A Mass Exodus Of Corporate CEOs and High Ranking Officials Affirms a Trump Administration Swamp Draining Success!

By Alan Fountain http://www.gf4justice.com/about

Trump Had Leverage to Negotiage Deals here in the USA Among the Corporate Elite Just as he did the International World Leaders where he was Able to have them Capitulate to Americas best Interest instantly by negotiating DECLAS discretion as it related to a host of Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions that most are allegedly linked to Enabling of Human Trafficking.

This was a December 31, 2019 Facebook Post on Validating the Mass exodus Of Corporate Leaders due to allegedly participating in the Launch of the Treasonous New World Order Cabal Agenda in Alignment with the Corporate Industrial Complex. This is one of Hundreds of Validating Markers that Support a Trump Administration Swamp Draining Operation did take place and doing it discreetly as to not impact Stock Market optics.

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The Mainstream Media is finally reporting on the Massive exodus of CEOs. This article focuses on the 1,300 of the 8000 plus I wrote about in my Article explaining their true crime was supporting the launch of the NWO as Executives. It has been entertaining to learn what scapegoat charges they pick among their criminality to list in public. The Mainstream Media who is complicit in the same agenda, now interrupted to Launch the Genocidal New World Order can’t self Incriminate by reporting full truths.

The Mainstream media failed to report the truth of what happened prior to midterm elections during the Trump 4 Year Administration. The Media Actually in 2019 was under the Influence of the Good Guys after Mass Indictments for media role in sedition although Trump Military Alliance forced them to continue their original scripts fronting narratives for the Deep State so that the Public would See their Actions versus being told after the fact. The Public at Large is not aware John McCain among others were already Executed via Military Tribunals for their leadership roles in creating ISIS and for leadership roles in operating a Sex Trafficking Enterprise as Cabal Captains in the Political Mafia Operation. There were many deals made such as the ROMMEL death arrangements to spare family members embarrassment. Unsure if White House will disclose these deals due to National Security declarations. The Citizen Journalists and decoders of military stringers were provided compelling clues that did not compromise security agreements. We can report these narratives without breaking any clearance agreements as we are not bound by security clearances or a NDA.

You have to admit the Military & Trump Administration implemented a Creative Back Channel through Citizen Journalist to unite and inform patriots using the declassified intelligence from Q agents to educate this New Media take over of information. General Mike Flynn coined these patriots who are now known as The Citizen Digital Soldiers. So as you read articles from the Lame Stream Media be mindful of the larger Truths of their sharing propaganda.

Trump has executed the greatest covert Military Operation to destroy an Evil Institution of Human Luciferian Enslavement and Child Sex Trafficking. This was the Greatest Covert Operation to Arrest Persons Involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions documented in the December 21, 2017 Executive Order Permitting Trump to Seize the Assets of all guilty parties.


(Citizen Journalist Article Uncensored)

Article on the 8000 Resignations of CEOs since Trump took office.

RESIGNATIONS OF BUSINESS LEADERS AND CEOS TOPS 8000 AND CLIMBING: https://americandigitalnews.com/…/resignations-of…/


(Main Stream Media Narratives Masked Behind Propoganda)

Article from NBC on 1300 resignations in 2019: https://www.nbcnews.com/…/why-have-more-1-000-ceos-left…



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