Over 8,000 CEO’s Have Now Stepped Down During the Trump Administration for what Reason? Could it be Connected to His Campaign Promise to Drain the Swamp?

By Alan Fountain

Correction Noted at Article Conclusion:


On the One Year Anniversary next Month of this July 2018 Article of a different title, Three Thousand CEO’s Step Down During Trump Administration for What Reason?, I felt it vital to update our followers on the progression of the Trump Administration’s execution of the SWAMP DRAINING Military Operation.  While the FAKE NEWS Media has continued their Trump bashing and Treasonous violations of the Smith Act, Trump continues steadfastly redefining the combination of Sun Tzu and modern Social Media Warfare to coin a new Style to be known as “TRUMP TZU” warfare.

(3000 CEO’s and other High Ranking Officials as of July 2018 – updated resignations count has more than doubled to 8,265 by June 2, 2019)

Beginning in October of 2017 many innovative thinkers and disenfranchised truther patriots seemed to have all united across the USA seemingly drawn together by an invisible cord linking the eternal spirits of American Patriots both alive and the souls essence of those who have now passed but fought for the American Revolution to have created a Sovereign America in the late 1700’s; first celebrated July 4th, 1776. The heavens along with its living patriots were finally rising up against Tyranny.

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Most thought we were already emancipated, that our people had already won our independence, although you would be wrong, many who were immune to the brainwashing and propaganda methods of the Deep State who truly had been in power since America Bankrupted after 1812 and was held captive by the founders of the Federal Reserve who took advantage of our vulnerability and formed a Luciferian ruled Cabal masked under the Democratic Sovereign Republic. It seems we blinked and Lucifer had slipped into our Government and taken over. The Rothschilds Banking family is rumored to be from the Khazarian Bloodline family DNA who practiced Satanism worshiping Baal and Moloch. This is where America fell down the Rabbit Hole while nobody of pure Christ Consciousness faith was minding the store. Updated Research on Bankruptcy History June 2, 2019.




After decades of Satanic cabal leadership that was spotted by president John F. Kennedy who vowed to expose the powers hell bent on the destruction of America that he learned about during his presidency. Although we all discovered just how powerful the Satanic cabal had already become on that fateful day in Dallas, TX that stopped the world and sent shock waves across the globe when he was murdered for his threats against the powerful Khazarian Cabal. Watch this video on SGT Reports that begins at the 2-minute stamp to see and hear the story told by Joseph Masepos of the Qanon Plan to Save the World.



Joe Masepos or better known as Joe M. has been a consistent provider of content from which I can follow as many references to Universal Equations related to Sacred Geometry, Gematria, and other Mathematical elements inspired my understanding and Trust in his Discernment Skills plus I feel he has an insiders Ear to the Military and Secret Space Force overall Agenda & Mission.  Joe M on Twitter can be followed: @StormIsUponUs 



For those that are not aware of what has played out behind the scenes you can learn of the covert military operation and all, it’s ties by following the below links to an article that explains it all. This is the moment where you begin to research and learn for your self how it happened and what the plan is to reverse the American peoples’ demise. For those that are not aware of what is going on across the globe and originating from the current administration; there is an international war going on behind the scenes to destroy the Deep State Pedophile & Sex Trafficking Cabal /Cartels and the related crimes so freely allowed in past administrations. YOU ARE CONFUSED ON PURPOSE: There are 35,000-  (June 2, 2019 update 103,710 SEALED | 10,537 UNSEALED | 229,492 NON-SEALED) active sealed indictments at the DOJ waiting to be served under a new Executive Order indicting persons connected to “Serious Human Rights Abuses” and “Corruptions” over 3000 CEO’s  (6/2/2019 update 8,265) whom were alleged to be aware of the Deep State Agenda to overthrow America. It appears they would have gone along with the One World Government Agenda if they were allowed to get wealthy in return for looking the other way and using their companies resources to help betray America. HERE IS THE LIST OF FIRST 200 TO STEP DOWN.

Qanon team proclaims there will be trials by War Tribunals, not primarily the Federal and State Courts. We all need to be united as Americans; not by Party affiliation as the Deep State Pedophile Sex Trafficking Cartel are in both parties, but actively being removed.

Third Update: Update of Over 8,265 Resignations as of June 2, 2019.

Second Update: 7/28/2018 This is the most current list to step down UPDATED LIST OF 3,700 CEOs FORCED TO STEP DOWN


One of My Favorite Sites Covering this Operation on SGT REPORTS. This is the Link to a 40 minute summary with Respected Anons Providing a June 2018 Update: Three popular Anons share their detailed charts and graphs with documenting SWAMP DRAINING Success Data. Q: THE STORM IS REAL – Resignations, Sealed Indictments & Pedo Arrests

Second Indictment data Update: (UPDATE AS OF JUNE 2, 2019 SEALED INDICTMENTS LIST)

6/2/2019 – Updated List of Actual Cases from the Indictments List:


ALmost ONE MILLION CASES in the liberals “Imaginary” SWAMP DRAINING. Something is Happening Not Reported in The FAKE NEWS.

Remember each indictment can have up to 9+ PERSONS.

We have 470 Prosecutors under Huber from Utah and Military Tribunals all taking place simultaneously. Search Federal criminal cases.

The entire database of close to a million Federal criminal cases publicly searchable by name, for free, without ads.




(CDC) Over 22+% of the population were traumatized as kids by sexual molestation. (Most other authorities protest this is a Low Statistic) CDC reports 60,000,000 million USA adult survivors. (1 in 4) girls and (1 in 6) boys are subjected to life-altering illegal sexual encounters before age 18. The CDC & Kaiser Permanente conducted a study that predicts the shorter lifespan and health adversities of those victimized in youth by sexual trauma. This is a link to The CDC Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs Study. It is not a coincidence but a RAPE SYSTEM COVERTLY STRUCTURED for a series of benefits to profit the OLIGARCH 1% Globalist. People will Learn the World is divided by a Power System made up of WHITE HATS -vs- BLACK HATS. White Hats are from the Army of INTEGRITY motivated to be in Service of others and Black Hats are from the contrasting Subversive Army power structure of Luciferian Evil influences where persons are in Service of Self.

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History is not exactly what you have been taught. Be open to Logic and Common sense as this is happening whether you figure it out or not. My hope is that all unite in the spirit of Americans and not by Party Affiliations. Links to articles explaining this paradigm are below. RESEARCH: I expect some persons to be angry, lash out, scratch their heads, etc. I don’t care about that, I do care that we stop the rape pandemic of children and women with its cover-up by Wealthy Globalist Families who have financed our past political systems, and our politicians of enablers, lobbyist and secret societies offering privileges for those in rape club. They are all being exposed.

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The above Graph is for the period through June 2018 and the below graph is the most recent data as of September/1/2018. The below Graph affirms the Swamp Draining enablers of this pandemic in the USA and World. There have been 4,119 persons saved. The Life expectancy of a sex trafficked victim is 7 years while in the system. Also, noted is the 13,533+ arrests under the Trump Administration. Sex Trafficking is a $99 Billion a year industry an estimated 800,000 USA victims go missing annually presumed diverted into this trade.

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This has not been reported in fake media due to their involvement in covering up and enabling these crimes that their Employers and Owners are members of rape club. All print and broadcast media is owned by only 6 corporations. The cabal had formed a media propaganda Sextuple! This Link helps to Understand the Anatomy and Creation of Fake Media.


64574070_10217686213141200_2171487876619960320_o (1)

There Has been so much focussing put on the Mainstream Stream media by the Trump Administration being the Enemy of the People. I knew this to be true as I have document after document of these media outlets covering up and enabling pedophilia when they could report stories truthfully on this pandemic when in fact the most popular won’t touch the truthful narratives because they are aligned in globalist collusion. THE MEDIA IS FAKE! 






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Qanon is a MILITARY Team led by Generals in all branches of our Armed Forces gathering intelligence data from agents with Q level security clearances, with a support team of boots on the ground foot soldiers made up of Patriots, Advocates, Activists, Lightworkers, and Alternative Social Media Journalists and Broadcasters. The social media matrix has backfired.  The FAKE MEDIA has every reason in the World to attempt to label Q a conspiracy theory as you will learn in the below Article on the Creation and Globalist Weaponization of Media to protect their Criminal Cabal.  Read The Q drops and discern for yourself.

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I write about the operation that has been organized for over 7+ years in the Hope that the Current President could be elected to help the MILITARY Generals Save the American Republic from a Coup by a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AGENDA. This powerful short meme pictorial video link is an overview of the operation. Short Introduction MEME Video of the Qanon Plan.

You Might be wondering What Gave Trump the Authority to Inspire These Resignations and Issue Indictments? Well It all was inspired by the below Executive Order to launch the Swamp Draining.

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READ THIS EXECUTIVE ORDER FROM 12/21/2017 – This EO was the Mandate that Seized the Assets and In Conjunction with Military Powers to Confront The Deep State Black Hats Global Human Trafficking & Pedophilia Network.

Best Map and Research Platform with all categories ranging from Traitor Pawns and patriot profiles explaining the behind the scenes elements of the covert war against the Treason, Sedition and youth pedophile sex crimes revealed by Admiral Rodgers. Enjoy Its the best adult research tool for investigating what is left out of the media. 


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There are Q proofs after Q proofs leaked by someone acting on behalf of the Trump Administration to affirm to his supporters that the Q drops can be trusted as reliable sources to bypass the FAKE MEDIA. I can say as a researcher of this Geopolitical History Lessons these proof photos with President Trump & Military Generals among others were compelling coincidences to me.


I write FULLY about the Covert Military Operation in my February 2018 article on Spiritual Warfare explaining the entire paradigm and operation.

Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics.


In The Comments area, a Patriot made a suggestion that I respect his inclusion of another resignation list and have included here his entire post: Use at your own discretion & discernment.

Reader Comments: would be nice if you link the original and complete resignation list (https://www.resignation.info) instead of an aggregator site which lost a lot of data and is manipulating the raw data!
“over 8000 CEO’” is not correct. better call it high-ranking people. CEO’s are around 50% of all resignations listed. it’s also not correct that they were forced to resign. the list contains a lot of good guys!
btw: on https://www.resignation.info/show you can listen to the bi-weekly resignation show – and on https://www.resignation.info/report you can report resignations!
and in case you are interested in doing research:  https://qresear.ch




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8 thoughts on “Over 8,000 CEO’s Have Now Stepped Down During the Trump Administration for what Reason? Could it be Connected to His Campaign Promise to Drain the Swamp?

  1. would be nice if you link the original and complete resignation list (https://www.resignation.info) instead of an aggregator site which lost a lot of data and is manipulating the raw data!

    “over 8000 CEO'” is not correct. better call it high-ranking people. CEO’s are around 50% of all resignations listed. its also not correct that they were forced to resign. the list contains a lot of good guys!

    btw: on https://www.resignation.info/show you can listen to the bi-weekly resignation show – and on https://www.resignation.info/report you can report resignations!

    and in case you are interested in doing research: https://qresear.ch

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    • Could you please state the credibility source from this link you listed and also the sources implicating Qmap.pub is compromised? I do know these are important implications and knowing the inaccuracy rate of the true professional MSM I am willing to offer a retraction on errors if any wrongly implicated. That is higher standards than the MSM as I only hoped to inspire others to research while offering my opinion and discernment of the data originating from this unique delivery of intelligence. Thank you!


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