now is in my discernment we are in a Massive Sting Operation to Destroy Cabal Institutions. Trump knows that his loyal followers who have used critical thinking skills and followed the Q military stringer decodes by the advanced decoders understand these optics and are less likely to all of a sudden mistrust his 5D chess game or Trump Tzu Game Theory Military moves.

Here is the link to my todays Video Podcast with Nicholas Veniamin as we discuss the FDA approval of the Jab. In the below links I have posted 2 video interviews with recent authorities such as Dr. Jane Ruby and Karen Kingston  who explain their expertise discernment on the significance of the FDA Approval. It is not what you think but yet part of the STING OPERATION is my discernment.

August 26, 2021 – Video Podcast on FDA, PHIZER, and STING OPERATION w/ Digital Soldier Alan Fountain on Nicholas Veniamin show.


Hold The Line Patriots as We Are Close To The Falling Dominoes as White Hats Take Out the -NIH, FDA, CDC & THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA!

BIG PHARMA DESTROYED:  Former Pfizer Employee, Karen Kingston, Shares Bombshell Details of FDA Approval Optics and Truths.


(The Below Video is an advertisement free Duplicate of above one with article & video) 

WOW! Former Pfizer Employee: “Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN”


This Next Video discloses other Important information regarding the Vaccine Optics and the FDA Approval Optics. The below updates with Dr. Jane Ruby explains how 50% of the population who got the Jabs really got saline placebos with zero harmful outcomes. We are in a STING OPERATION to destroy cabal institutions and arrest all guilty persons who were part of the conspiracy.


The Below Video is a shorter clip of former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston on the Ann Vandersteel Show.


The Above Link is to the Full Interview With Karen Kingston and Ann Vandersteel.


Updates and Additional Expert Opinions Since The Above Posts:

The FDA has announced they have “fully approved” the Pfizer shot without convening an Advisory Committee, allowing public comment, or reporting any of the public safety data.

Truth for Health Foundation is announcing that we as a public charity, acting in the public’s interest, are convening an international panel of experts on August 26, 2021 at 12pm Eastern. We have put together a Citizens Vaccine Safety Review Board, chaired by Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Paul Alexander, internationally known experts with experience on FDA Drug Safety Monitoring Boards. They will be analyzing data on injuries and deaths related to the COVID shots in the US (and worldwide, to the extent that data can be obtained) and will report directly to the public, in complete transparency.

The Citizens Vaccine Safety Review Board will also be asking the public to report vaccine adverse events directly to the Foundation Team for expert analysis and continued transparent reporting to the public – this is something the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was created to do, but has been proven they are not doing.

Whistle-blower evidence and new medical data of urgent significance on safety, currently not reported to the public, will be disclosed by Truth for Health Foundation in their duty to warn the public of these risks. This new data demonstrates the urgency to Stop The Shot until data can be independently evaluated and safer alternatives for treatment of COVID pursued and shared. Link To Rumble Video Updates.





There has been a 2 week pause so they can reflect on the damages being caused to their people, NO ONE CAN GET IT and the vaxxine license has been put on pause!


Via: NicholasVeniamin


Via: @QanonJohn

It starts with ONE.

Denmark Says It Will Remove All COVID-19 Restrictions, Including Vaccine Passports



For Immediate Release:August 23, 2021


Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals. (Con’t)….




Thank you so much to the persons who have been making Donations to help me get through these next 3 months as I complete my E-Book which I hope to use as my future source of revenue. I have not promoted any products or sold traditional items similar to alternative media as I made everything advertisement and product free as my goal was to help everyone and accept donations from those who were inspired to help keep me above water during this Great Awakening Decoding Journey.

Thank You to All who are willing to Support my Advocacy Journey!

I will be adding content to this article that is relevant to this topic over the coming week.


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ALAN FOUNTAIN- FountainOfTruthMedia

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Bonus Research on Graphene Oxide and what is Brewing in Australia.

From an Aussie…
From we support truckers group
Adam Audino
This is really interesting
I was already aware of the Graphene Oxide in the vaxx, but the connections to our own government are insidious.
Riddle me this, Batman.
This press conference may make sense now given Andrew Twiggy Forrest mines graphene…
https://youtu.be/x4a05hvrQfc All roads lead back to graphene.
As we already know, graphene is a super conductor.
As Dr Jane Ruby stated on the Stew Peters Show, the blood of a vaccinated person under microscope showed the red blood cells strangely ‘light up’ due to the inclusion of graphene in the vaccines.
Then I found an article on an experiment done at none other than the University of California, which just so happens to include one Professor Robert (Bob) Hunt, who by pure coincidence is Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt’s brother and who receives funding through a foundation called The Hunt Lab, as does his other brother Professor John Hunt at the University of NSW. UNSW has coincidentally received millions in grants from Greg Hunt and the Federal Government.
UCI ‘grant funded’ experiments discovered they could remote control the heartbeat of a mouse, speeding it up or down remotely by way of graphene. https://www.photonics.com/…/Graphene…/a63489
So then I look up what could ‘light up’ or ‘activate’ graphene in respect to ‘light robotics’ and I found an existing remote control technology called LiDAR – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidar that, like graphene, has many applications.
One of the applications of this LiDAR technology includes drones, just like the ones they have in Sydney right now – https://nationaldrones.com.au/drone…/inspections/lidar/
This LiDAR technology is also already in our mobile phones, pulsing out silent and unseen messages –
Lidar is also currently implemented in medical equipment in hospital and various therapies –
And just look at all the LiDAR companies in Australia – https://www.environmental-expert.com/…/location-australia
So in a nutshell, my thought are the COVID-19/Delta variant ‘hot-spots’ are being targeted by LiDAR, activating those who have been vaccinated by way of drones, cameras and satellites to induce a variety of health issues including heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, tremors and more depending on how your body reacts when the graphene is activated. This of course is then labelled a COVID-19/Delta death and they will then move onto the next ‘COVID-19 ravaged’ suburb and continue. This of course may be along with mind-control (Google graphene and mind medicine).
Google Mind Medicine a ‘foundation’ created by Greg Hunt’s other brother, Peter Hunt and Mind Med, a friend of big pharma.
And his other brother Steven Hunt is the Director of graphene company Sparc https://sparctechnologies.com.au/…/directors-and…/ and sits on the board of the ‘Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation’. https://arcgrapheneresearchhub.com.au/people/stephen-hunt/
Peter Hunt – https://mindmedicineaustralia.org.au/board/
Robert Bob Hunt – http://www.roberthuntlab.org/
John Hunt – https://medicalsciences.med.unsw.edu.au/people/dr-john-hunt

Greg Hunter with Updates validating the FDA approved a Vaccine slated for future release not the current Events Emergency Use Jab. A Gaslighting News Release intended to sell more of the sinister Jabs. Link Below;