How Obama Legalized Fake News Propaganda In 2013 to Overthrow America. (Video Dialogue & History)

By Alan Fountain


TRUMP Is Now Using Obama’s SINISTER Law to Reverse Game the CABAL by IRONY as Trump Masterfully uses Sun Tzu Game Theory to Beat the Enemy with their own Weapons. I Anticipate Trump removing this law after the Silent War is publicly declared a Victory Soon.

Full Video Interview with Alan Fountain Explaining this Paradigm of Obama Legalizing Fake News and it’s Relation to Launching the New World Order Depopulation Agenda Cv19.

This is for those persons confused about the Media both Social & Legacy Mainstream ability to Report Untruths is due to a Law Obama Passed in 2013 to Assist the Deep State to Assist in the Overthrow of America by Treason & Sedition. Cabal operations in conjunction with other Countries were Blackmailing politicians through Epstein & Other Agents Like Hugh Hefner. Many played along willingly and others were entrapped. Espionage ran wild by China & Britain through the Clinton Foundation who was selling off America to the highest bidder. The necessity for this law was to assist HRC, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to conclude the final 8 year plan to Launch the NEW WORLD ORDER overthrow of America.

TRUMP seized control of media by Sedition arrests of Media Anchors and Executives Secretly in 2018/19 and had them continue their original agenda and is using the Law Obama Passed to harm Americans with a Depopulation Agenda with the Chinese Wuhan Virus to now reverse Game the Cabal. TRUMP has in 3 years by Using DECLAS after the Submission through Arrests and Negotiated Capitulation of the Central Banking Rothschild Mafia Family Members using this leverage to Expose their Child Trafficking CRIMINALITY. Although Trump Used this as leverage to gain swift capitulation he activated the Military to rescue kids from all over the world while withholding public disclosure to honor his negotiation of delayed & discreet disclosures. This strategy allowed the fastest interruption of pipelines to gain cooperation of key persons to flip on other conspirators in this alleged $250 Billion plus annual racketeering enterprise where 8 million kids are stolen annually by many corrupt practices. These persons are NOT escaping justice just some were TEMPORARILY able to spare family members humiliation if they had key evidence and sources to expedite the end of this Evil on earth.



TRUMP and the White Hat Alliance who have been planning this Operation for many decades to take out this Thousands year old death cult who harvests our children through sex trafficking crimes.

You are soon to wake up to a new World of Love & Abundance now that the Cabal Archon Shadow Govt have either been Arrested or Executed at Guantanimo Bay Cuba after Tribunal Military trials that have been taking place since TRUMP took his oath of office in 2017.

Link To Article on the Anatomy of Fake News with a photo of Obama having dinner with Silicon Valley Media Execs to implement PROPAGANDA in Social Media and Legacy Media Networks.

It is Important to Realize that 90% of Legacy Media is owned by Only 6 Corporations which are an arm of the DNC (Democrat National Committee) and supported by RINO Republicans in the DEEP STATE who were Helping Launch the New World Order until TRUMP led the Military Campaign to Drain The SWAMP.

This Below article is a Must Read to Understand Globalist Cabal Media!

This is Screenshot of the Bilderberg Group Map that is expandable if you click on Link to the. Article about FAKE NEWS in Below hyper-link.

Bilderberg Group Map of Globalist Conspirators of the New World Order.

What is the Truth Behind The Term “FAKE NEWS” and What Does Trump Know about The Globalist Swamp Politicians Weaponizing Media to Enrich Their Treasonous Cabal?

Link to Article on the Military Tribunals:

Military Tribunals Article.

Blog Articles on the 3-YEAR MILITARY OPERATION:

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22 thoughts on “How Obama Legalized Fake News Propaganda In 2013 to Overthrow America. (Video Dialogue & History)

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  3. I’m thrilled to have found your article/resources. I’m really appreciative of how well put-together, factually, your information is. I will be glad to contribute in an effort to keep your efforts up and running.
    Everything done in the dark will be brought to light.
    God bless you, Dear Fellow Truther, our great President Trump, and may God Bless America once more.


  4. 2016 obama signed a UN peace treaty to disarm every American of even a handgun, This legacy if clinton had gotten in would have been enforced, but Thanks to Trump we got out of that treaty. God Bless an Armed America!


  5. I need to see the actual text of the regulation/amendment you are reporting as having removed prohibitions against propagandizing Americans by U.S. government entities. Important proof for such a scandalous accusation. Please provide it.


    • look up 2016 UN peace treaty signed by Obama, this tratorist deal was rescinded by Mr Trump shortly after taking office, if Clinton had won Gun owners would have been put on a list and later military’s UN soldiers would have come door to door taking guns and killing those who wouldn’t give up their weapons.


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  7. Hi Alan.
    First, I want to tell you how sorry I am that you had to experienced the awful things you’ve went through. Praise God He brought you through! I follow you on Telegram and am a big fan of your work. I absolutely love how you were able to turn around what the devil meant for bad against you and use it for the good of the world! God bless you for that!!

    The reason I’m writing is because we could really use your help. Myself and someone else are in the process of trying to start anti-trafficking and rescue organization. We are in the beginning stage and are in the process of setting up the PMA account. We have little to no experience on how to set the organization up or what running the organization would even entail. This is where we could really use an expert, such as yourself. We know you’re personal experience in this matter would make a world of difference in the way we organize and run the business.
    We are located in America and want to focus our strict attention on saving the children and adults in America.

    We pray and hope that you will contact us so that we may help each other save the children and survivors of sex-trafficking, as well as to help spread education in hopes to prevent this from happening to others.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. May God bless and keep you safe!

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