Alan Fountain -March Madness Updates On Executions, Biden & Timelines w/ Nicholas Veniamin – 3/5/2021

Hello Supporters and Digital Soldiers of the Great Awakening on this almost Spring Friday. I am including my most recent video update with Nicholas Veniamin that covers some Secondary Source Validations to some recent Decodes on HIDDEN events taking place in the covert military Campaign – OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM- GITMO!

3/5/2021 video updates on Executions, FAKE BIDEN, and Timelines.


I Will be adding to the extended post over the coming days offering support documents to various topics discussed in this video. Sending all well wishes for a great weekend. I will be adding some revenue items or advertising to articles in near future to allow me to continue bringing information via this blog and Video platforms. I tried to keep it voluntary donation and free of annoying click bate and hope to delay longer. I have some ideas that might be community conscious humanitarian driven and help support platforms as well. Due to loss of Facebook & Twitter censoring I had to start over seeking to reconnect with the over 50k extended family from Nazi Book.


(I will add new photos and clips to support this videos topics discussed in this week’s video here over the week-end so check back should I not send a duplicate blog post.)

As mentioned in interview we are watching a Fake Presidency acted out in a Skit that Obama made legal when he signed the Smith Mundt Act in 2012 when planning to overthrow America. Watch this 1997 Movie Trailer to get an Idea of how the technology and process would work to fool the World Public. Trump took over all of the enemies weapons and weaponised them in a Game Theory reverse strategy to Destroy the Deep State.





I decoded some esoteric details regarding the Flights of 300 prisoners who are departing from Fort McDill to reach their destination prior to Executions. My source told me it is a 20 minute flight from Fort McDill which makes me think it is not going to GITMO but a anti gravity off earth flight as Gene Decode inferred was plausible in a video I over heard. Genes comment combined with my sources details makes me think the destination might be off Earth because Gene said it only takes minutes to reach Andromeda. A traditional flight from Tampa to Cuba is 1.5 hours? So this twisted clue with my discerning via multiple sources might unravel the time equation of 20 minutes for total travel to final destination. ( we have to start putting plausible clues together now that our awareness of our advances revealing SPACE FORCE. Therefore when contemplating theories of how technology is helping win this war against the Deep State then realize our advances are Vast. Think Guardians of the Galaxy movie versus Vietnam war skills. Remember the below Film Poster giving clues about the MOVIES taking place Simultaneously documented in this film poster in Military Stringer.


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