What is the Truth Behind The Term “FAKE NEWS” and What Does Trump Know about The Globalist Swamp Politicians Weaponizing Media to Enrich Their Treasonous Cabal?



The below meme is an important statistic from Military Intelligence sources who have aligned with citizen advocates that they discern to likely fall under the 5% category of Patriot advocates who have been trying to wake up the 90% of citizens that are asleep to what shadow events that are going on in our Government now and over the past half-century.  The Whistleblower/ Advocate 5% in the below meme has been under siege by the 1% Global elite Cabal and their 4% of the population Puppet Enablers/Handlers.  Some Really Horrible realities are going to come out in 2018/2019 as a result of past politicians and their banking families financier sponsors. The bottom line truths will be traumatic for many. The world is not as simplistic as we were told. We have advanced technology that has been held by a Shadow Government most all of history, but this article relates primarily to the advanced technology learned during the Eisenhower administration around 1957. Ever since this period, this technology and the method in which they discovered it was originally decided to be deemed classified. Due to classified status, our GOV leaders sadly created a Deep State/Shadow Government Cabal to hoard these advances for their own 1% private club of oligarchs made up of Politicians, Industrialists, Bankers, World Leaders, Scientists, and many other crime Cabal factions and masked under multiple private agencies labeled as CIA that the public assumed were divisions of a democratic Sovereign Republic. Well, you would be wrong as these agencies are under the control of the Oligarchs for their intelligence details that afforded them a path to behave as a legal mafia. Trump is planning to combine the honest elements of the CIA with the NSA to form an agency that serves the public interests.



The 1%  then recruited 4% team of Citizens over these years to be placed in leadership roles in every field of society.  They are all mostly living affluent lives with secret society perks for helping keep the lie. This 1% Elite and the 4% Puppets create the narratives for society and also own Media, Entertainment, Publishing, Academia, Medicine, Psychology, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, well every field. They created many secret societies and a united Umbrella Society known as The Bilderberg Group,  that has been meeting Annually to set the agenda for this elite society to decide how they want the world to run and look in the future.

Below is the Bilderberg Expandable Map So One Can Read the Names and Connections. The hyperlink below the Map actually will expand larger than the photo below.  To see a list of its prominent USA and Global attendees just look at this link with the names and their profiles. (1/20/2019 Update) There has been a Status Attitude Change with Senator Graham and his loyalties since the untimely death of his Deep State Handler John McCain who is rumored to have exploited and blackmailed him for his status as a “Lifetime Bachelor”.   Read all the names on the map and the many corporations that have formed a Global Cabal to enrich the 1% and 4% Puppets.  Bilderberg Society List of Prominent Names such as Diane Feinstein, Eric Schmidt & Lyndsey Graham.



THE BILDERBERG GROUP IS VERY POWERFUL AS INDICATED BY THE BEST MAP EVER SEEN IN THIS LINK.    If you don’t play the game the leaders edge you out of the club and interrupt your ability to make a living.  Coincidentally, the first ever meeting also began in 1957 in St. Simons, Georgia as noted in the Wikipedia profile of the Bilderberg group. Many Sinister things are going on in GA as noted by the author as this is his home state and also the home of the Controversial Georgia Guidestones.



FAKE NEWS & CIA Collaborations! 



Now let us get to the creation of the mainstream media and how it gravitated to Globalist ownership aligned with the Deep State Union orchestrated through the Bilderberg Group and Secret Societies.  The Trump  Administration is executing “TRUMP TZU” Warfare to Kill the Deep State System of the Past is why the media is Biased and hate him.  He has devised a path that will return America back to the People completing the Mission Statement of JFK who was murdered for exposing the same criminal Cabal that Trump vowed to assist our Military complete this honorable task for both he and John Kennedy both Love & Loved America as the Sovereign Republic and rejected the One World Order that the former CIA Director George Herbert Bush conned the citizens of the USA to think was in their best interest. NOT SO!


28168834_10214277346281659_4954194825352617130_n (1)

The 1% and 4% that are abusing their powers and escalated their evil deeds to such heinous levels that if it all comes out as promised, it will rock all to the core. Just imagine the many advances they have to use against honorable citizens to attempt to manipulate their minds.








We are energy and frequency beings that by certain levels of consciousness determines the risk factors of your ability to be brainwashed.  The lower your vibration on the below scale determines your greatest vulnerability for being brainwashed and or mind-controlled by the Oligarch deep-state owned media through an active CIA Inspired Deep State Operation Mockingbird  


The lower the human frequency beginning at range 20 or Shame, to 100 range or Fear, is where the media & elite 1% attempts to keep society so they can influence you with commercial advertising and fear-based news to control the masses plus increase their wealth by moving the products advertised.  Once you raise your frequency rising up the scale to around 350 and higher you become immune to mass control and Brainwashing by the Mainstream Media. 


This was an Excerpt taken from my 25-page Article explaining the Back Story to why Trump ran for President at the encouragement of our Loyal Patriot Military Admirals and Generals after learning of an imminent plan to destroy American by WW111 should Hillary Clinton win the presidency.  Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? What has Really Been Going On Behind the Scenes & How Much Will You Actually Be Told in MSM?



8 thoughts on “What is the Truth Behind The Term “FAKE NEWS” and What Does Trump Know about The Globalist Swamp Politicians Weaponizing Media to Enrich Their Treasonous Cabal?

  1. Thank great analysis and content. Exciting times ahead. I’ve been trying to wake people up since I learned about wtc7 freefall collapse during 911. I’m Irish but living in the British controlled north. Will there be many arrests in the UK and Ireland and if so who is leading the charge in both countries.


    • Seeing th QAnon connection I saw the full circle .
      Claims about the tribunals and the turn around of the Banksters and Fake news by Trump are just

      Lets see the proof Killary and cohorts are still walking around free as birds.


      • Did you read the article on the clemency Catch & release agreements to assist in a Sun Tzu silent war… They were given an incentive to act as if all was normal. There is plenty evidence of many executions of key politicians and even family admissions as well as Governors. All is discreetly presented but made known for all with ability to read operation symbology. This Blog helps decode … some people need fake media to validate for them especially if still brain injured by Media MK ULTRA


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  3. Avete fatto un lavoro molto dettagliato e preciso di fatti e persone che sono coinvolti nella CABALA. Sicuramente tutte queste informazioni non arriveranno al grande pubblico per adesso….,visto che i MEDIA sono coinvolti e complici del DEEP STATE.Certamente affrontarli è una impresa titanica visto e considerato quali mezzi hanno a disposizione.Tutt’ora hanno a disposizione la Banca centrale europea,la Federal Reserve è una miriade di banche sparse per il pianeta.I Rothsciild sono anche proprietari del debito pubblico di molti paesi,addirittura comprano paesi in base ai prestiti che forniscono e che non possono essere restituiti.Un esempio è la Federal Reserve che nel tracollo del 29 portò portò a disastri incalcolabili ma ad una maggiore potenza economica i Rotschild e i Morgan.Mi fermo qui perchè le implicazioni sono talmente tante,che richiederebbero ore e ore di scritto.Mi auguro solamente che i patrioti unitamente ai generali e ammiragli statunitensi facciamo con coraggio e volontà il compito loro assegnato per il bene dell’umanità!!!!


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